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  1. If the Pats win, Panthers get a shot at revenge. If the Broncos win, Panthers get a shot at a very favorable match up. As long as the Panthers win, then this game is a win/win to me.
  2. If nothing else, today I bought a season ticket for the Carolina Express. I'm so repping that team from now on.
  3. I used to pull for State. Today, that ends.
  4. If I did it long enough, I could probably pick up some teaching assignments. Staff weren't exactly all-world at ATMS.
  5. Turns out you can't legally be a student once you hit 30.
  6. I think the Pack atheletics pulled down their "staying neutral" tweet. They were getting hammered for it.
  7. I'm a card carrying Lum, been hoping theyd hop on. (really, there are cards)
  8. I am absolutely going to their home opener this season. I need to see this to believe it.
  9. Had to look it up. The Charlotte Express is a professional ultimate frisbee team in the American Ultimate Disc League. 2015 was their first season. Edit: damn, SMF beat me to it. :P
  10. If all the schools, Clemson should be on board. They're an important part of team history.
  11. If there was, they kept it to themselves. At least as far as I saw. May have been some collab between the Panthers and first four, then it caught on from there.
  12. Also, this isn't an actual promotion, it's just turned into a thing as more colleges jump on it. If you're wondering where "insert school of choice" is on this, call em out on Twitter.
  13. Baseball = minor leagues are fine, it's a boring game anyway (until we get a pro team in Carolina, of course) ;)
  14. That one guy in the purple shirt can diaf. There are plenty of folks who rep both Canes and Cats. I love seeing the Panthers, Hornets, and Hurricanes support each other.
  15. As a guy who talks severe smack to opposing fans whenever I go to BoA, I would say actually being enemy territory is gonna open you up to a world of hurt everywhere. Maybe not "fear for your life" levels like in Oakland, San Fran, or Philly, but in the heat of the moment is going to be different than outside of game time. Caveat: I'm also an asshole online, and a pretty terrible human being overall, so take that as you will.
  16. Nah, Card fans have always been pretty chill and decent to talk to. Even after Delhomme '08 they never really smugged it up.
  17. http://forums.azcardinals.com/showthread.php?70897-Enemy-Territory-What-are-Carolina-fans-saying-about-Sunday Someone should probably tell this guy that we're not the ones coming up with the gameplans. That said: Hey look, this guy gets it.
  18. I guess it would be an insult if we didn't like Cam? I don't know. I mean, we could call them the Carsondals but that just looks like Car Sandals.
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