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  1. That's what I see in that footage. Looks like his preference is to catch with his body, especially on deep balls. He catches with his hands across the middle. But if he's going to be unwilling to go up and aggressively pull a ball out of the air, he's going to struggle as an outside WR in the NFL. CBs would have broken up several of those catches before they would even get to him. 5th round or later.
  2. I'll second this. But a lot of that has to do with watching the DC Defenders, who I sincerely think could have beaten the 2023 Panthers. But related to Corral, I think the UFL ideal for players like Corral. Never really got the opportunity to prove themselves, no tape, ended up in a bad situation on a bad team. If Corral puts on a decent show in the UFL it might get him invited back to an NFL training camp. I'll never say that someone who failed to shine as a Panther in the Rhule/Fitterer regime is a provably bust.
  3. MLB, OL, WR, in that order. We've been sorely in need of a defensive field general since we lost Luke. And we're not in contention for any of the top OL prospects. So, I'd say look for late round studs at OL, and pick the best WR or ILB available at the top of round 2. Our new GM is a former MLB and is all about making people afraid to come to Carolina. Looking across the LOS at a stud who can read your mind, already knows what your playcall is, and is foaming at the mouth to rip your head off is a great starting point.
  4. Seeing this god damn creepy uncanny valley Temu commercial like nine times this game is giving me mobile game flashbacks.
  5. I think her monitor wasn't working. Couldn't hear herself over the music and couldn't tell if she was on key.
  6. I can't tell exactly what it is, but there is something about the press conference that just gives me the warm fuzzies about Dave. It's the expected amount of naive optimism one should project at an introductory press conference, but none of the snake oil. None of the platitudes. I, for some bizarre reason, feel good about this regime. Also, Joe Person is a tool. Stand up when you're asking a question, prick.
  7. How could anyone look at our offensive line the past 2 years and think we needed a change? Just baffling.
  8. Rough* Also, I don't think he was exclusively hired to "fix" Bryce. We wanted an offensive mind, Sportsology has a history of hiring young guns, and a 1-year OC isn't unprecedented; McDaniel was only an OC for 1 year in San Francisco before becoming the HC in Miami. So I think the problem you're seeing is one of your own fancy.
  9. Sorry, I think I just stream of conscious-ed that last post. I meant to say good hire, welcome to the team!
  10. I just realized you can't spell Canales without "Anal."
  11. I'm less concerned with wins and losses for the next year or two. I want to see a team with some fight. And in that regard, I think Vrabel is close to an ideal candidate.
  12. I was on the record that trading up was a huge mistake. I stand by that. You need to earn a #1 pick and the flameout risk of #1 overall QBs is way too high. I was a proponent of rolling with Darnold (hence the slap a Groucho mask on him so the fanbase would give him another chance with a new non-Rhule coach) and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe we'd still be picking #1 overall, but we probably would have used #9 on a position of need and we'd still have Moore. I foolishly tried to convince myself that if our all star coaching staff was convinced there was someone at #1 that was a generational talent then they must know what they're doing.
  13. Yeah those cutaways between the action when there's nothing happening on the field really take away from the experience. Same with the cheerleaders. It has nothing to do with the game. Stop showing me pretty ladies dammit!
  14. Man, I just realized that I'm so disillusioned by this franchise that my first thought was, "Good for them. I'm sure he'll do great there, and I kinda am rooting for him to prove he wasn't just propped up by Brady." The Panthers have beaten my Panthers fandom down to the point that I'm literally becoming a "I just hope both teams have a good time" level fan. And it's sickening.
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