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  1. Sure. Any time you want to test it out we can do it. I can also show how you reAlly have only one opinion. Team is right, attack anyone who says otherwise. For a team that is 3-21 in the 2nd half of the last 3 seasons. How correct were you? Where do you want to start?
  2. Nope. I live in reality. Not a world where I have to hear only what I agree with. That’s why I can see how things are going to actually happen, and proved it on here. And all you know is hope and trashing anything that disturbs your fantasy world. Facts are literally painful to you.
  3. Why not? You made up your own version of reality so many times on here, it’s just become instinct at this point. Telling me I was right is being gracious, but he went to the trouble of running the numbers again which is where the 47th ranked edge rusher “cash spent number. Was that gracious too? Again, where is this apology I made him say? Where? Those are your words. You just can’t handle two people having an adult conversation and working things out. You want me to be wrong so bad it killing you. CMC has a 6.9M salary this year because it’s restructured(like Reddick) if h
  4. And he said I was correct. The Panthers are paying 6M for his services. Not 2M. For one year. And where is this gracious apology you speak of? The one you called “sarcastic” in the first post (which I agree it was). Is the only one. So I brought up a flaw, he agreed it had merit, but you can dream all this other stuff up that didn’t happen. The adults have no problem. It’s your clueless, hypocritical self that has the issue as always. Delusional insecurities. You can’t discuss actual football topics so you devolve threads into this BS. Find anything I was wrong about over the last
  5. So he was being “sarcastic” and “gracious” and whatever he did I made him do it. sure, that sounds about par for the course coming from you. Everything was fine. You had to jump in and crank it up to something it never was. If I had the same exact attitude, but was claiming greatness for every Panther, all the time, you would be cheering every word. You can return to your bashing of others in your own hypocritical way. Why do you get to be a dickhead?
  6. So how did I “make” him apologize if he never really did. Which story is it?
  7. This is a post, in this thread. I’m wrong but correct. According to the poster himself. But you keep deflecting away from any sort of facts and just want to keep making poo up. Another fairy tale to keep the delusion going. I know it’s your thing to attack anyone with a different opinion, but at what point are you the one with the insecurities of a teenage girl.
  8. He didn’t have to apologize to me at all. Which is why I specifically asked why he did. And what was I supposed to apologize for? I told him the truth. And explained it was out of respect. And so he knew because he put his name on it. We are both fine. What’s your issue except it isn’t a 100% positive about the team? I know all about your post history. It hasn’t changed since the first day I got here over 6 years ago. You might as well just post GO TEAM and it would save time. Everyone knows your opinion on everything already. You spend all your time complaining about people compl
  9. Whose thread? Why did you quote this person? Are you losing it? And again, if I’m wrong how about you show me what I’m wrong about. How many times does Ellis have to say I was right that the numbers were wrong? As usual, if it isn’t positive about the Panthers, it’s a lie. Find something to back up your statement or STFU.
  10. The difference is two people with actual football knowledge were able to solve any issues in a couple posts and find an agreeable point. The numbers were wrong. I posted it to one of the very few posters I respect on here. You dive into every thread that says it’s even possible the team might be wrong. About anything. No facts, no points no reason ever given but “fandom”. Either find where I’ve been wrong like I said or put me on ignore. That’s why you have to bitch about me being the fan of another team. Who still knows more about your team than you ever will.
  11. Ok. Over the last 4 years. Pick any move or discussion point about this team and we can see what each of us said on the subject. Any you want. Find one where I was wrong. Or find anything that has you saying anything the team did was a mistake. You want to call me a liar, prove it. It’s all right on here. Tell me specifically what isn’t true in my statement above. And the Cap involves facts that can’t be denied by the “sunshine and puppies” crew who think a person hates the player personally if you comment he makes too much.
  12. I didn’t mean it to attack anything. I just thought you would like to know there was more to it if you were putting your name on it. Meant no disrespect as I’ve enjoyed your takes for years.
  13. I like watching train wrecks. And Since I had to watch Cam play for this pitiful organization for the better part of a decade, and never discussed him at all, I have earned the right to state an opinion once in awhile. You just don’t like it because it’s usually right. And it’s all on here for proof. Just like your years of whining about how every move the team makes is perfect, but the Panthers pick top 10 on the reg. Do you have negative facts about team notification on yours. Because you have spent years doing the same thing and being wrong all the time.
  14. And the team that he did all that for had no desire to pay that bargain price to keep him. What happens when he has to stop the run?
  15. I never said you did this all the time, or even once before. So why apologize to me personally? I pointed out some flaws in your theory. With exact figures that you didn’t include. Should I have just stood up and cheered at your fluff piece while you’re LYAO as a response? You self-proclaimed “experts” sure are touchy when anyone points out a mistake.
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