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  1. I like the XFL kickoff rule. Incentivizes teams to kick a returnable ball, but no one can build up a full head of steam for a neck-breaking collision. And here's an opportunity for Special Teams coordinators to get crafty, and for fringe special teams players to shine.
  2. There's a lot of talent playing in the Championship game on Saturday, after which time the players are available for NFL free agency. I expect a lot of teams (and hopefully the Panthers) talk to Abram Smith. I don't think he's an "invite to training camp kinda guy," someone will sign him to a contract. He looks like a solid second string RB to me, with a nose for the end zone, who could help us out a ton in red zone situations.
  3. Abram Smith has been outstanding here in DC. I don't know if he'll make his way to Carolina, but he should absolutely catch on in a RB 2 or 3 role in the NFL. Kid just can't be kept out of the end zone. Occasional fumbles, but a quality RB coach can fix that.
  4. Agreed, and I will enjoy watching the friendship/rivalry between them throughout their careers.
  5. Corral is unironically the kind of player who could benefit from a stint in the XFL. He was never going to be the guy here after the regime change, and there's not enough tape on him for another GM to make room on their roster for him. His prospects in the NFL are dim right now, and he'll have a lot of trouble shining as a backup to a backup somewhere. So, in my opinion, like Rick Dalton, he should go to Rome and star in Westerns, so to speak. Go, actually start, and if he's the star he thinks he is, shine. And with some solid tape, he maybe gets a shot on an NFL team.
  6. Looking that way. If Levis doesn't go to Detroit, he could fall to the second round.
  7. Keep showing me that DeMeco Ryans cake. Mmm! Must be my birthday!
  8. That's my quarterback now. Wishing him all the success in the world and a title run.
  9. Sure, some people won't be surprised now. But the flip side of that coin is if it's left a surprise, half the fanbase is going to be disappointed. I'm okay with leaking it (telegraphing it , bat-signaling it, whatever degree of transparency the FO goes with) now so deniers have at 4 days to cope and at least accept it by Thursday night, so we don't have a bunch of whiners in here bringing everyone down.
  10. Like all 3. Want Stroud, and I believe he'll be the best at the NFL level. But acknowledge that at #1 you have to go with the closest thing to a "sure thing" and today that's Young.
  11. That's arguably worse. That means only 18% of test takers scored worse than him, and this was his second attempt. So in a room with any random 10 college football players, only one player has a lower cognitive processing ability. Ouch. I still like Stroud a lot, and if we'd stayed at 9, I feel like there's now a solid chance he would have tumbled to where we could get him. We don't need a mental giant at QB. Cam was never going to get into MENSA. But when you're picking #1 overall, the stakes are way too high, and a score like that is whatcha call a red flag. I concede. Can't take the risk. Not only do I agree Bryce is the pick, but I actively don't want Stroud at #1. Hooray.
  12. Bad example. I said I'm NOT into it... *edit* but I see what you did there
  13. I was more excited for Stroud. But I'll believe in our the former QBs in our FO to be making the right call here. Let me go watch some Bryce highlights and see if anything gets me excited. I gotta be honest, this is like trying to rub one out to a video where the star just really isn't your type. That's Bryce. My semi-flacid fantasy QB.
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