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  1. I've never gotten the hype with Jackson. Even at his BEST, he was still getting burnt. Remember when we we played against the Commanders and it was Cam's first home game back, and Jackson repeatedly got burnt by Terry McLaurin? Also the fact we gave him an extension lmao And people wonder why we are still terrible. Tepper and Fitterer has fugged this franchise right in the ass.
  2. Justin Jefferson might get over 300+ yards this game. Who are we kidding? These games are always the get right games for the other team. I expect a disappointing loss in heartbreak fashion.
  3. Yeah, remember it, because that will probably be the LAST time the Panthers make it to a superbowl in our lifetime.
  4. I mean, it's reaches like these that make us have absolutely no depth after 3 years with Fitterer. We have had one of the least talented rosters for like 5 years now and it shows.
  5. Between their o-line and Hurts keeping defenders honest with his legs, ANY RB could succeed in this system. Meanwhile we're still overpaying RBs like it's 2008.
  6. I didn't want to keep Wilks because I thought we were finally going to land a young up and coming offensive mind like a Ben Johnson or Stane Sheichen. But if you were just going to hire a retread coach, you might as well kept the coach that finally brought some competence back to this team. I've just given up at this point. We just have too many old heads in the building that the NFL has just past by. We will always be behind the curve when it comes to the modern NFL, ESPECIALLY with Tepper at the helm. Hell, Tepper was like the only one that voted to have Mike Tomlin out. Goes to show you just how fuggin stupid he is. We are in bad hands.
  7. Huh? Not me. I wanted Steichen or Ben Johnson. Anybody who watched Reich and his Colts CHOKE against the 2-14 Jags to miss the playoffs should have known better.
  8. I wondered that at the time. It was odd that the owners and the NFL were damn near pushing us to sell it to Tepper. They wanted a doormat, and they got one.
  9. And it's not even week 4 yet. Usually the season isn't over until October. We've reached a new low lol
  10. I said during the preseason, I've never seen the starters AND the depth play as bad as they did in all the years I've watched preseason.
  11. Apparently, a positive game for us is losing by 10 and commiting 8th false start penalties lol Meanwhile, a Doubs lead Cardinals team can stomp the Cowboys and the Colts with a backup QB can beat the Ravens.
  12. Apparently, us "inferior" fans were right to think that our preseason performance was a cause for concern. You see ALL of them have just vanished now.
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