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  1. I don't normally make threads, but with all the negativity out there I think it's time to bring in some perspective. Yeah there are moves this team has made that many posters don't like. You may not have liked who we traded for, signed, got rid of, etc. There are some who are disgruntled because of the way the whole Watson situation ended up. In which case I can only say get over it. However there is one thing you can not deny this staff in doing and that is their effort in trying to put together the best overall team they can. They've added players with potential, improved in areas, add
  2. Meant "will" but Huddle won't let me edit
  3. I'd rather Sam than giving up so much to move up massively to draft someone with similar potential and around the same age.
  4. Jimmy's first season he won only 1 game. His second, he got to 7-9. The following year they were 11-5. Ruhle just went 7-9....
  5. You're not factoring in the horrible coaching situations and how young Darnold was when he was thrown to the wolves.
  6. If Rivera wasn't so bad at his job, we would've won at least 2 Super Bowls with Cam and Luke. Cam might also still be able to be healthy enough to still be our QB.
  7. Even if true, they were moving on from him anyway and someone was going to pull the trigger on him anyway. Stop the bitching.
  8. the only high pick was a 2nd next year. The others were a 4th and 6th. That is actually fair and most likely better than giving up much more to move up in the draft to get a guy that has the same potential and around the same age.
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