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  1. You’re getting it backwards. 4 Kylers is 2 kids in a trench coat.
  2. History shows you take a stab at a QB if you find one you like and need one in rd 1. If we’re sitting at 6-12 and either Levis or Ward are there, I’d take a gander. This coming draft will have 4ish first rounders come season’s end. Maybe more if McCall, Hall and Penix keep balling out. Really damn interesting group and I think we’ll be in position for one if we’re pick 1 or 12. Only issue is if we slip too far into the teens. Teams don’t let that high of talent fall that far. Would prefer not to end up with the Mac Jones of the class.
  3. Why are we peddling away from the poor coaching after one win in our last 10 games? Today was great for our defense. Cool. Snow showed improvement, some better defensive playcalling. Offense play, playcalling, and gameplan still very suspect which falls on everyone. OL was nice but we got like nothing outside of the Shenault play. Another 20ish yarder 1st quarter and no ball movement. And stop b*tching at other posters and crap jeezus. There's a clear and fair reason so many hate this situation.
  4. When he gets momentum and in a rhythm, he's an above average QB, but he'll either start off or have entire games where he just has no accuracy or feel. And there's just so many easy 5-10 yarders missed. Those yards are critical. Baker is just REALLY streaky and codependent. Have not been a fan.
  5. We've had plenty of flash in the pan games from Colbert & Gettis types in the past. Just hope Shenault continues to get chances and impress. Nice first impression.
  6. I think we need to try another QB and OC.
  7. davos

    DJ Moore

    Offense was atrocious. And with a strong performance from the OL and run game. Baker and McAdoo are a very bad pairing. And in their own individual right.
  8. davos

    DJ Moore

    We don't design easy plays for him. Very strange to not at least have 4-5 sure fire positive yarders. Pick style plays, slants in the gun, bad playcalling by McAdoo all around. Saved by CMC and ICKY+Brady today who were great IMO.
  9. Chris Olave has his breakout game as a rookie, 120 yards, 2 tds. Saints 26 - Panthers 20 Baker and CMC again look aight here and don't make a ton of mistakes, but the offense just stays bland and ineffective because coaching is awful.
  10. Oregon is using that kid like Mahomes. Tantalizing ceiling. His calmness in the pocket, progressions, awareness, quick decision making, ability to improvise without being ridiculous is all awesome. Seeing how Levis has been, I honestly prefer him over everyone but Young & Stroud at this point. Could keep rising.
  11. Richardson looks to have a ways to go as a passer as more season goes on. Get to re-know that name. He's legit.
  12. Notable QB developments: Van Dyke is looking awful against Mid Ten State Cam Ward with an awesome opening drive v. Oregon
  13. WOW. Tyler Van Dyke looks awful today against Mid Tennessee State 0-2, 2 ints, 1 pick 6
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