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  1. Damn Baker for actually making me question whether I want to see what Darnold could do behind this o-line.
  2. Did our wins come against arguably the best team in football and another superbowl contender?
  3. We are we always in the top 5 in some category that is bad?
  4. lol One win against a bottom 5 team and we are right back into thinking we have a chance against any of these teams (sans Cardinals because we own them for some reason).
  5. A franchise QB doesn't mean sh*t if the coaching isn't there. See Cam, Herbert, Murray, Dak, etc. Then I see teams that have had success with no franchise QB because of good coaching; 49ers, Titans, Rams with Goff, etc. And I'm sorry, I didn't know Tua has all of a sudden become a franchise QB even though last year pretty much all Miami fans were ready to move on from him. LIKE I SAID, it's funny how a coaching change + a good offseason can change things around quickly huh?
  6. So you're telling me a good coach + a good offseason can turn things around quickly? That it doesn't take multiple years to start looking decent again? For the record, I can't believe Doug Pederson (a freakin former recent superbowl winning coach) wasn't on our radar. It just stings seeing all these new HCs have early success, ESPECIALLY Mike McDaniel who a lot of us wanted after we fired Rhule (which never happened).
  7. Oh yeah, I'm sure the likes of Christian Kirk, Evan Ingram, and Zay Jones additions really made them start looking like an NFL football team. They're still the Jags. You think Urban Meyer would have them looking like that with the same roster? Trevor Lawrence looked like a bust under Urban. That same QB has a 6:1 TD to int ratio with almost a 70% completion to start the year. Sounds like better coaching to me.
  8. Whoa, that's a scary thought right there. Yeah, my biggest fear this year is making some kind of lucky run where Rhule and McAdoo keep their jobs. It doesn't take much to fool Tepper (obviously) so any kind of string of wins could do it. That would set this franchise back even more years.
  9. Tepper and Rhule really had this fanbase fooled that it takes a whopping 7 years to turn a team around lol
  10. There's a reason the Jaguars actually look competent and currently smashing the Chargers with basically the same roster from last year. Hmm, wonder what changed?
  11. It's crazy how you can have basically the same team but look 5 times better with decent coaching (I'm looking at you JAX).
  12. I have no problems CMC getting 25 carries. But like you said, the quality of those carries will lead to injury, as we've seen countless times now.
  13. Why in the hell don't they play for him against competent teams?
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