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  1. Nick Chubb against our run defense right off the bat? Yikes.
  2. I'm just happy we're actually picking elite athletes with potential instead of players like Gaulden and Armanti Edwards.
  3. Imagine having Luke and Cam in their prime and not winning a ring
  4. What the living fug. Dude got abused all fuggin season last year (especially that Washington game). Just can't go an offseason without a WTF signing.
  5. That's where I'm at. As long as it wasn't the Saints I'm content.
  6. Watson already was an idiot for putting himself in that situation. Now I know he is just a full retard if he chooses ATL of all teams. Who TF are they even going to surround him with? Has he not seen their roster. It's even worse than ours lmfao
  7. LMFAO Why TF would Watson ok a deal to go the Falcons? Their roster is fuggin horrible. Have fun throwing to Tajae Sharpe and Russell Gage and handing off to Mike Davis lol
  8. 1. Who blocked for Burrow? 2. Defense already can't stop anyone (couldn't even stop Kirk Cousins or Jalen Hurts). And are we just going to ignore his previous two seasons before that year he went 10-6 and 11-5? You cannot compete in today's NFL without a franchise QB.
  9. 1. We have his former QB coach who he adored 2. Cam as his mentor 3. We have really good weapons and THE best RB WHEN healthy. 4. He won a championship here in the Carolinas and would have instant fans here 5. He would have (allegedly) a very big say in who he wants as head coach.
  10. I'm sure it's been mentioned already, but people forget that we do have his former QB coach in Sean Ryan. Could be a big bargaining piece in trying to lure Watson here.
  11. About what I was expecting, which is why I wish we traded for him BEFORE he got cleared (last year). Could have gotten him at a discount. Now the price is really ramped up. Oh well, he definitely not coming here now. And LOL to all those people saying Watson would never play in the NFL again. Guilty until proven innocent is the new wave nowadays.
  12. Yes. You don't win in this league without a franchise QB. We would have a top 10 QB for the foreseeable future and would bring excitement back to the Carolinas. I don't think people understand just how fuggin good Deshaun Watson is. It's either him or we get to see another year of Darnold or a rookie
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