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  1. This brother has no touch and awful mechanical discipline. All the tools in the world he can easily shown off today, but doesn't really use them well in the actual games. Poor Kentucky team aside. I've seen this tale all too often.
  2. Woah my man—what’s cracking? Rare post!
  3. Also man, DPantherman was here forever and posted a ton and then vanished. Whatever happened to that dude?
  4. What a throwback. Wanted McD form the start! But I also wanted some dude named Winston Moss. And I don't remember him haha.
  5. There's so much that could be added too
  6. and will also probably claim that they were actually fine with taking Bryce, they were just misconstrued.
  7. Around this time last year, people were creaming, and I mean creaming over a stacked class with Van Dyke, Richardson, Young, Levis, & Stroud. Fast-forward, now here we are, they're all nitpicked to death and everyone hates all prospects. And many things evolve over the course of a season, some don't look as good as teased. Just check out 2023 mocks in the Nov 2021-May 2022 range. Van Dyke and Richardson were all the rage. Rewind another year it was Rattler, Howell, & Strong that were all going to be legit. Not to mention our very own Cade Mays being a popular top-15ish selection in many mocks on the OL. Maye & Caleb look fine, sure. But it is a waste of breath pining for them with an entire 1.5 years of life happening until that possibility is even there. Never fall, and I mean NEVER fall for next class syndrome.
  8. Honestly, if you want to help maximize our chances at the position, go the RGIII/Cousins route--take Young/Stroud and then a Ward/Tune/McKee later. Keep swinging, don't settle for what we have when what we have is honestly more uncertain than half of the prospects in the draft given how shut out he's been and will be a year removed from the field.
  9. yessir The perspective of wanting to just roll with Corral+a JAG scrub are no different than those wanting BPA+[insert their "sleeper" QB pick] in the draft. You're getting a 2nd-4th round QB prospect either way and neglecting the very thing that's preventing us from winning outside of a legit coach. There's no issue rooting or being hopeful for Corral, I do take issue with those making him out to be some type of plug-in starter next year and drop in some Brian Hoyer with him. He's nowhere close and may never be with now essentially a year removed and no good coaching to grow under while injured. He's basically a developmental 3rd string. Those wanting Corral+JAG scrub will be the same people whining about not selecting a Stroud or Young if they turn out to be something. In 2 years they're asking "where can we find the next Young? How do we keep missing out??", meanwhile, dissing every top prospect in that future draft, pining for their next can't miss mid/late rounder of Carson Strong/Ricky Stanzi significance.
  10. Corral seems like a guy who truly needs a vet, not just a mid-career average JAG to show him the ropes. He is also basically having a scratch year when this is at least the time to be acclimated into the NFL setting. Given the system he came from and likely where he's at developmentally, he needs someone in front of him to show him the ins and outs. Talking at least a Cousins, Carr type guy. Buuut this is why our situation just isn't ideal for him. I doubt having him go against another Baker type pickup in camp will help him out. Combine our likelihood of getting a QB R1, it's just not something to really get too excited about from my perspective.
  11. I like him, but I'm not throwing my unyielding support behind him being owed a starting chance. I'm most likely unnecessarily lumping you in the the Rippdingle guy and a few others. They're giving the idea of generally supporting Corral and hoping for the best with him a bad look.
  12. If anything the offseason could produce more competition for suitors, especially looking at the potential DE market. The buyers pool right now is way more limited as teams are set from a cap standpoint. Not to mention the only buyers at this point in the season are win-now contenders. Offseason, the pool widens while they're working new contracts, clearing space.
  13. Seeing Corral cheerleaders...
  14. Taylor, Corbett, Bozeman continue solid play midst a Helen Hunt style Twister of sh*t
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