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  1. You are a complete moron , who needs to check into rehab or probably wears a diaper on his face in his house
  2. Dude put the pipe down you have no brain cells left , your the one who understands nothing , I said the Bills would be were to start but I don’t think the Panthers would do it.
  3. Strength does and CMC has always been strong in his legs but you reference Bench Reps and Barkley who has missed more of his teams games then CMC. I believe in the bench but I also don’t think if CMC would have done 20 reps it would have kept him from hurting his lower body and missed the games he has the last 2 years
  4. You blind as a bat if you can’t see it The Bills rbs are terrible it’s the worst position group on their team and it’s probably a priority for them this off-season they can’t keep Josh Allen as their main ball carrier and him have a lengthy career. So you would take a first or 2 nd from the Bills? Now do I think it will no because the Panthers don’t want to trade CMC and it’s not because of his contract
  5. If the Bills don’t make it to the Super Bowl they would be the team who might give up a 1st which would be late 1st. I could see CMC flourish in that offense
  6. The bench has nothing to do with his injuries he has only missed 3 games because of a shoulder, ankle . quad ,hamstring and ankle again have nothing to do with reps and CMC was 20 years old at the combine. I like Barkley but he’s the worst guy you could use as a comparison he’s been hurt more than CMC and it’s probably because he’s to muscle bound and tight. CMC is not a WR never was he’s a elite RB when healthy . But to be fair to CMC and his contract Henry is out , Cook has been out over his career, Kamara has missed a lot of games, Aaron Jones is now starting to miss games and all of these players have contracts similar to CMC
  7. It’s not his body , Warrick Dunn weighed 185 lbs . He is just injury prone and we gave a big contract to the running back but forgot to build the o line around him and instead went defense in the drafts hoping he could make the poo line look better than they were which has came back to haunt us these last 2 years. I don’t think a power back would have lasted behind this line either because they would been hit in the backfield a lot more than CMC who has made a lot of guy miss him
  8. It was 2 years , not that many touches his rookie year and in the tub the last / years
  9. His receiving skills make him elite at RB when healthy but not at slot wr.
  10. Cook stays hurt a lot so does Kamara so I guess they juice too
  11. He’s not a slot would be out with first hit and Chuba is not a full time RB unless you like a middle of the league team
  12. The treat him like their son. Aaron Jones goes down with what looks like a torn acl that turns into a sprain and is back in a week.
  13. I think he could play the last 5 games but fir sure 4 games
  14. Your on to something because he could have played the last 3 games last year and they are keeping him on the sideline at the end of this season as well. The good thing about this is the team is planning on losing the rest of the season
  15. He’s not a slot wr , he’s either a rb or trade him. He would be done by the time he took the first blind hit across the middle. Or if you ask him to block down on a lb or de doubt that ankle would hold up. I don’t think CMC wants to play slot wr either because he has said since High School that he sees his self as a RB first.
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