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  1. '17 he started every game, led the team in rushing, led team to 11 wins in a division w/ three playoff teams, 22 pass TD (Jimmy G only had 23 this year) ... '17 Cam was great, the '17 Panthers would've won 5 games without him. '18 .. the two weeks after the Pittsburgh debacle, Cam posted ratings of 114 and 110 .. and Cam had 24 TD passing that season .. like in '13 Your narrative is trash and wrong.
  2. "..A lot of things have to align for a quarterback to play well.." - Rhule https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2022/01/16/panthers-hc-matt-rhule-doesnt-commit-sam-darnold-2022/ Cam's passing last year wasn't good because he had trash to throw to. This season he had decent weapons but no time to throw. Cam is more than a RZ threat, wow.
  3. Cam '20 - 21 TD, 15 Games Carr '21 - 23 TD, 17 Games
  4. Cam '20 - 21 TD, 15 Games Carr '21 - 23 TD, 17 Games Ok, bud
  5. Obviously you missed the thread that disproves that.
  6. Cam loves the Panthers. Cam wants to win and here.
  7. '20 Cam - 21 TD, 10 INT, 15 Games '21 Garoppolo - 23 TD, 12 INT, 15 Games SF has been winning for reasons x, y, z - none of which have much to do with QB play Look at Jimmy's other notable season, '19 ... 28 TD, 13 INT (in 16 Games) .. Cam's 'dismal' '20 season is only 7 TD off with one less game .. I know it is hard for the anti-Cam crowd to acknowledge facts when they don't paint the picture that Cam is done. Cam had 9 TD in 8 games this season. Jimmy or Carr for that matter likely have between 1-3 TD under the same circumstances. People ask questions like what vet QB can we sign? Bringing up Carr or Jimmy G while acting like Cam doesn't exist is just idiotic. By the way, Darnold wishes he could have a season like Cam's 'dismal' '20 because that would mean Darnold had a career year. Sam's best year is 20 TD (actually it's 21 - tied with Cam's '20)
  8. So instead of Mahomes having 13 seconds he would've had, what .. 8 ... that is kind of a big deal
  9. Dory


    I think he'll get better at playing the run towards him. He's still just a kid.
  10. 25.5 sacks in 3 seasons .. that's 8.5 sacks per season on average. He is nearly averaging 10 sacks per year - he hasn't even played his age 24 season yet.
  11. This was literally everybody's energy prior to 11/11/2021 Cam > Darnold
  12. We stick at 6 and take the best OT (Cross, Ekwonu, Neal) We trade back into the first round *Pick 26* to get Sam Howell, and give up a 2nd and 3rd next year in the process. Would you do it?
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