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  1. Should have traded for Watson when his value was at an all time low
  2. If that is true, then I would be highly disappointed. Watson MAY not play this year, but he 100% is playing next year. Do people really want to play QB carousal for god knows how long before we find even a DECENT QB? Or would you rather trade for a young franchise QB and be set and contending for a ship for the foreseeable future?
  3. Wouldn't this signing be more for kick and punt returns with Erickson out with a concussion?
  4. You would think a 15 mil contract would be enough incentive to take care of the "simple" things. Dude isn't getting any separation, and even when he does he drops it. I'm so over this dude. He got paid and just flat out doesn't give AF anymore.
  5. How is it going better than expected? We have one of the EASIEST schedules I've seen in a while and we're still going to finish around or below .500. We just lost back to back home games to bad teams and our team is dropping like flies.
  6. What was defense's excuse last week then? Eagles D was on the field longer than ours and STILL made the plays to win the game. When you're the "strength" of the team, you make clutch plays in clutch moments, which we have not two weeks in a row now. And I've played football all my life (since pee wee to Elon), I know all about being gassed. But that wasn't even the main reason. It was more missed assignments, letting receivers literally run free for big gashes all 2nd half. Lack of communication, misreads, players confused, etc. Elite defenses don't have those breakdowns in clutch moments. What's the point in spending the majority of your assets (literally last year's whole draft) on defense when they continue to choke? Sounds like a waste of investment if you ask me.
  7. Yeah, so much talent they put up a whopping 19 points to the Lions and 7 points against the Browns. If the Vikings are considered a top offense and they almost put up 600+ yards on us, then I'm terrified what the Bills, Bucs, and Cardinals are going to do to us.
  8. Bro, when TF have the Panthers EVER learned from their mistakes? There are no moral victories in the NFL.
  9. So tired of these excuses. Either make a play or not. "elite" defense my fuggin ass
  10. All these acrobat catches from the Vikes, yet we can't even catch a simple pass
  11. Bruh we don't ever win an overtime coin flip
  12. Vikings really trying to out-Panther us lmfao
  13. lol well at least they made it somewhat entertaining. But yeah that's game, panthers "elite" defense can't get a stop
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