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  1. When we grabbed him and that Smith UNC LBer that one year, I was rooting for one to succeed. Carter looked good and totally capable last season and I think is a great piece to have. Our defense stopped getting rolled over/could get teams off the field with Carter in the game (one of many reasons for when they improved). So, considering (a) how much we're in nickel and (b) Perryman's injury bugs, he's in a perfect spot behind Denzel and Shaq in the LB room. Don't mind that Luvu pickup either.
  2. Still surprised Tepper hasn't commissioned a redesign effort even if minimalist to reduce the dated-ness we have. The logo is less a problem, we need some fresh unis without the tri-stripe. I still have never really seen a fan concept that looks good after all these years but it'd be nice to do an upgrade akin to how the Bucs and Bengals have done recently. It is nice though--we've only really modified ours once (discounting color swaps) in our quarter century existence whereas the Jags have changed theirs like 4 times ha. Consistent but wouldn't mind a minimal modernized approach.
  3. I mean, he'll gauge the floor we have w/Roy & Nixon. Not a sure thing he makes the team. Have Brown+Jones pretty set to start, Roy & Nixon, but let's see what's up. Fox will likely get 3-T reps.
  4. Agreed. That’s his floor on the team. Promising guy & Arnold wil be the TE1
  5. I expect him to frustrate the hell out of top receivers. He looks like he spars like some of the better ones do and uses his hands. Yes, it can create penalties, maybe early on, but the best learn how to really do it well and he looks like it's in his blood. He's going to knock guys off their routes early, may get burnt by speedsters from time to time but he should keep his side of the field quiet it he pans out. He's not going to be ballhawking but more so frustrate offenses to the point where they avoiding throwing his way.
  6. I’ve expressed excitement as recently as today. Both should be really nice fits in Brady’s scheme.
  7. As with everyone, take their predictions with a grain of salt but he makes fair points, offers decent perspective and the videos are more than simply his track record. He's looking at talent, making his best judgement, & putting out decent points. He clearly puts a lot of time and effort into looking at guys the networks won't ever cover until Kiper and McShay have their time to shine, blabbering on-and-on days 2-3. And it's not like he's awful, his 2020 breakouts were Chase Claypool, Justin Jefferson, Antonio Gibson, JK Dobbins, Jonnu Smith. He has his eye for certain guys, clearly
  8. Yep. I can see us spreading what was Curtis' role into a few different ways. I expect Brady to adjust and also have learned from last year. Therefore, think splitting the Samuel role up from last year into a few different guys (Marshall, David, Shi), with a more aggressive redzone style that targets Marshall, could be nice. I felt that we over targeted Mike Davis and Bridgewater's decision making left missing yards and plenty of missed TDs. Let's say we pass for 4000 yards (half the league hit 4000)-- Take ~2000 off for Robbie+DJ, another 700 for CMC: Remaining could p
  9. If Darnold can grasp the offense fairly quickly, I could see him succeeding. I will say, the offense may be tailored for beefy QB stats so come the end of the season, he may look good on paper even if it wasn't a totally A+ season. For me--regarding last season: What we failed at was identifying the right times to just take it to the endzone and get the 6 points. Both TB and Brady had issues. Darnold can be pretty effective at knowing when to step up and put the ball in the right guys' hands. I'm hoping he translates because he appears to be the style the staff looks at. They've men
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love the signing but wouldn't consider David Moore a locked-in 3rd option. And Brady is more familiar with Marshall and how to use him. And don't forget we've been fooled before with a younger vet from Seattle *cough DJ Hackett
  11. Ah it was Brandon Jones that filled in; they rolled with Rowe+McCain as their starters. Factor in Holland, the moved makes sense looking at the salary. Still interested to see where this kid lands.
  12. I think a 35+ rec, 600+ yd type year isn't out of the picture. Rookie WRs are used a lot league wide, we run the spread, and Brady knows him more than the other new additions.
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