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  1. Fit has said it, Rhule has said it. We have set the team up to pick the best guy at our disposal. We're not shoehorned into any particular guy or position. At #8, we're getting a top talent in the draft, likely the best or 2nd best at their position with QBs going 1-2-3. If it is a trade down, we should still stay in the top 12-15 (the top tier this year) NE may want to jump Denver so that's the big possibility. Otherwise, I just don't see it. We're going to miss out on some top talent with a trade down and probably get a 2nd and some change. I'd rather just stay put.
  2. It really surprised me when I heard Darnold is younger than Burrow. For me it depends on how it all unfolds and which one it is. I think Lance would be the guy to grab if he's there. He's not needing to be thrown out to the wolves just yet. If Mond presents value in round 3 (if available) that's another possibility but I'm not taking him in the second. It's all about that big board of ours in the war room come draft day and who's remaining in the top block. Fields could be worth more to us to trade out of the pick to someone like the Broncos or Pats. Could probably net us at lea
  3. One second rounder isn't something to get too bent out of shape over. We'll have plenty of cap to compensate and will be able to sign some young pricier talent for the first time in maybe forever.
  4. I’m saying the opposite. I’m reading the room of how some have reacted. I’m personally fine with it. Like I said, slight overcomp but nothing that’s gonna get my panties in a wad.
  5. Honestly, if the 2nd rounder was a 3rd, maybe there would’ve been a different reaction. IMO one second rounder in the grand of scheme of things isn’t that crazy. And one sixth when we had three this year and that future 4th is indeed peanuts. I think we slightly overpaid but the QB market is definitely hiking their going rates.
  6. Sewell and Pitts no doubt but think those are the two that go early outside of QB. Lance, Slater or Chase. Maybe Waddle. R2: OTs Mayfield/Cosmi, Bateman WR, Mond, R3-6: BPA OL, LB, DT, CB or TE
  7. I’m quite interested to see what he can do with a valve to CMC at his disposal. Also interested to add more weapons if we land Slater at 8. Rounds 1-3 become really interesting this year. Would love a tackle and another weapon on offense.
  8. I mean we’re going into year two and we overachieved last season. Let’s at least wait until the off-season is over with. The overreaction is ridiculous but I don’t even like Darnold. Let’s just see what shakes out.
  9. Solid post. Good sober perspective.
  10. This is the way. Getting a non-rookie on a rookie deal is important for replacing Teddy's contract. It allows us to draft a QB if it is presented (although Slater or Sewell look super awesome for us now) and go into the year with not-Teddy Bridgewater. The Panthers IG is going crazy with the Darnold love today. So the org is fully embracing him right now (understandably) so we've got a new QB in the house. Time to sit back and enjoy the Fit-Rhule ride. Maybe this opens up a Mond pick in R2-4 as a developmental/emergency option or it doesn't work out at all and we'll be in
  11. He annoys me but it's a good point. This is Darnold's chance to save his career. So it will all be at his disposal if he can bloom/tap into his potential. A 2022 2nd is an overpay but not some detrimental loss. I'm not expecting much given what I've seen, Darnold has indeed looked bad, but we'll just have to wait and see. Seweel or Slater definitely become possibilities and I'd be thrilled to finally land an LT
  12. Yeah it’s settled in a bit more he’s just getting cut and we’re eating it. But looking at the $ post J1, it’s eatable so new QB is here. For whatever that is with Darnold.
  13. My instinct but a mid to late rounder would be a nice thing. Thing is, teams now definitely know we don’t want TB so they’ll just wait until we inevitably cut him.
  14. This is not a good signing but it’s us trying something else out. Who knows, but I’m not necessaroly hopeful for Darnold. Fact is that we’ll open the books next year with Teddy gone and save $8 mil more this year. Then 2022 he’s only $5 mil dead cap and we’ve got $21 mil more to spend. The misconception of his contract being huge makes the complaining ridiculous. We’ve still got the same first 5 picks in this draft. Another QB could very well land up here still. Plenty of off-season left and we’re about to get more to spend. Sure, more dead cap but that was exptected and those who weren’
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