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  1. Captroop


    How you just gonna take a mannequin from Oshkosh B'gosh and put it in a multi-million dollar movie?
  2. Someone had to do it. Although honestly, with mild dyslexia, this is what I see every time I see the Washington Football Team acronym.
  3. Peyton, at this point, is just every dad. I don't know how they ever get him to wear a jacket. He should be in white New Balance shoes with a a can of light beer in each cargo pocket in his shorts.
  4. Buffalo video? That's an alarmingly vague title, and I'm not sure I want to know more. [Who's on top?]
  5. I'd be super stoked to get him and am glad we're in the mix. The 5:20 mark of this video sold me on Deshaun for good: Smart QB with all the talent in the world. Just needs a better team around him.
  6. I hope Fitterer in the draft doesn't fritter our picks and signs free agents that fit on our team and our contracts are a hit or our fans will be bitterer.
  7. One of my all time favorite sports movies, even though there's almost no sports in the entire film. But man, do those scenes with the daughter draaaaaaaag. I've re-watched it about 3 times and forward through those parts every time, and it's about a half hour shorter, which is perfect.
  8. I hated it at first. But once you develop a taste, it's really hard to go back. If you're looking for a gateway Scotch; I think most people go for the "Mac' 12." The Macallan. Very approachable for your Irish Whiskey or Bourbon drinker. But my personal recommendation is to order a glass of the Compass Peat Monster or Ardbeg 10 next time you're at the bar, and see if you like the smokiness.
  9. Alfred Hitchcock (1938) Normally I wouldn't recommend an obscure classic movie in a forum like this just to prove some movie buff bona fides. After all, I watched it for the first time last year on VHS while staying at a guest house in Poolesville that had a VCR instead of wifi. But this movie is available on HBO Max right now! And I can't recommend it highly enough. It's so fun, and funny, and full of mystery and suspense from Mr. Hitchcock. The romantic leads have such great chemistry (which is made even better by the fact that they famously despised each other on set). It's really
  10. I love lists, so I'm in! Will have to bend the rules a little bit, in that I'm going to do a Scotch list. I like Bourbon, but I only have one bottle currently (Blanton's). Daily drinker- Dewar's. It's in the crystal decanter in my home office, because if you're not going to see the label anyway, it might as well just be your daily in your classiest serving vessel. Impress your guests- Kilchomen Machir Bay. If you can't appreciate the peat, beat your feet. Cheap mixer (and for guests you know won’t appreciate it) - Glenfiddich 12. Which is a lie. It's just my low-end "qualit
  11. At least in politics I only have to come to terms with that once every four years.
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