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  1. Yeah, 100% agree. Which is why I think USFL might actually survive. Less baggage. But on the other hand, everyone loves a circus. And USFL just advertising themselves as a by-the-numbers Spring football league is gonna flop. XFL proved there's an appetite for a professional Spring football league. We're a content-hungry society, with a billion streaming services needed to slake our thirst for entertainment. But, if they're going to get it off the ground, they'll need some sort of hook or gimmick. McMahon is a clown, but he garnered people's attention and eventually their interest. It
  2. I actually was rather enjoying the XFL this time around, and I think had it not been for the pandemic, it might have actually found its footing. I love the idea of Spring football, so I'm all in on it.
  3. My interpretation is Rhule knows he's not gonna make the team, but he's a good kid, so he's talking him up to help him eventually find a good landing spot with someone else. Steal of the draft.
  4. Glad you enjoyed it! That boat chase at the end got my pulse pounding more than I can ever remember from reading a book.
  5. I believe you've inadvertently gifted us with a very meme-able image.
  6. You know, I've got a good feeling about Sam Darnold and the direction the team is headed. Funny as it sounds, you know, what we all saw on draft day is, you know, the proof that we have a really competent front office for the first time in a while. The fact that they made, you know, the move the get him in the first place, and, you know, leaving potentially starting caliber QBs on the draft board makes me all the more confident that they, you know, the front office thinks we have the QB of the future. And, you know, I don't get the idea that they would pull the trigger on him and, you know, gi
  7. Seeing the defensive line filling up with guys with that body type makes me very, very happy.
  8. Looks like that work with the veterans is paying off. The footwork looks a lot like what he was being drilled on in that video.
  9. If you're looking for good vacation reads, I really enjoyed both Camino Island by John Grisham, and the Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille. Both are just delightfully brisk and fun island heist vacation thrillers. Both are written by extremely polished veteran writers and compelling storytellers. Camino Island is just a straight up indulgence, clearly written by Grisham while he was on vacation. On it's surface, it's an investigation into a theft of a historic manuscript by an eccentric book thief; think the Thomas Crown Affair set in a lazy beach town. But really it's just an excuse to hang
  10. Any other year, I'd take the under. But it's a 17-game season and there's no reason why we should have 10 losses considering our schedule.
  11. He's got some nerves, but not surprising given the company he's in. Sounds like he just needs to get a little more confident holding his ground on the line of scrimmage. All in all, that's a great video. Thanks for sharing! I don't care what it is, but I love watching professionals at the highest level talking shop about the finer points of their profession. Could be CBs, loggers, jewelers, hell I could watch the best janitors in the world talk about the best way to clean a toilet.
  12. Story checks out though. If they had practiced the 2 minute offense some more, he would have known it wasn't the right time to pop on the Saints bench. Joking aside though, Teddy seems like a professional who's seen how several teams do things, so if he's saying it, I'd listen. We're not exactly the Patriots, and we shouldn't be afraid of some constructive criticism on opportunities to run things better.
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