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  1. The pragmatist gave the pilot a pistol instead of a parachute so they try their best to save the plane. ...I don't know if that's an extension of the analogy in this case. But it's a damned interesting piece of WWI trivia.
  2. I still say the way to save the sport is to make it more like rugby. I think counterintuitively, rather than trying to make making the equipment better and "safer," we should just do away with it. If you get rid of the shoulder pads and helmets, I believe the game will get safer naturally. Without the pads, players will be less inclined to use their body like a weapon.
  3. Pro Bowler in 2017. Will serve a 2 game suspension to start the season. But a solid veteran nonetheless. Maybe someone to help show Donte the ropes.
  4. How in the Sam Hill did you manage to find a Smiling Friends gif?
  5. Man, I came to this thread after getting the alert on my phone expecting some optimism. And what do I get? "Ermahgerd! My second round pick next year!" Seriously? After all the talk about how QB is the most important position in the league, and we need to trade the farm for a franchise QB, we get one for peanuts and all y'all can do is bitch? This is fantastic news! We kept almost all of our draft capital this year. We can invest in offensive line, Linebacker, CB. All the positions we actually need rather than pining for the 4th or 5th best QB in the draft. Hell! This puts us in
  6. I know you think you're doing well here... You're not doing well.
  7. Drafting Clausen to put ourselves in a position to get either Andrew Luck or Cam Newton. That was some 4d chess, and you rarely see an organization make a move that ballsy today, much less have it pay off!
  8. I see a solid 3rd down WR. You're right, he's not elusive, and I don't think he's the burner his pro day thumb-on-the-scale 40 time would show him to be. But what I do like is his ability to high-point a ball over a defender, and his ability to run a route across the middle and bring in the ball while absorbing a hit. We lost Curtis Samuel, so if this guy's ceiling is our 3rd down Mr. Dependable, I'm very okay with that.
  9. I full on snot-laughed when I got to this picture: I'm not a huge fan of the expression, but I have to say it here: That's a whole energy.
  10. This may be a simplistic view of the world, informed purely by speculation, ocular patdowns and gut reaction, but it's the way I view this draft. In five years: I don't think any of the QBs in this draft will be the starting QB for the Panthers I think there's a very good chance Micah Parsons could be our starting MLB for us if we draft him All of the QBs after Trevor are boom/bust. And with the line we have, and the odds that starting next offseason we'll be implementing a new offensive scheme with a new OC, I'm leaning heavily on bust. A franchise MLB is somethi
  11. I can tell you that young people in DC dig it. I see a lot of WFT ball caps. Let's be honest, the Redskins fans are dying out literally and figuratively. You've got the lifers who have gone to a game every year since their pappy took them in 1967. And even their interest is being eroded by the cynicism of the Snyder era. And after them, there isn't a lot of observable interest in Skins fandom among the young, diverse, and highly transient community of Washingtonians now. Look at a Capitals, Nationals or United game. Compare that to who you see in the stands in Landover every Sunday. The n
  12. Disappointing. Not shocking. He wasn't an all-star but I believe he was a valuable piece, especially considering what a quality DE goes for these days. And he had the versatility to shift inside for 3rd down rush packages. I don't know how much his tender was, but I have a hard time believing he wasn't worth the money. Maybe we can replace him, but I guess I prefer to spend a little more on the devil we know than save a couple shekels on the devil we don't.
  13. This. I would be half as hard on Teddy if we were paying him half as much money. It's the pricetag that's attached to his mediocrity that makes it so hard to to handle.
  14. Terrible idea. You're basically making high-profile sex offenders untouchable. What woman, abused by a powerful man, is going to bring charges against him if there's a remote chance of getting discredited by his high-dollar legal team, PR team, and the smear campaign he's going to throw at her? If she gets beaten in the courtroom due to crooked legal shenanigans, then she'll have a) been raped, b) didn't see her abuser get justice, and c) gets punished for his crimes.
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