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  1. It’s the entire reason I knew that 49ers draft rumor was BS. Why trade 3 1sts for a QB that, if he reaches his ceiling, you get the same caliber QB? They were swinging for a HR, not a single
  2. Especially only 3.4M in space. I’m sure the Dolphins think he’s more trouble than he’s worth. But somehow, someway, BB gets a talent at lowest value and has no downside in this. Added bonus of making Dolphins look bad. But you can’t make it this easy for him. The Pats have talent on offense, but Mac Jones has got to adjust to going downfield more. Teams started flooding the underneath zones and he couldn’t make throws that would back them off. Jones has to learn how to hit a curveball this year. And without McDaniels.
  3. Fun fact. That’s not a Steelers site mock. It’s from Doug Farrah who has a Safety going #1 overall if you want to know the extent of his knowledge. Everybody became a draft “expert” in the past 5 years. And I’m sure Tomlin, and most smart HCs/GMs run and tell everyone they can which prospects they “love” in the weeks leading up to the draft. Much like the 49ers traded 3 1st for Mac Jones last year.
  4. CMC was a no win situation. Well almost. I remember when his 1,000/1,000 season ended, I reminded everyone it was time to pay him. But every different choice had legit merit. He was the best RB in the league, and made for todays game. So his contract wasn’t out of hand. Especially since he had been healthy his whole career until then. Trading him for a haul wasn’t a bad idea since there was a rebuild(or should have been) going on and no sense giving a RB a long term contract. Let him play out his last two years on rookie deal and 5th year option. CMC would have held out, and rightfully so. Same reason teams don’t want to pay a RB is why he wanted his security before he played again. It was the first time he had leverage in his career. None of these options were unreasonable. The RB blues just finally caught up to him.
  5. Practice squad costs about 3-3.5M. 52 and 53rd players cost 1.4M. Draft about 5.5M
  6. Who? They would nuts to touch CMCs deal and wouldn’t get but about 6M at most anyhow. Who else? Now Daley will be cut at some time. That’s 2.5M to the good.
  7. If I had to guess, and it’s more of what I would do. I think they see what happens day one with the QBs and draft DL or CB at 20. Have to figure out if Tuitt is playing this year. Mitch is the perfect, low risk bridge and it’s much cheaper to jump up in 2nd if one they like falls. Just don’t think they want Pickett. Usually anything you hear about them in public is smokescreen. And 2nd is a more reasonable risk for Howell, Corral, Strong, Ridder. And if Mitch can’t thrive in this situation, he never will.
  8. This is simply wrong. Where are all these fans that want Pickett. And are comparing him to Marino. Certainly isn’t the author who likely never saw Marino play. I was literally in tears when they passed on Marino. I followed him in HS before PITT. Favorite player ever. Over any Steeler. I’m not sure anyone wants Picket at their 2nd pick except PITT homers. This is like me writing an article on. “The 3rd TRIMESTER and what women should expect”.
  9. I have to believe Rhule had something to do with the best FA signing…Reddick. Bouye was solid. Perryman was just…forget it. Jones played like a $4M DT-average. Fox was meh. Nothing special but Reddick but at least most lived up to modest price tags. Another big issue was they let John Miller go. Smart. A 27 y/o with multiple years of starting and coming off a not awful 2020, couldn’t get an offer from an NFL team. So he has to re-sign for vet minimum with CAR. Still not a bad idea. No risk, no guarantees, but you just got a report card of what every team thinks of him. So right away he’s back in the lineup at RG day one. And stayed there when he healthy enough to play. How can you not find anyone better? Even if Brown wasn’t ready. Miller should have been the 9-10th OL and inactive or last man in. And that’s only because he had experience. 2 of the worst OL in the NFL, A Center who leaked like he had wheels on his feet, and a RG who no team thought was worth an offer over vet minimum in a league desperate for OL. Poor Moton.
  10. That’s what confused me from an outside perspective. Signing and guaranteeing 14.5M to two of the worst OL in the NFL and not really filling a hole at any OL position with a quality option. You want versatile? Matt Feiler played for the Steelers and played very good at RT one season and very good at LG the next. I railed against letting him walk, but the Steelers ran their cap like the Saints with Ben and AB so they didn’t have room. He gets 3/21M with 14.5M guaranteed. Played very well for a much improved Charger OL. Kevin Zeitler was another. Now you have those same two OL and the Panthers are doing everything to get them of the field. Erving might as well be on a milk carton. When is the last time anyone even brought his name up. This year, Corbett fills a hole for multiple years. Bozeman fills a hole with a quality option. Still can’t figure out the one year but I imagine it will be explained. Erving and Elflein would cost 9M in dead cap to cut, if they didn’t restructure Elfin. So y’all should feel better about whatever has changed.
  11. That I believe. I hire people smarter than me and aren’t afraid to disagree with me. Everyone has a 90 day probation period and if they do nothing but be a yes man(person), I really have no use for them. Of course if they know you won’t consider what they say with any value, you get the situation you described last year.
  12. You are correct. Good call. I explained it earlier almost exactly how you did. I know I mess with y’all some, but I never wanted him in CAR. Was hoping he would go to NO just so people that think the salary cap is a myth would see what was/and still is about to happen. But CLE is a great surprise. They had built a good team and just needed to settle the QB position with a solid option. And stay healthy. Now their fate is tied to someone I have no faith in being able to stay out of situations that will put him back in this position again. And he’s not over this one yet. He sits half a year and an entire season of all that talent disappears. The Steelers signed Mitch Trubisky and I’m still happy. So there is that.
  13. I am. Ecstatic. But I’m not sure we are on the same page as to why? Why do you think I’m thrilled?
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