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  1. It’s literally as bad a move as I’ve ever seen a team make in the salary cap era.
  2. Why would they want “dead weight” when they can save 24M by just cutting him?
  3. Hard to say since Horn got hurt and played very well when he did play. Parsons would be a distant 3rd on players the Panthers should have picked.
  4. And be replaced by all new dead money. You don’t believe they aren’t accumulating it already? There is no one in this front office that has done hardly any good work in 2 years.
  5. The staff has tried to replace him for two straight years. With players that weren’t exactly in demand. And using tackles(without context) doesn’t show anything. Way too many variables to just use flat numbers.
  6. They fired him to give Facedown Freddy another shot? Poor Daniel Jones.
  7. You must be a Pirates fan too. They spent two decades doing that and never made the playoffs once.
  8. Why does it matter, in any way, what Star wanted from the Panthers, or any team. It’s about what he got and was actually worth. Stars 5/50M he got was barely more than that. Why is spending 1M/year more just TOO MUCH(according to you) for a position. This is your theory and nothing the team did has shown there was ever a thought like that. Or they wouldn’t have run out to sign Poe. Then sign McCoy when both Poe and KK were here. Just for kicks, show us where anyone with credibility confirmed that Star wanted 16M/yr?
  9. Since we have reached the point in the spin cycle where you directly contradict your original spin, let’s see if you can get this. You stated a reason for not signing Star being that they didn’t want to spend too much on one position. Yet this same team paid almost as much to another DT shortly thereafter. So please explain how this was different than assigning a known quantity, to 1M more a year. I don’t care what you think they wanted from any team. And even Star’s agent knew he wasn’t getting KK money. From anyone. Star may have wanted to move on. Who cares. It’s irrelevant. There was no way they didn’t sign him because of too much Monday at DT, when they spent it anyhow right after. Then spent 7M more on McCoy the next off season. How does one explain all this?
  10. What does that have to do with the team paying the position too much? They chose Poe over Star. Star went to BUF for 1M more. That amount doesn’t put any team as over paying any position. You said they wouldn’t. But they actually did and chose the wrong guy. But we can discuss any details about either of their deals. Gladly.
  11. Yet they had no problem paying Dontari Poe 9M/ year in the same off-season. Was that 1M the difference in over paying a position?
  12. So you missed Both penalties he committed?
  13. Not to mention that they need a starter quality DT on top of all the things you listed.
  14. If Rhule were actually planning on doing this, why would he say so? Cam played 2-3 years with the WR1, RB1, and TE1. How do you think a PJ INT would go over after a couple series from Cam? This fan base would riot. And rightfully so. One QB is here because they didn’t have faith that the other could do the job. Enough to swallow as much pride as I’ve ever seen and gave him 6M to prove it. How much longer are fans going to believe Rhule is being honest in statements like these. Nor should he be. Cam learns an NFL offense in 6 weeks as probably the least prepared top QB prospect besides Trey Lance. A decade ago. And threw for 800 yds in 2 games. Should they have played Pickles to ease the transition. That day passed when they decided to call Cams agent. Cams doesn’t get the job done, and they took their shot. Put PJ in and he does anything bad, and all that goodwill of the last 10 days is gone.
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