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  1. Everyone kept telling us his size didnt matter. It only took 2 games for him to end up on the injury report.
  2. Half of those players that were in the league back then are no longer playing. Maybe more than half.
  3. Maybe he shouldve been brought in only to assemble the coaching staff for us? Might not be head coach material.
  4. The only bright spot is Evero and if this Reich thing doesnt work out, I think he could. If Young doesnt pan out though, not sure how we are going to fix that position.
  5. lol young was lined up behind the RG. WTF???
  6. good things happen when hes not afraid to run.
  7. Its not good that you have to sub out your #1 draft pick that you gave up tons for because he isnt big enough for short yardage.
  8. yeah benching Young is the best option at this point. He is clearly not ready.
  9. loll Bryce had his eyes closed before trying to throw the ball hahahah This is not a #1 pick. Mistakes were made.
  10. At first I wanted us to trade up for Richardson, but after getting the 1st I wanted Stroud. I had concerns about Youngs frame, but started warming up to him after the pick was made. Its starting to worry me that we shouldve drafted someone else. He has shown absolutely nothing.
  11. This franchise is set back for the next 3-5 years. Bryce aint that dude.
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