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  1. Dat Catch, Funchess becoming what we expected of him.
  2. And it was pretty clear he was not down, it wasn't even close that's what I meant.
  3. There is no evidence whatsoever to say he was down.
  4. They put him away from Norman, Norman still wins.
  5. Wow, Norman is already inside Beckham's head. Good job.
  6. Getting good news about all the injuries would make it better.
  7. Jogging means he would die, how long have you been watching football?
  8. You have been a fan long enough to know the game is never over with the Panthers lol
  9. I agree we should rest him, and if things look good going to the 4th rest Cam and most of the starters.
  10. He is walking without help, doesn't look bad either.
  11. and an angry letter for promoting Soccer in America.
  12. Do not bring logic to this forums, is always Shula's fault, even on defense,
  13. Who is this guy wearing Ted Ginn's Jersey? I like him. let's keep him.
  14. That might be the most dangerous thing about them right now, cheap shots over being salty.
  15. They just need to do this every game not just when we are undefeated.
  16. Ginn caught one without issues? is this real life?
  17. Gb isn't scary outside of Lambeau, I'm very scared of the Seachickens tho.
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