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  1. Nobody has tried to use him in a role where he is more primarily a runner then a passer. Mike Shula used that bum arm in 2017 and had us at 11-5 and 1 win from a division title, Norv Turner tried to turn him into a pocket passer. If Cam has a pitch limit and is used in an option situation, you can win with him, but it would have to be under the assumption he isn't playing until 40.
  2. Ron Rivera made it to a Super Bowl and had 4 playoff seasons here, the coach this year had 2 1,000 yard receivers and a generational running back and cant even beat the 1-5 Giants.
  3. Zero chance Rhule is fired. He was given 70 Million 100% Guaranteed. Meaning we would have to pay 50 million to get him out of his contract.
  4. I said this during the Pittsburgh preseason game when the line got obliterated, when Christian is on the field, no team can put pressure on us because of his ability to catch on the dumpoff for 5-10+ yards. When this proved correct against the Jets and Saints, the Panthers insisted on running CMC into piles right up the middle, putting obvious strain on his body. Christian McCaffery's worth isn't getting hit, it's simply just him BEING OUT THERE for the defense to have to honor. We could be using 3 back formations with Chubba Hubbard taking the hard hits when we need to run up the middle, while keeping Christian out there for that threat to honor...CMC brings little TO NO value as a 99% of snap every down back. No crap he got hurt, he's getting hit 30-40 times a game, lower that to 10-20 at most and he stays on the field. Why are we using his hits on meaningless 2-3 yard carries? NO PLAYER IN HISTORY can take the punishment CMC takes game after game in a 17 game season... It's been a joke since 18 when we cut CJ Anderson just to give CMC 100% of snaps.
  5. Richardson is the reason there IS a franchise.
  6. As per usual, bunch of Eagles fans. We gotta start winning these games, send away fans home with a bad taste in their mouth.
  7. Someone explain to me why if he still that good we got him for only a 6th?
  8. We play 5 1-3 teams in a row, seriously doubt we're picking top 10.
  9. Remember that 18 Panthers defense that held prime Zeke and Dak to 8? This one is 10x better
  10. I've never seen a 3-7 team be favored over a 10-0 team, easiest $ ever.
  11. Time to stop the 40 touches a game, no human being can withstand 680 collisions a year from NFL athletes the way a RB gets hit. Give him more downs off the field, we don't need him 95% of the snaps.
  12. I think a LT trade is more likely then people realize. If we're at the trade deadline 1-2 games ahead of tampa with 1-2 losses, I feel we at least make an effort to fix the line. Assuming darnold stays on track, he's worth 3 1sts on his own, we can afford to lose one, plus it would be a crap 1st anyway if we're playoff bound
  13. Sure, Kansas City and Houston went in 2019 and 2021 successfully and got LTs who both made the Pro Bowl in 2019 and 2020. You say that as if no LT who has talent ever gets traded in the NFL lol. This logic is why Cam got murdered for 8 years here.
  14. Things change when a darling is 2-6 at the trade deadline and has cap hell coming from big contracts. Every player has a price, offer 2 1sts and a 2nd and a bad team with a legit LT might listen.
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