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  1. He’s already had 3 years in the NFL. What reason would any team have to give him two years to prove himself? So if he’s his usual below average to average self, you still want to be tied to him with 19M guaranteed. Just like they are now. And how does this relate to Allen in any way? The Bills didn’t guarantee him another 19M after his rookie year. Darnold has 3 years of subpar play. Nothing similar at all. So giving him 19M, based on his body of work so far, is better than waiting and probably spending less than that for the first year of a contract if he actually be
  2. More sense than just actually seeing if he improves any before handing him another 20M. This is the thinking that rationalized Teddy’s deal as a good one.
  3. Why? There is no reason at all to give him 19M before he takes a snap. None. No matter when you pay it. It still won’t be there when they want to sign FAs. Or extend Moton, Moore, Burns.
  4. In what way won’t they be paying the same amount? How does this restructure work? Is it kicking money onto this year? Because I keep hearing this but not one person has explained how it works.
  5. I would think having another failed QB with a 19M guarantee would be much dumber. Even if he goes Tannehill his first year wouldn’t be that much. What possible reason would a team guarantee that much to a QB in hopes he becomes something he’s never been before? Especially for the 2nd year in a row.
  6. Which shows exactly the level of ignorance of many of the “experts/insiders” that get referenced on here daily. If TB was anywhere near worth a top 10 pick, the Panthers wouldn’t be trying to trade him. Unless they pay most of his contract, they aren’t getting anything for a player that will be cut. No team is going to give picks to pay him 8M or 18M.
  7. And he hits the red flag trifecta since then. INJURY Steep decline in play And a PED suspension(in progress)
  8. Keenim was close. Didn’t disagree. And if they are paying it down, of course it changes everything. They should get a pick if they spend 10M. Before, with that 10M attached, it was 17M for this year. As it is, are teams going to want to pay even the 7M he would still have coming. Judging by what the others have accepted, it’s not that far fetched. Counterpoint is why would a team give Andy Dalton 10M? Kind of destroyes my point.
  9. That’s because none of his salary this year was guaranteed. Still sort of surprised he agreed anyhow. Carr is definitely their plan for now after last year. Surely he had to think he could have gotten 3.5M. But teams don’t want to pay backup QBs, especially in a cash strapped year. I wish the Steelers would have scraped together 4M. I’d much rather have Teddy, Trubisky, Mariota...etc....over Mason Rudolph.
  10. Jonah Williams is only in his 3rd year. And played solid. It’s one of the few positions they don’t have a huge hole. Burrow is probably campaigning for Chase, as you said. It’s as much as a need as they have. Doesn’t hurt to sleep him happy. Now, I’m taking Sewell, or trading back. But those are reasons not to. Take Sewell and move Williams to RT/G. Which is where I still think his long term value is.
  11. The Panthers should look into Steven Nelson. Still not sure why he had to be let go besides cap. I would have preferred to keep him over giving JuJu the same money. Nelson was above-average to very good since he arrived. Wanted an extension on his final year and Steelers just cut bait. A very good CB for 8M. I’m sure he’s still asking for too much right now, but this is the wrong year to “take a stand”. He would at least fill a major hole on the roster for y’all. Something I think the Panthers haven’t done a good job of this year, so far.
  12. I agree. Winston should have been the choice last year, and if he sucked, sign Trubisky and see if you can get a QB at 8. That would have been 3.5M total for two years instead of 37M(+5M more dead cap next year) plus 4.7M for Darnold this year. So 3.5M for Winston(2020) and Trubisky(2021) against 46.7M for Teddy and Darnold. Anyone think 43M more cap space would have helped? Plus the very real possibility that the Panthers will have another 19M of guaranteed salary tied to a QB on top of this. Getting around 65M for upside and prayers.
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