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  1. I knew we were screwed when 95% of his staff came from college! Not everyone can make the leap from college to NFL and these guys think football is simply football, but honestly you can't take peewee plays to Highschool or Varsity plays and coaching to college when you have that mentality about football you get what we have now a bunch of idiotic coaches and a losing record. Brady "may" take a shot down field once a game. Everything else is no more than a 7 yard pass or some dumb ass screen. I'm ok with giving Rhule a chance if we fire Brady but one of them gotta go.
  2. To be that's his biggest weakness his decision making. A lot of his ints this season have been plain out dumb. Like Sam type of dumb. I guess you could say "Like Sam, Like Sam"???? I wouldn't be too thrilled to have him.
  3. Until today Jackson has been solid, but his showing today looked like he was just as clueless as Rhule
  4. And that's simply not good enough in the NFL Joe Burrow made him look like a genius and he hasn't done nearly as good in the NFL not when he was with the saints and sure as hell not with us. I'd rather have Norv or Mike over this guy
  5. Not gone rag on brown too much even tho he should be a game changer but with kk and star both gone he gets a lot of attention in the middle, this staff really has to learn how to utilize players we keep everyone in the same exact spot every game other teams move dominate players around
  6. It doesn't matter how many big time players we have if this staff doesn't call the right plays....zone most of the game with top man to man CBs don't make sense. Keeping #26 on Terry after he was roasted for big plays twice was just stupid!
  7. If we give a guy 63 million for three years and let him go after one season his ass should be expendable too!!!
  8. Their game plan was simply run left side and find #26. If he doesn't get an extension this game will be the reason for it.
  9. 2 different QBs was not the issue that's one spot you can't blame today but when you're supposed to be a high level CB and you get 2 TDs scored on your assignment! Yes it's your fault not to mention he was targeted all game and never responded with a play!
  10. Somebody need to be up his ass. I would say Rhule take over play calling but I have very little faith that he would do any better...the fact that they just stopped running the ball with CMC is baffling. It's like one week oh he called a pretty good game and then the next week he forgets the poo that was working or forgets we have so many different playmakers on offense he's more confused than we are!
  11. If the only thing you can say about Cam is his shoulder plz just STFU!!!!
  12. He not sending them high across the middle or right to a defender to get killed was the point of the statement! You mfs with shoulder poo smdh
  13. Credit to Cam not trying to get his WRs killed out there. When the options were there he delivered the ball on time and on target
  14. No genius at all.....I mean really the guy runs the same damn plays every game. 4 plays 10x each. I'll say it again this ain't college and that's why Sean Peyton let him walk I hope he's gotta see Tepper like principal office
  15. Dude stop trying to call out the OL two penalties wasn't that damn bad considering it's been a shuffle board blame these dumb ass coaches period
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