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  1. I think it’s just a rookie photoshoot. Some of y’all are freaking nut jobs
  2. I think RPO had its benefits and I don’t get why it’s a dog when so many NFL offenses have incorporated its concepts into the modern schemes. I’m a bit high on the koolaid right now but it’s also because there’s a food chance Corral can be put in a good position to succeed. Not so much in thinking he’s some rockstar but he could have the tools that fit the guys we have.
  3. Rhule knows him and well so he basically has a handicap to make it to the final cut/possibly the 53 lol
  4. Well 3 starters listed, SEA and HOU won’t have another. So wonder, is it Corral, Willis, or maybe another backup that’s getting the extra slot left?
  5. Too many ifs to feel comfortable. DL seems iffy, LB crew aren’t sound enough once guys get to the second level. TE room is unproven. WR is very iffy after DJ. RB situation is expected to be like the past 3 years with CMC in and out. Over relief on, not as high as others on Foreman or Hubbard. OL is much improved and the secondary is set. That’s about it.
  6. Re:Chargers video—The production behind that mixed with the level of jokes was impressive Ours was pretty cool as well. Lol at the town drunk calling this childish.
  7. Per the past 3ish years, that's every home game my man haha.
  8. Thanks mascot account. As the OP, I hope more is reflected in the games. It's not some made up drama. But this is great that it's part of the org's outreach. Won't discount the continuation and importance that it is to good causes.
  9. Reid Sinnett or Chris Streveler could be the types to target. Just take a shot at randos at this point.
  10. We had two R2 trade downs, missed two promising IOLs and 2 OTs. Cosmi graded out super well before his year was cut short. Radunz, Carman, Eichenberg. Eich had a slow start but all played and are on good trajectories. Overall, I liked our strategy but Marshall needs to perform.
  11. I wouldn't say excited, but TMJ better be able to make an impact this year. I don't care who's spraying the ball, if he's still inactive for gameday to start the first few weeks, it's likely in bust territory for him. I really hope he can become something considering the trading down and everyone we passed on to wind up with him as our second pick.
  12. Marshall, Hubbard, Brown, Shi, & Nixon are the ones that have a lot to prove IMO. Fletcher is pretty much the first confirmed bust. I'd love to see Marshall pan out/would hate to have drafted the one bust from the greatest college offense in history. Hoskins was actually quite good and the best surprise on the DL last season. Overall, Horn, Christensen, Tremble, & Hoskins seems promising. I'm not getting any hopes up for the rest, would love to be surprised by any of them this year though. Hope they prove their 2021 experience wrong. Horn is the only legitimate starter that will have substantial playing time. Christensen likely, hopeful for Tremble.
  13. Hubbard passed the eye test a few times but had a really slow start, regardless of line performance. Mix of vision and pickup speed when he had an opening were lacking. You'd like to see rookie RBs be a bit more ready these days given success around the league. SF isn't afraid to admit Sermon isn't quite kicking it, luckily had Mitchell go ham. We just gotta keep testing out RBs. Haven't had one stick in a minute.
  14. I like what we have in the secondary. Would rather focus on a DL add to get the pressure as we have the length and speed. Depth guys have high upside, others are in make-or-break years. And this is a developmental year coming up where I hope to see some improvement in our newer core. S: Chinn, Woods, Burris, Franklin, K Robinson, Hartsfield, Chandler Set in place starters with solid depth. Burris isn't a top-notch starter but fine as relief/depth piece. The rest are young and hungry (and got regular season experience last season) CB: Horn, Jackson, Henderson, Taylor, Pride, STO/Barnes/Melvin Adding a veteran takes away Henderson and Taylor's playing time. And Pride is coming back from injury. He was a higher pick than Taylor, STO and Barnes and this year will be big for his development. The dude is lightning quick and has length. Thomas-Oliver is the only one I feel looked bad but he's a 7th rounder. Horn was the top defensive player taken in his draft, Jackson's got a nice new contract, and we used our 22' 3rd on Henderson. 21' 5th on Taylor. 20' 4th on Pride. That's a good amount of investment. It's a young, athletic, incredibly fast and long group. Don't really know what Bradberry would do for us.
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