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  1. I haven’t seen a power play so bad in my life. We aren’t even getting shots off anymore.
  2. Pretty even period. Shows how important one dumb ass Defensive mistake will cost us.
  3. Atta boy Pece. You are out of place again leading to a goal
  4. The 2020 bubble sweep absolutely counts. as far as rangers. We make them out to be world beaters. They aren’t. Winning against them starts this week.
  5. We went to 7 games with them in the playoffs and kicked their ass in the regular season last year. we swept them in the playoffs in the 2020 bubble. I’ll be honestly happy for min of 2 points. I think we can get 3. A win and an OT loss.
  6. Jake gave this franchise something it needed at the time and that was hope. I would venture to say half the fan base wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for 17.
  7. Holy cow. Rangers winning 6-0 in the first period.
  8. There is radio cap out there somewhere.
  9. I bet we get 7-10. That’s been our trend.
  10. Since we have some back to backs against the rags this week. Might as well start these threads and combine them to save some time and get some conversations going. let’s go!
  11. In all fairness. I feel like we aren’t listening to my grandpa telling me what hockey sounds like in this game
  12. Wouldn’t it be something. Flyers winning with 7 seconds left. Devils winning 2-0 in the 3rd. We expect the worst. now. canes win in OT and Florida winning. unbelievable this game is.
  13. I feel like we have all switched to that game! Good stuff
  14. And the panthers just took the lead!!!
  15. Just came here to post it. Let’s go panthers!
  16. @Stumpywe need a comeback gif collage.
  17. @Harbingerscalled an Aho winning game in the Raanta thread this morning. Well done.
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