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  1. Video up on ESPN David Newton ‏@DNewtonespn 2m2 minutes ago #Panthers GM Dave Gettleman said he is comfortable going into the season with cornerback Josh Norman playing with... http://es.pn/1RhCucf
  2. You don't become a winning franchise by signing players on the back end of their careers to high dollar contracts. I love Josh and wish him the best, but if he is expecting to be one of the highest paid CBs in the league, he can do that somewhere else. 8-10 million per year, for 3-4 years is a solid contract and I am pretty sure is in the ballpark of what Gettleman is offering. Josh has stated he wants franchise QB money? If an agreement can't be reached, I would honestly look at a sign and trade scenario. Maybe other teams would be willing to pay out that much and we could benefit as a team. Our secondary is a product of our front 7. I don't think Josh excels like he does here in another system.
  3. I think NE wins this but think the Panthers match up better against Denver. Will be rooting for old floppy arm Manning today.
  4. Lmao, wtf was that poo? A 100 yard int nullifies for a questionable hands to the face???
  5. Here comes the phantom hold call that negates a big play
  6. Rivera says he is not looking at the Arizona game score. Why would a coach deny himself critical information like that?
  8. Hate playing against Bruce Carter. We went to the same high school.
  9. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Ya know, a screen or two may stop the constant 2-3 linebacker blitzes.
  10. There is a rule in gambling on the NFL. Never bet against a double digit division dog. I hope we break that rule this weekend.
  11. Vegas has us favored by 10.5 This may be the highest I have seen us favored.
  12. Yall see this? http://terezowens.com/cam-newton-is-now-a-father/
  13. Nobody plays you harder than division teams in their house. If you guys thought we were gonna walk all over the Falcons today, you have unrealistic expectations. This is their superbowl.
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