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  1. Haha too bad kaepernick had proven me right there at the end.
  2. I love how the main officiating dude gave no opinion on the situation.
  3. Yo man! My favorites are probably the David Icke forums and the Divine Cosmos forums...although I never really post on them...but they do have a lot of awesome topics they talk about on there. I usually find more enjoyment discussing this stuff with those who generally are not familiar with it, and/or resistant to it, haha. There are a ton of others out there, but a lot of them are too "New Agey" for me, speaking of things that are still confined to the general establishment view of reality and societal systems, as well as contradictory concepts like how to meditate on making more money and such, haha...oh well.

  4. exactly, the universe and the brain fall hand in hand with eachother. wilcock has some good stuff on youtube that talks about all this to an extent, but the book goes wayyyy more in depth. pretty amazing stuff.

  5. sweeet, gonna have to check that out

  6. Haha yea they probably would, but like i said...it would never be allowed to happen, so thats good haha. Its right up there with the use of nuclear weapons...would never be allowed to happen again. Apparently back during Atlantis there was a global war going on by different ET parties inhabiting this planet, for the right to call Earth their own. However the excessive use of Nukes back then was the cause for a sudden pole shift which in turn influenced massive catastrophic events, wiping Atlantis off the map. Needless to say after our use of nukes in WWII we got their attention.

  7. haha not yet...i'll have to check it out

  8. eff you brzezinski!

  9. where you been bro!?

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