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  1. Did he really think nobody would fact check him? Does he really think he is the smartest guy in the room and everyone else is dumb?
  2. Before he was hired, didnt he say he wouldnt go to the NFL unless he had total control? Well...
  3. I would applaud Tepper if he absolutely destroys Fhule to the media.
  4. If anything, Rhule should be thanking Tepper for allowing him to come back for another season to try to improve himself, but he only got worse.
  5. All anyone has to do is see we had the most players from a couple particular colleges, Baylor and Temple, than any other team in the NFL had from any college to be able to see he is full of poo about having his hands tied.
  6. Its a good thing just about all of the media is seeing he is full of poo and not taking his word for any of this.
  7. I hope Tepper blasts this Fhule soon. It would be one of the few things I would stand behind him on.
  8. Well I didnt really care what happened to Rhule after he left, but now I hope he fails miserably and gets fired again , divorced, she takes all the money and hes left with nothing.
  9. Carolina sports in general seems to be unlucky. Must be something in the water.
  10. Yes they do. You are living in your own world. Many people say Suck My Dick or Suck A Dick or any type of sucking on a type of dick. Stop being stupid.
  11. Why get rid of Rivera to bring back Rivera?
  12. Its like the huddle never learns its lesson.
  13. lol leaving the NFL to follow some douche back to college.
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