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  1. agreed chargers hit started his problems but he had adjusted his game and was doing well as a game manger until that Watt hit finished him off .
  2. fug off you not even panther fan you just a cam stan cause he carried ur sorry ass team to a champship 10 years ago. Got news for you buddy Cam is not that player anymore he is done wake up and get ur head out of Cam's ass.
  3. I'm not blind anyone can see Cam is done he has been done sine the Watt hit in 2018
  4. He was alright not perfect.He also had the ball and had a chance to lead us down the field and win and could not do it the old Cam drives us down under 2 mins and wins the game.
  5. 1.Fire Rhule and his entire coaching staff 2.Bring Cam back but keep him only in short yards and goal line packages. 3.Draft Malik Willis and have him sit behind Sam for a year(yes Sam will be here thanks to us picking up his option.) 4.Fix the O line in FA. 5.let Donte walk these last 2 weeks shows he is not worth top money.
  6. I will pack Rhule's bags and drive his ass out of here myself.
  7. Tepper is running the show now he was the one that went to Cam and tried to save this sinking ship but not even Cam can save Rhule's dumbass.
  8. nope Rhule don't deserve another year we have played a soft schedule and Rhule is still clueless and can't win games he needs to go same with the whole staff.
  9. Rhule is getting fired at seasons end don't worry Tepper has lost faith in him it really started when Rhule past on Fields who Tepper wanted.
  10. lol Bullshit I did'n hear your ass blame the o line or wrs when Sam was getting killed and throwing ints. You Cam fanboys need to wake up and see he is done hell he been done since the pittsburgh game back in 2018.
  11. cause the way he played today is the reason he was sitting on the couch and his days of starting is over. If he wants to stick around the league he is going have to swallow his pride and either be a backup or accept the Taysom Hill Role cause he is not a starting QB anymore.
  12. thats why this would work PJ has the d and Cam to fall back on so all he has to do is manage the game like he did sunday plus this would limit Cam's hit and makes sure he stays healthy.
  13. PJ proved he can manage the game and gets us down the field so just keep doing it no reason to change the plan.
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