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  1. No, I really don't know. But rather than guess again and offend you...can you at least give me a multiple choice? Cat?

  2. lol wut?!?! No way d00d! I hope you were kidding!

  3. Jusr so I got it straight, you are the artist formerly known as MegaDeath?

  4. Kurb

    What you do for the State ?

  5. did he really have a knife.. or was u having an event of analepsis?!?

  6. I am writing on your profile page

  7. well, true that... lol...

  8. well technically u are white

  9. hahaha thanks bud... It will probably get old, but at least my dialogue can remain relatively similar... hahaha Dude is like the white SLJ..

  10. no this is the best username ever. and once it gets old u can be anybody...ure username is perfect

  11. You got it... ;) This may only be a temporary thing though...

  12. does my new sig answer my question?

  13. It*... not I... Although I am pretty easy...

  14. Duuude... I should be so easy, motherfuger...

  15. :D who were u before u were Iam?
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