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  1. Listen here I think the people in this group can go suck a bunch of dicks everyone in this life is entitled to a fuging opinion you don't like mine I don't give a poo but I'm not going to bow down and stop posting what I want to post but I will gladly bend over and let you kiss my ass goodnight you bunch of judgmental hypocrites and yes this will be my last comment but only for tonight cause I'm tired you bitches
  2. If you read inside the post I said hope it happens I'm done
  3. I'll quit commenting too last one bye
  4. At least you have the freedom of speech I dont
  5. I'm a die hard fan a moderator just recently took a post down about Thaddeus Moss. It was fun for a week but I'm tired of getting bashed and this tops the cake. I'm not a troll in very angry and upset right now. So nice knowing you guys I'll just read what you guys post. Keep Pounding Go Panthers.
  6. https://fansided.com/2021/04/10/panthers-thaddeus-moss-free-agency/
  7. Hopefully this happens!!! Read an article about it earlier today.
  8. Pitts is better fit for us long term not Sewell
  9. You are a snake you said you wanted Sewell and called me a dumbass caught ya
  10. I'm a panther fan no troll get it right sick of the turds for my opinions
  11. Get off his back lol Deshaun would've been awesome sad all these charges are on him sucks never thought that would happen feels like they are setting him up
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