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  1. Jeez, all those underthrows by Teddy. Not to mention all the times he didn't even look his way when he was WIDE open. If nothing else, at least we get to watch a QB this year that can actually bomb it to DJ.
  2. You know how fans jokingly say they are better than their team's GM? Well I honestly think the majority of the huddle would have been better than Hurney. Holy hell this dude and his diamond in the rough reaches. The only dude I loathe more than this man was Ron and his stubborn ass coaching.........And we had these morons as a pair What a fuggin waste of a generational QB and a generation LB. Yes, I will never live that down until we win a superbowl.
  3. Yep. Play man and blitz the hell outta the rook. Make him prove to you he can beat you with his arm. Until then, blitz the living fug outta him.
  4. Oh boy, this place will be on suicide watch if we lose this game AND Wilson outplays Darnold.
  5. I just like that we actually have a GM and organization that finally takes chances on these types of players. Hurney and Richardson would have NEVER. Yeah, most of the time they don't work out, but sometimes they do (Tyreek Hill) and you get a steal in the later rounds.
  6. I always find that interesting. I think the Steelers and Tomlin take a similar approach. Drafting players from families with football pedigree. I mean it makes since, these kids have grown up with a HUGE competitive advantage being able to learn from somebody that's been there before. It's like having your own NFL personal trainer your whole life and getting to use resources that other kids just didn't have.
  7. Oh look, ATL has another explosive offense. Offense has NEVER been their problem lol Doesn't matter if they score 50 if their opponent scores 51 every game lol
  8. We're FINALLY using FA how it was meant to be used...........filling out your roster with quality players; something Hurney NEVER understood, which is why he could never field a complete team. We actually hired him TWICE!!!!!!! I still can't get over that. Holy fug, hopefully this is a sign of new and good things to come. We actually feel like a legit organization now.
  9. Not the point. I'm sure athletes couldn't care less if they got it. Their families on the other hand...
  10. Both of those deep balls were terrible
  11. I don't care, I'm still offering this year's 1st (and maybe next year's 1st) for him right now. Ok, he might sit out a whole season. Who cares, we weren't competing for a superbowl this year anyway. We get a top 5 elite QB for a bargain (he's not going to get banned from the NFL), while also getting another early pick for rounds 2-7. We come into 2022 roaring with a fuggin beast squad full of talent AND an elite QB. We are set for the next 10 years. Voila.
  12. Having to play Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Matt Ryan twice a year would be insufferable.
  13. I would literally trade him for ANY compensation, just to get him and his contract out of here.
  14. Wait, so you're telling me we'd be able to get Watson without giving up CMC, Burns, or Moore, AND offload Teddy? AND also get back midround picks? DO THAT SH*T RIGHT NOW!!
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