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  1. I haven't really participated much in the Huddle the past 8 years or so, but when did the Huddle get a gatekeeper? What a terrible "feature"
  2. Amazon has a 6900XT for $700 (at least as of right now). It's just over your 315mm limit though. https://www.amazon.com/XFX-Speedster-Radeon-Graphics-RX-69XTAQFD9/dp/B09M38TVL2/ Also, EVGA might be dumping some GPUs at good prices considering they're dropping Nvidia.
  3. Next time, just start by telling everyone you're too fuging stupid to comprehend that turf is dangerous so nobody will waste time responding to you.
  4. May or may not post pictures when I get home Setup 1: Ryzen 7 3700X RTX 3080 10 GB version 32 GB Ram 3600 MHz CL16 b550 board 27" Dell S2721DGF 1440p 165 Hz monitor Razer Deathadder Elite mouse (yeah, I know) g.skill keyboard 1TB Seagate Firecuda 520 NVME SSD; 1TB Silicon Power A60 NVME SSD; 1TB Crucial MX500 SATA SSD Setup 2: Core i5-8400 GTX 1660Ti 32GB Ram 2666 MHz b360 board i think? 24" Pixio PX248 Prime 1080p 144 Hz monitor Razer Deathadder elite mouse Razer Blackwidow tkl keyboard 2TB WD Blue SATA SSD
  5. You still use a desktop for work? What kind of backwards ass employer doesn't have a nearly completely mobile setup for WFH?
  6. San Jose is definitely not a lateral move, especially with only one Bay Area team.
  7. Chimera

    The Batman

    The world's greatest detective finally got a movie with a little of his detective work in it. That was needed. I still prefer the dynamic where he does the detective work because the police won't. I don't feel like this movie set that stage enough. That mutual distrust of the police is why the Gordon-Batman dynamic works so well. The movie definitely played on a few bits of the Batman origin that most movies ignore. I still feel they should have done more to explain his moral compass - he seemed to have no issue with the traffic explosion but was adamant about preventing Selina from killing. Batman is incorruptible - that's what is supposed to set him apart. Was the highway death zone a learning experience? Definitely should have explored that some more. It's like it happened and everyone was ok. They didn't even take the Penguin into custody afterwards. And there was definitely a lot of Batman in the movie. That's why I'm pretty undecided on Robert Pattinson. Christopher Reeve was the best Superman because he played Clark and Superman as two distinct characters. I mean, he changed his posture, gait, and voice between the two characters. Christian Bale did the same for Bruce and Batman to a lesser extent. I need to see something besides Edward Scissorhands to fairly form an opinion on Pattinson.
  8. Chimera

    The Batman

    There were a number of things I could nitpick, but overall I'd say it was a good movie. The movie couldn't decide if it wanted to be brilliant or just whatever. I mean, it had Falcone describe how he got shot and how Bruce Wayne's stare made a lasting impact, which set up the scene with Falcone dying after being shot, looking at Batman and realizing Batman is Bruce Wayne. I thought it was Brilliant. But then it has police shooting at Batman, then they're all cool again 5 minutes later. Nobody remembers that because they all laughed at Batman hitting a bridge while gliding.
  9. Nah, it's pretty much one idiot interviewing another idiot for the general consensus of people with a spine and sense of decency.
  10. I remember when he left, whoever wrote the article for the Observer made mention that despite the popular usage, there is, in fact, no D in his last name. He had plenty of derpy moments for sure but I never thought he was terrible.
  11. Fair enough, but I wasn't talking about decades long dynasties. The Patriots and Seahawks are well beyond the "sustained success" that I'm talking about. poo, I would be happy with just the Titans' sustained success. Yes, we're so fuging bad that I envy the Titans. Its better than our 3 decade old strategy of saving cap space for that one year and hoping for the best.
  12. So fug it, don't try? When the front office built this team in 1995, they built it with a "win ASAP" mentality. That was the team's mentality for the duration of Jerry Richardson's rule. Sacrifice a year or two (or six years from 1997-2002) for one good year. Repeat until racism and sexism become rampant and you lose the team. Is that what you propose we remain? Because success is inconvenient?
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