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  1. I mean, if I dislike the owner, coach, QB, and am rarely ever happy about watching them, I would not be a fan. That sounds miserable.
  2. Just clarifying. So you don't like Tepper, got it.
  3. So what are you getting at? That we as "fans" should turn on an owner? I don't like Darnold and not a current fan of Rhule and we've always had OL issues (minus like 3 years in the entire history). People hype up guys going into seasons, and you along with others stayed on the "not a fan" side this offseason (not even cautiously optimistic). So what are you suggesting? I just see negative nonsense.
  4. There's no way in heck Tepper will let them "test" out another project. A rookie deal paired with an 18 mil contract at QB for 1 more season is nothing, nada, zilch. The option is fully guaranteed but it's all about allocation. The avg QB salary is $24 mil. A rookie contract next year would be pennies paired with that. But who's to say we can't trade him for a 6th or 7th like we did that random Ted guy. Why are so many trying to look all snarky when JR and Tepper are running two VERY different ships? The whole "franchise is such a loser" mentality is just a cop out. People claim to be fans but bash the entire org top-down? Now that's having fun lol.
  5. Yeah it's gonna be one or the other. No way in hell they try another reclamation project if Darnold washes out.
  6. The lack of passing TDs from his offense is a big one for me. I think he can crank out some cool stuff but it's the situational playcalling that still gets to me. He should just be the play designer, not caller. He got skyrocketed into his role and these coaches are going through as much growing pains as some dreaded player sophomore seasons. Interested to see how they respond.
  7. The defense didn't even bend much. The Eagles scores were on short fields gifted by crappy calls and poor offense. They had 2 decent chunk plays slip away. ST and Offense lost the game. Biggest losers being Dennis Daley, Joe Brady, Sam Darnold, & John Miller.
  8. True, but if we make a push for a new center and either LG or LT, this team is primed for a vet QB the way the Rams were IMO. I would hope to think a vet QB could help Joe Brady. Brady's inexperience is also why I feel we've avoided rookie QBs with Rhule.
  9. I mean, I don't know if any of these rooks are shaping out well (even being on bad teams). And really, we just gave up a 2nd for Sam (the rest of the picks are all fluid post-R3) Picked up an option but it shouldn't be lost that we don't have Sam locked up. They get 1 more shot at QB if Sam doesn't work out. And it cannot be a reclamation project. Either a vet (Rogers, Cousins, Wilson) or draft (Carson Strong, Malik Willis)
  10. I've been quite surprised by the lack of spread in the shotgun. So many bootlegs misdirects behind an awful OL with trips right.
  11. I've been a very strong supporter of Rhule but my faith in him and his coaching abilities is starting to wane a tad. Straight up love how they've built the defense and offensive weapons, but then you look at the playcalling, lack of pro-level chess playing w/gameplans, OL and QB, it is just really suspect. He's not looking hot but is not done. Now we'll see how they retool after acting a bit cocky these past few weeks a bit too soon
  12. Stayed sober for the games today so some sober thoughts: Under Rhule's regime, there is one I see clear as day. Beyond playcalling or calling out one or two guys like *cough* Miller, Paradis, Daley, Sam, etc. We just leave so many points off the board. We can't fall on a loose ball for a defensive TD, we can't capitalize on a post-safety drive, we continuously, every game, stall out in the worst ways possible at the most inopportune times. Even when the plays go in our favor. A player jukes in the wrong direction, Sam throws for a first but there's a deep TD, etc. etc. Bottom line; the OC-OL-QB combination we have is not working. Not saying to change all immediately, let's give Sam and Brady some more time, BUT if they're being all aggressive, mortgaging picks next year, and eyeing the playoffs, this needs to get fixed pronto. Fit and Rhule seem too "with it" to miss this. If they don't make player adjustments on the line or try something different with our offensive scheme, then I'm going to be officially more on the negative side with Rhule. I like the guy, but today, coming off 1.5 weeks was just BAD. We come out of halftimes flat, and just don't hit on our opportunities throughout these games. You can see what these guys could be in flashes but then we just leave stuff sitting there. We just don't capitalize.
  13. It's frustrating having a coach and GM that seem to be doing all the right things minus two of the most important spots: OL & QB. Love that they've been able to build such a crazy good defense but the offense is a drag without CMC and it shouldn't be with the skill players we've got.
  14. It'sn okay to criticize him at this point. He started off managing games to wins and now he's helping lose games for us. Today was bad. The OL was bad, playcalling, and yes, Darnold.
  15. He gives me Delhomme vibes for better or worse. At his best can beat anyone with him but he’s been shaky the last two weeks OL regardless
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