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  1. I'unno about all that. Robbie seems to be the only receiver Baker has any rapport with. Shenault over Shi, for sure, though. Higgins over Shi. Shi over TMJ. TMJ over... I'm sure there's someone.
  2. Hey, the Colts beat the Chiefs. Anything can happen on Sunday. We own the Cardinals. The 49ers look lost. I won't say anything about Brady or the reigning Super Bowl champs. That's not to say we could win half, or any of these games. But these games don't look like the automatic 0-4 stretch I was expecting at the beginning of the season. And if we're 2-2 next week, I'll feel a lot differently about the next 3 games than if we're 1-3. At least I have a reason to watch. That's something.
  3. He's looked bad so far, but he's our QB this season so I choose to be optimistic. He looks jittery and is rushing off-target throws. Considering how badly the line played the first few weeks, that's not surprising his internal clock is telling him he needs to get the ball out in about a 1.5 seconds, and if his first read isn't open, brace for impact. Ickey is a rookie so expect we'll see better play from him down the stretch, and I hope the line will continue to play better once these guys get more reps in the same positions. They've been healthy, so we haven't had to start juggling yet. If he gets more confident that he has time, I think we'll start seeing more accurate throws. The batted balls will also be less of an issue with better O-line play. Our guys have to keep a hand on the D-Linemen's chests. Don't let them disengage and get a hand in the throwing lane. Finish the play. Miscommunications have also got to stop happening. I know he's only had since training camp to pick up the playbook, but at least twice a game you can count on Baker throwing to an empty part of the field after his receiver breaks in the other direction. We've got 14 more games, so that's an area I feel we should have time to polish up on. And I think there's reason to be hopeful. Center play. This is an area where there's really be improvement since week 1. We're not seeing the bad snaps that we saw in weeks 1 and 2. Clean snaps, better rapport with Elflein, and it looks like Elf is getting more comfortable. That's resulted in better protection from the Center position. If we've seen that much improvement in 2 weeks, I hope we can see it across the line. The most important thing in protecting the ball. Baker's not flashing big numbers (yet (hey, I said I was being optimistic)) but he's not turning the ball over. And that will be enough to keep us in games. tl;dr: I'm not impressed with Baker's play, but he's not making costly mistakes, and with better protection from an improving line, he'll hopefully be more confident in the pocket, and that will be reflected more on-target passes throws.
  4. Mark my words because I'm calling it now: There will definitely be a Super Bowl this year.
  5. Called it. Jameis might as well be called "Mr. Get Right" for us.
  6. Did anyone hear Baker audible before the Chubba run? "I don't like where he's at." Lol!
  7. Well that seals it! He recently wore a hat. Hat rhymes with cat. A panther is a cat. I was pretty sure, reading the tea leaves that it was a done deal at that point. But now I'm certain!
  8. As long as that goofball Jameis Winston is the QB, the Saints will always be a get-right game (or more accurately a glimmer of false hope game) for the Panthers.
  9. If you're going for a Nazi allusion there, it would be "Herr Tepper." Unless you were talking about his kids who will inherit his money. And in either case, considering he's Jewish, that's not in good taste.
  10. God. Imagine following up the Luke Kuechly era with the Micah Parsons era, flanked by Shaq and Luvu. Best LB corps in the league. I still don't understand that pick. A shutdown CB is nice, but when you have the opportunity for a 10+ year MLB and field general, I don't know why you wouldn't take it. After 12 years of Beason and Luke, it's strange for MLB to not be the centerpiece of our defense.
  11. He meant to say "Year 3 ended yesterday"
  12. I said in another thread, there is no excuse for this team not being able to beat either the Brown or the Giants. If we were 1-and-1 I'd be willing to overlook a lot. But to be 0-2 in the part of the season where we needed to drum up our wins shows a profound lack of urgency. At this point, I care as much about Rhule's tenure as he seems to care about Winning. I'm literally never this guy. Ever. I ordinarily would never consider saying this in week 2. But this is where I'm at: Fire Rhule. Let's put in an interim HC for the remaining 15 games. Maybe we'll be a lot worse, but there's a remote chance we'll be better and that's more than I can say about the team with Rhule at the helm. People are like, Rhule should go down with the ship, and I honestly don't feel like he deserves the honor (or dubious distinction) of being an NFL head coach.
  13. ...that's exactly my point, dummy The only difference between the Super Bowl team, and a 5 turnover performance last week and losing to the Cowboys this week is a completely inferior O line. Same Joe Burrow. Same Jamar Chase. So why do they look so bad?
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