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  1. He was never quite the "tank for draft picks" guy. He was the placeholder. More often than not it seemed like he went to a team that had an outside shot at the playoffs, but due to injury or poor roster management found themselves without a quality QB. He was Captain He's The Best We Can Do. For that? Probably Jimmy G will end up in the journeymen QB for teams with a glimmer of hope role.
  2. If a homoerotic volleyball sequence only revs your engine 5 out of 10, I feel bad for you, son.
  3. That was a particularly mean-spirited way to say that, if that was your point. I will say, however, as someone who wasn't nearly as follicly blessed as McAdoo, it's always irksome to see such a glorious mane of hair so flippantly misused.
  4. He's just got reverse progeria like Benjamin Button. He'll look like a high school freshman when he retires.
  5. You could also just ignore the threads you're not interested in.
  6. Yeah, Tarrant County is trying to establish itself as a modern, cutting edge metroplex, and they're probably tired of playing second fiddle to Dallas. Honestly, this move would make a lot of sense to me.
  7. Twice as many home games at AT&T Stadium. Actually makes sense to me.
  8. I wholeheartedly disagree. From watching Panthers games during my travels to Vegas, I can say without caveat that a 10am game eating an omelette with a mimosa in hand, is the superior way to watch any football game. And "night games" that end at 8:30pm? *chef kiss*
  9. Yes. I'll guess 1 of these two. Monday Night Game vs. TB: ESPN likes games with stars and divisional rival games. And I also get the feeling networks will want to give Tom Brady a fairly hefty farewell tour this year. Check all those boxes and let the nation watch Tom Brady beat up on us one last time. Sunday Night vs. CLE: Sunday night games tend to feature story lines and drama. And in this they could either watch the Panthers play against the one who got away in Watson, or the one they wouldn't shell out money for in Mayfield. Either way the Browns QB situation plays out, there's a lot of "drama" that could be hyped up to reel in a national audience.
  10. I really hope I'm right to be encouraged by this.
  11. Neal is a different kind of human. 350lbs and 6'7". He's a giant. But 320 lbs and runs a sub-5 40? Ickey, with some refinement is the ideal specimen to block the Edge rushers that are currently the pass rushing threat of the NFL. I have every confidence we picked the correct LT.
  12. Seems simple to me. He tipped his hand that Corral is our future starter and they have no confidence in Sam pulling it together.
  13. First Reaction: If it gets us into day 2 of the draft, and they take on his salary, I can't think of many people more replaceable on the roster than Robby. Second Reaction: Hmmmmmm...
  14. I don't know if Sam will be better behind this line. But I know he had no chance behind the line last year. Wish we'd ever given Cam the amount of protection we've invested this off-season.
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