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  1. I dont really care much who wins but I always love it when a Southern team beats a Canadian team because Canada hateessssss it so much. They cry like babies when it happens.
  2. I might go Ravens too but most likely saying by to the Rigged Football League. Betting has ruined just about all sports. Hockey is maybe the only one where its mostly not, but even then they still have their darling teams that get favorable calls.
  3. The long snapper over Trey Smith still makes me want to rip my dick off.
  4. That and not doing poo on the powerplay and not all of our goal scorers on the same page and not doing what theyve been all year. We are a completely different team in the playoffs than regular season. Thats on coaching no matter how you slice it.
  5. why cant they just let teams have their kicker kick it and then run off the field? Thats the only thing he can do and he also cant recover an onside. The kicking team will have 12 men to start, including the kicker, and then he runs off. the new rule seems complicated. Not sure if Im going to like it or not. If they wanted more returns, they shouldve just gone back to the old way.
  6. I dont think he will either. His ceiling is a competent backup and he isnt even there yet. If he wasnt drafted where he was, he would be a practice squad QB.
  7. If teams want joint practices, why not just bring back a 4th or even a 5th preseason game? At least get some revenue from it.
  8. This whole thing still seems fishy to me. Id love to find out when the truth comes out in the future.
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