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  1. Leader of Men. Sounds like a trope, but I truly understand what that means and how important that is after seeing the night and day change that happened after he took over. Great work, and I wish him a tremendously successful future!
  2. For me, it's if the team moved. I already live outside the Carolinas, so my attachment to it is based on my family being there and my time living there. If it moved elsewhere, I'd probably switch to a team in my region so I could actually watch games on TV, not be the only person at the bar rooting for my team, and have the option to go to see them in person with some regularity. Outside of that, it's if the team did something that just doesn't align with my moral compass at all. Deshaun Watson would have done it. It's only a sportsball team, and I don't believe it's worth compromising my values in order to support. I could always take up crochet.
  3. I just feel like you need to counter a passing offense with a scheme rather than a player. If you count on a shutdown corner, you get the Mike Evans game when he has to miss time. We were still reeling from losing Luke. Drafting his replacement to me seemed like the obvious choice even at the time. I'm really worried about Horn. His first 2 seasons in the league he's ended up on the IR. And historically, players don't get sturdier as they spend more time in the game. CB and RB are just positions that I think you roll the dice on with mid round picks, and keep the ones that hit.
  4. Parsons > Horn that's for damn sure. Huge mistake on our part. Passing up Luke Jr. for Mr. Glass will haunt us for a decade
  5. CMC has an unfair advantage for the award. Given his injury history, any year in which he does well he could be in line for the comeback player of the year.
  6. Yup. He managed a 50% win rate with someone else's garbage, even when that idiot only managed to win 20% of the time with his own system.
  7. I've never watched two teams actively trying to lose a game before
  8. Taylor is masterfully forging a long, healthy career as a solid backup in this league. Good rapport, team-player, moxie to spare, and if you have your franchise guy at QB, I can think of few other backups in the league who I have every confidence they could step in and compete, and even win some games if your starter has to miss time.
  9. Methinks that's why Tepper had this call, and not Fitt.
  10. I fully expect him to delete that tweet, so snipped a screen grab just in case:
  11. This. We're treating human bodies like Formula 1 cars now. The way the game is played now is not sustainable.
  12. We lost because Brady put up 400+ yard through the air. We're playing a coffee shop barista at CB. This really can't entirely be hung on Wilks
  13. Someone needs to make a McAdoo's Towel alt account
  14. We will lose. I know we will because I have hope. Any opportunity for us to do something convincing, we have squandered. We had the opportunity to take the lead in the Division outright against the Mariota-led Falcons. We blew it. We had a chance to pull even with TB against the floundering Steelers. We blew it. We have a chance to win this weekend and take command of the South. We will blow it. Brady is a star, this is his swan song, and the league loves to use the Panthers to let a star go out on a high note. I have no confidence that we can win a game that we have no reasonable excuse for losing. There. Now my expectations are on the floor, where they actually belong. And I'm setting myself up to be pleasantly surprised.
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