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  1. This could end up being the top 2 worst trades in NFL history if Watson never sees the field again.
  2. Lets get some MFn goal scorers that dont disappear come playoff time. IDC how big of a star the player is on the team. Everyone should be put on notice.
  3. No, its not a bad sign for Corral. Its better. Instead of throwing him to the wolves, he gets to learn and understand more. Then he will be more ready to be an NFL QB in the future.
  4. We should not be throwing him to the wolves and stunting his growth forever just because some here want a higher draft pick next season.
  5. Would be funny if he goes to the Browns after bitching about Baker and Sam only to have another shitty QB throwing to him after Watson is suspended.
  6. No he wouldnt. He would be too concerned over his completion percentage to take any chances. Pussiest QB I have ever seen.
  7. If Jimmy didn`t have a hurt throwing shoulder, i would want him. The huddle is way too hard on Baker and saying he is no different than Sam is stupid AF. He was hurt last season and at least has won a playoff game in his career. Baker would be an immediate upgrade.
  8. A better question is why would it take 30 or more accusations for Goodell to finally put him on the exempt list?
  9. Its a rotation! Even Brian Burns rotates too you stupid mother fugers!
  10. Looking at my own early chart, places of making room for this is cutting Hoskins or Ricci or the 3rd QB. Possibly the 7th LB, but I think we keep that many since we are a hybrid D. I would say 3rd QB. Walker hasn`t improved and if we are down to him, we can just pick up someone the same or better. However, we do have recent history of only keeping 4 DTs.
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