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  1. Put 'em to work as caddies for rich, white, rednecks. There's also hunting, so you could get them familiar with handling firearms, so they can keep up with their classmates who bring them to school.
  2. Although they won fairly easily, they were gassed in the 3rd period as evidenced with the amount of offensive zone time Buffalo had and the number of shots. After allowing only 17 shots thru the first 2 periods, Carolina gave up 13 in the third period alone. If you go back and watch the game, you'll see Canes players reaching hard for loose pucks because their legs can't get them to the puck before the Buffalo skaters. They may not have come out flat, but they were done after that game, believe me.
  3. I like the mid-season assessment idea. I'm already looking at how to improve going to next season because, frankly, this season's roster is set with the exception of adding Timo Meier, Tarasenko or Kane (which is my least enticing option). Canes need a 2C, no question. KK is on the hook for the next 4 years at $4.8M and, although he is fairly consistent and reliable, the reality is he's not worth what he's making. But, he's only 22 and does RBA see something we don't? Turbo has one more year on a $5.4M contract and I think he could be a trade option. He's flashed this year and had some timely goals of late. But, let's be real, he'd rather pass the puck than shoot it. I can't tell you how many times he's passed up a shot when it's there. I believe those 2 guys are the biggest names on the roster who someone else may want. Goaltending? Both guys are UFAs after the season and our netminders seem to be either very good or bad, with not a lot in between. When Andersen is healthy and his head is right, he can be a top goalie in the league. Raanta is and will forever be a #2, although another team may want him as a #1. Couple goalies have been hurt recently, don't be surprised if Raanta is part of a trade and Kochetkov finds himself as the #2. Wouldn't that be interesting? Surprises thus far: Martin Necas, after getting benched a couple times last season, being moved around the lineup, he's blown up this year. Jalen Chatfield. Nobody saw this coming. Nobody. And what a pleasure it has been to watch him play at this level. Stefan Noesen. At 29, he's finally getting to play at the top level and he's making the most of his opportunity. Can the Canes win 55 games this season? (21 of the remaining 31?)
  4. Need another one this period. Buffalo has their share of comebacks this season. No need to give them hope or a chance.
  5. The announcers sound like they're getting paid by Buffalo.
  6. That's worse than NHL Network. Clown show broadcast. Let's play a game- count how many player name pronunciations they will screw up.
  7. The All-Star break follows this game. The Canes next game isn't until the 11th. They'll play tonight, fly home and probably not practice until Friday afternoon. And practices will be limited/non-existent until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
  8. I had a charity event to attend last night and only got a few peeks at the game on my phone. By the time I got home, the third period had started and I knew it was 4-1.... and I knew I had recorded the game. I flipped on Netflix to continue watching a new series and checked the score on my phone 4-2...... 4-3....... 4-4...... OT....... WIN! Didn't say anything to the wife, but after the Netfix, I flipped on the game and we watched from the beginning of the third period. Nothing short of amazing. That 3rd period team was not the same team that took the ice at 7PM, sorry. Anyway.... highlights here:
  9. Garbage hockey against an average team. Score 1 and give up 4 unanswered on poor turnovers and terrible puck management.
  10. It's on Bally. But you don't want to see this right now.
  11. BSSO is also showing. I'll stick with Tripp & Big Mike. In my experience, NHLN has no clue with the Canes. They don't pay attention and certainly don't know the roster. I
  12. Give a poo-ton of credit to Jalen Chatfield who jumped to the first line with Burns and, despite playing on his off side, has been nothing less than excellent in Slavin's absence.
  13. I haven't looked yet, but I have a feeling the Canes could rest Slavin again and may not put him on the ice until after the break.
  14. Can anyone see Erik Karlsson joining the blue line ranks of the Canes? Rumors are he's headed east, but remember, his emergence in San Jose is what led to Brent Burns becoming expendable. Brock Boesser will be the next Vancouver Canuck to leave town. Boston and Washington both appear to have interest. Patrick Kane is getting a lot of interest from the Rangers, and Chicago wants Kakko and/or Lafreniere. Tarasenko is still in play and it appears the Calgary Flames are leading the charge. He'd be a good fit with the Canes.
  15. I'm not there, as I've made my position clear. I'm not into mortgaging the future for a half-season rental to make a run this year. Although I know the Canes are but a piece or 2 away, I'm not sure I want a hired gun for a couple months, given what it'll cost, which in the case of Patrick Kane, may be close to what NYI gave up for Horvat.
  16. I like Beauviliers game in NY. Surprised NYI traded him, but Horvat is having a great season.
  17. Look what the Isles gave up.... wow.... But, the Isles just got a whole lot better.
  18. 4 of the 5-6 points I thought would be a good run up to the All-Star break. I have to believe the Canes will beat either the Kings or Sabres for 6 points and a win over both and finishing January with a 10-5 record and a 7-game win streak would be awesome.
  19. As clear as the muddy Mississippi RIver. Okay. Wrong. The ref announcing the "game clock and play clock will start on my signal" is the exact opposite of what the rule reads and does not match his post-game comments regarding the same play.
  20. In memory of the passing of David Crosby and Jeff Beck, I filled my weekend with all of these on vinyl:
  21. Playoff-style win. Was on the edge of my seat, pacing, yelling.....
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