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  1. I haven't gotten a logical response back on why we should not tax the rich more, why Ronald Reagan was not the president republicans say he was, why the tea party is basically one big joke, and cut defense spending. And the name calling starts with meat jangler, I give it back.

  2. Oh, well I might be a little slow sometimes, but I'm not dumb... see you spelled it "Scott" which happens to be my name... so I didn't put two-and-two together that you meant debate Mr. Scot... sorry. BTW, if you want me to see a msg, might wanna post it on my profile and not yours... I was coming to ask why you hadn't answered me. I can debate, and I will. For whatever reason (and I'm not being mean, just honest) you and Cantrell both come across as holier-than-thou... I've never seen either of you once have a reasonable response to someone that disagrees with you. It's always, "you're a dumbass" or some other comment. If you talk to other people with respect, you will get respect back, even if you disagree. PS- Thanks for the neg rep, I'm not gonna return the favor. I'm in a nice mood today.

  3. Again with the "incapable of debate" thing... I would PAY you to debate Mr Scot... seriously, anytime, anywhere. That would be awesome. I have to deal with people who don't even know what they said...And you guys think I'm the dumb one...

  4. What does this mean? "Or you just gonna continue to say debate scott?" Seriously I have no clue.

  5. You own my foot in your ass...now stop hitting on me.

  6. bee sting just a bee sting....:lol:

  7. I really don't know why I'm bothering but here goes... you are either just stupid or don't understand what I'm saying... I will give you the benefit of the doubt... if u want to talk sh*t to or about someone on here in threads, then have at it. What Jangler said, he said to you... you took it too far by saying something about his wife. If you can't see the difference between then stupid it is. It's cool that you have no use for me or "people like me" even though you know nothing about me, I couldn't care less... but if you continue to talk sh*t about people's families I will continue to neg you. Neg me back all you want and we'll see who gets to zero first. Seriously IRL if someone said something to you that you didn't like would you immediately say something about their wife? If so I hope you get what you deserve.

  8. Go back and read the thread dude... u started it, Jangler replied between u and him and then u said something about his wife... that's across the line. I don't like it so I negged u. Grow up.

  9. Bonds fan huh, I guess that makes 2 of us. You might not be so bad after all lol

  10. So to say he possibly couldn't get 30 mill would make you look dumb, if in fact he could get it. Yeah the CBA will probably take away the 40-50 mill, but 30 mill is not that much when you compare it to Bradfords contract. I never wanted Clausen, but I'm not dumping him after 1 year, like 99% of the huddle

  11. Of course I don't know the max values. But it would apply to everyone drafted this year. I've been saying for a few weeks now, once the Fox regime is gone, Clausen may work out after all. I never cared for Luck. Sure it would've been nice, but its nothing I ever set my sights on.

  12. Worked out great, because as far as everyone knows, nothing is guaranteed. You act like it's a done deal and you know the maximum contracts when in reality you dont know what they could be...

  13. I negrepped because you were a little too full of yourself about the CBA. How did that work out for you?

  14. When did you ever stop?

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