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  1. Get our TE in the draft and bring back 2 TE sets
  2. Be sure to check the date before you press Go on your time machine.
  3. You mother fugers doubting Fitt and wanting him gone can now eat a big fat dick. Like I said, he does nothing but bring value to the team. It wasnt his fault Rhule sucked at his job.
  4. But the huddle told me a couple weeks ago that we have no money?
  5. Ill believe it when I see it. If they play like they should, yes they can win it, but they havent for the past 4 years come playoff time. They havent been consistent enough either in 2023 for me to have much confidence. Time for them to put up or shut up.
  6. How many years do the Saints have to manipulate the cap before people realize the cap is no issue when you know how to move around money. Huddlers have been saying for over a decade they will feel the ramifications of it, but they never do.
  7. when you have your own reporters calling you racist and crying collusion, I wouldnt give these fugs any info.
  8. Waddell shat all over any hope we had left. To not even think about or care about injuries happening before the trade deadline is just moronic. We needed help before injuries, we need it even more so now.
  9. Ive been prepared for it all year. This team is ass in the playoffs. Doing nothing at the trade deadline just further cemented our 1st/2nd round exit IMO.
  10. We aint winning with him either.
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