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  1. Coming from someone who went to Clemson, I am not sure I want a guy who forces his way out of what he felt was a dysfunctional franchise to go play for a team who arguably is the worst franchise in not just the NFL, but all of SPORTS. The man literally called Atlanta (this has not been disputed by anyone) and had his childhood team trade their QB to go play for Cleveland. He could've came to Carolina or Atlanta and likely avoided 80% of the public pressure he's feeling now... He's taken some big hits over his career, I'm halfway concerned he has CTE.
  2. Good, take their 1st and 2nd this year and their 1st next year and they can guarentee him.
  3. Lmfao. This franchise is a joke if we ignore Oline and QB and draft another d lineman.
  4. We declined 2 1sts and more from the Bears. Source: they gave that to get Fields and could've likely gotten more out of them. If Seattle wants him we take #9 this year and their 1st near year I say. They end up with their QB and still have a pick in 2023, but our FO will pass on that deal for a DT.
  5. Have we ever considered Watson mignt have CTE? The moves he's making surely look that way. Force your way out of what you call a dysfunctional organization to play for arguably the worst franchise in football?
  6. It's not like it's just us, he screwed over the Browns and Saints too. I said 2 days ago we should've threatened to walk away if Atlanta wanted an interview that late in the process. IMO us, the Saints, and Browns were used as Falcons leverage. Zero chance Watson woke up on Tuesday and called Blank.
  7. We should make 2 Gofundmes 1. To hire our own private investigator to investigate and get Watson charged after the Aints or Failcants give up 3 1sts+ 2. To get Garry Cobb some hearing aids.
  8. Why the hell would we? Clearly the Texans let Watson boss them around and pick his team lol. If he wanted to pick us, then including players would be a moot point. The fact Atlanta was allowed in last second proves this.
  9. He was out the minute he called Atlanta for a trade.
  10. NGL, I already decided not to renew my psls, this might cause me to become a casual sports fan. If you don't think this Watson crap will not set a tone in the future, get ready. Almost all top player contracts will include NTCs now. Watson got to play college recruit in the NFL. NTCs should not apply if the player REQUESTED a trade
  11. I find it more amusing the Texans are allowing Watson to LITERALLY bend them over. They let him make 2 vastly inferior offers his final 2 lol
  12. Seems to me the Texans seemingly don't give a crap about getting fleeced and are just wanting Watson gone. Just insane there seems to be no resistance from Houston when we have the best package.
  13. I'm seeing adds for corn on the cobb for some weird a$$ reason.
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