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  1. If the Pats win, Panthers get a shot at revenge. If the Broncos win, Panthers get a shot at a very favorable match up. As long as the Panthers win, then this game is a win/win to me.
  2. If nothing else, today I bought a season ticket for the Carolina Express. I'm so repping that team from now on.
  3. I used to pull for State. Today, that ends.
  4. If I did it long enough, I could probably pick up some teaching assignments. Staff weren't exactly all-world at ATMS.
  5. Turns out you can't legally be a student once you hit 30.
  6. I think the Pack atheletics pulled down their "staying neutral" tweet. They were getting hammered for it.
  7. I'm a card carrying Lum, been hoping theyd hop on. (really, there are cards)
  8. I am absolutely going to their home opener this season. I need to see this to believe it.
  9. Had to look it up. The Charlotte Express is a professional ultimate frisbee team in the American Ultimate Disc League. 2015 was their first season. Edit: damn, SMF beat me to it. :P
  10. If all the schools, Clemson should be on board. They're an important part of team history.
  11. If there was, they kept it to themselves. At least as far as I saw. May have been some collab between the Panthers and first four, then it caught on from there.
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