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  1. Embarrassing against a 1 win team. How's that "rebuild" going?
  2. That vaunted Carolina defense: 2 plays, 27 yards for the G-men.
  3. You'll need to explain that.....
  4. In years past, I could rattle off the starting lineup with ease. When I gave up fandom status and stopped living my life around this team, I realize I know nothing about these guys, where they went to school, prior teams, nothing. All good, though. I'm in a much better place and figuring out who's starting at left turnstile or right garden gate means very little anymore.
  5. Impressive win. Anderson stands on his head with 28 saves- most every one a legit shot.
  6. Yeah, this is a Columbus team that gave Carolina fits last year, although they look nothing close to who they were last year.
  7. The lady sitting behind RBA in the Canes jersey is trashed. Absolutely hammered. Doesn't help her guy-friend looks like someone out of Duck Dynasty....
  8. Columbus crowd is pretty damn quiet for an undefeated team.
  9. Tripp is right.... way too many turnovers. In their first 3 wins the Canes would be standing the opposition up at the blue line and playing D. But I think Columbus is a little too quick and with the turnovers... ugh...
  10. Anderson does not give up the 5-hole. And he's all legs, from the waist up he stays very quiet- all his movement is below the waist.
  11. Again.... TT should have shot that from the right dot.
  12. Would like to see Cole help bring a cup to Raleigh and get his 3rd, although I dislike Pittsburgh a lot.
  13. I think they're passing up on too many shots.
  14. That was a BS call on Pesce, nonetheless, the Canes gotta stop with the cheap calls. 2-3 times in 4 games they've had to deal with a 3 on 5 PP.
  15. What happens when Svech goes through puberty and starts bulking up a little?
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