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  1. You have those seasons reversed. He had a 1,000 yd rookie season. Last year was when he was hurt half the year.
  2. I’m assuming the other guy is Dallas Turner who isn’t in the draft either.
  3. That’s what it has always been. Nothing has changed but his roster bonus which became guaranteed on March 17th. And they had no choice because you can’t cut him while injured. I’ve never seen details which is why i asked but either it hasn’t been reported yet, or the team beat writers still don’t understand the cap.
  4. What has happened without their HOF QB and HC? I know when I’m looking at a team to emulate, I pick the below average team that couldn’t win an awful division and loses good to great players on a regular basis. Good call.
  5. Michael Thomas was arguably the best WR in football, a few years ago, as well. And what role did Smitty play in 2015. Or are we pretending that wasn’t his best passing season?
  6. Just answered this. Do you actually follow anyone besides the Panthers?
  7. Fans like you don’t worry about that until it actually starts costing their team very good players. And the team is leveraged out for years with a below average team. They just lost 3 DL starters and an emerging Edge. Add that to Hendrickson, Armstead, Williams, CGJ. But they are the example that should be followed. And all that for not even one SB appearance.
  8. The Panthers will need about 6-8M for the draft class. Almost all will be the QB and 39. Any pick after 75 or so doesn’t really change much from JAGs signed to the bottom of the roster now. Ridder is making 1.2M/yr and was chosen 75 last year. I think y’all had it figured out.
  9. With 25-30M, it isn’t hard. See the numerous DEs signed in the past 3 years in the 15-18M range, like Reddick. Name the Edge player who is making 20-30M that is below average against the run. Is he really supposed to be paid like a Bosa or TJ Watt. Garrett? He’s not in their class. The positional value of not overpaying for one when you could be better with two very good DEs is the issue. Do better than some random team and long retired players. Burns wouldn’t even start for the Steelers. And that’s before we factor in pick 36 this year, a probable top 10 pick next year, and a possible one in 2025. What positional value do those three picks bring to the table?
  10. Yep. And it’s called I can find 2 DEs for the 25+M/year Burns will want, and still spend the draft picks on other positions. Or use them to trade up and keep your own 1st round picks. But somehow overpaying one player is better than 5 high quality ones instead.
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