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  1. There's a very good chance he can make first ballot. Suggs will also be eligible and might get that first ballot nod on longevity alone. Luke, Eli, and Suggs are all locks. I think two out of three will make first ballot with the third guy getting it in 2026. poo, I almost want to call Vinatieri a lock also. Definitely not first ballot, though.
  2. Hispanic is a language group, not a race. It's like calling all white people Anglos despite the entire rest of Europe. If you mean Latino kids, then I'm going to ask for the source of your information because there are a lot of counties in the US that are predominantly Latino. Plus, you know, Puerto Rico exists.
  3. Do you know what you call other coaches who had prime Cam, Luke, Olsen, TD, KK, and JNo on the roster at the same time? Superbowl Champions.
  4. Burns is one dimensional; he's a liability in the run game. The one sack he generates every five games doesn't balance out the five times he's gashed per game.
  5. I miss Fiz writing interesting posts. His newer stuff is as unforgettable as his filmography.
  6. So you're the guy who still has cable tv
  7. But Tepper still forgot one important detail: Andrew Luck said "fug this, I'm out" in lieu of another season under Reich.
  8. Look where they were at mid season. They were probably ranked 28th or lower across the board. They were sitting at 4-7 at one point before they figured out their running game. Why is he considered a good hire? See: Smith, Geno 2022 season and Mayfield, Baker 2023 season.
  9. durrr hurrr OmG wHo CaReS yes go pound sand
  10. Maybe you should go touch grass, nerd.
  11. Everytime you complain about content in the Huddle, it adds 8 years. So we have an estimated 848,988,435 millennia left of this.
  12. ITT: lack of comprehension and malding over Cam's hair
  13. In-N-Out is ok Texas Whataburger is trash Five Guys is trash, but with unlimited peanuts Shake Shack is decent Culver's in Wisconsin is good. Culver's in NC is trash. Take a trip to New England and get some BBC. https://bostonburgercompany.com/bbc-home
  14. If conversations about piracy leads to piracy, why would studios want an entire lawsuit with a giant conversation about piracy?
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