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  1. You should hear mine when the opposing team is in the offensive zone too long. She's screaming, "Get it out!" at the top of her lungs. Alway wonder what the neighbors think.
  2. Guess I'm lucky. My wife picked up the phone a few months ago and bought season tickets for 22-23.
  3. I'm sitting in DFW Airport waiting on my 4-hour delayed flight to San Diego. Should be in SD by the first intermission. As with all games, I'd like to see 2 in the first and let the D take over. They'll get desperate, make a mistake and Carolina will add a goal or 2.
  4. So, here's what was going on with the lines. The reason for the shuffle became apparent in the 3rd period. If you liked at the time on ice for the Aho and Trocheck thru the first 2 periods, it wasn't their usual. But, keep in mind, the Rangers only goal came from their 3rd line. The matchups were dictated by RBA and it was evident come the 3rd period when the top 2 lines worth of fresh legs started flying up and down the ice. I'd really like to see the TOI per player-per period. Jesperi, Domi and Lorentz only had about 10 minutes on the ice last night. Staal's line led the way with the Trocheck and Aho line coming alive in the 3rd. The Rangers were gassed after having the Staal and Jesperi lines wear on them for 40 minutes- that's why you saw a different team hit the ice in the third. And where were the Rangers top guys? Fox, Kreider, Panarin, Zibanejad... yeah, they got shut down. It was insanity in PNC last night. Despite the score being 1-0 Rangers, I think the few NY fans in attendance were surprised just how much noise can come from fans who are behind on the scoreboard. The Aho goal blew the roof off the place, just as we were nail-biting, looking at the clock and wondering how soon RBA was gonna pull Raanta for an extra. OT didn't start all that well, either. Took a lot of grinding to get out of the Rangers O-zone and Raanta was looking a little frazzled. 14 shots after 2 periods for the Canes wasn't going to win the game. Meanwhile, the Rangers had 23 thru the first 2 periods- well above their average. But, come the third period, Carolina put 10 shots on net, while holding NY to just 4. Carolina was fairly even in the face-off circle, but, again, dominated the 3rd period. That's it- a tale of 2 games- the first 40 and the last 23, including OT. It was a wild night in PNC, folks. Glad I took today off...
  5. Shesterkin is good...until he's not. Hit him with a goal early and the gates open. The longer he keeps the puck out of the net, the better he gets. But once you bust the cherry, it's fire at will, boys!
  6. Nahhhh, the Rangers are middle of the pack at 3.05 per game and only take 28 shots a game. Combined with the fact their defense is suspect and they lose a ton of face-offs, what they do rely on is getting someone behind the D on a break or getting the odd-man rush. The Rangers are accustomed to playing in their own end, but there's where Carolina adds more advantage with a potent group of blue-liners who aren't afraid to shoot and are near the top of the league in points by defensemen. I think the games will be tight and close, but, ultimately, Carolina wins in 6 with a bunch of 1-score games.
  7. Raanta just scare the crap outta me when the puck is behind him and the net. He always seems to be looking over the wrong shoulder.
  8. I don't think Anderson will start until Game 3, if he's ready. I'm not sure you test him on home ice when you already have the advantage. No sense in experimenting and giving NY any chance to steal a road game.
  9. It's 2022, and not everyone has a PC.
  10. To be fair, Steve Smith is one of the highest paid WRs of all time, with respect to career earnings.
  11. We could take this thread and literally just plug in names of players who didn't live up to their draft hype, contract or scouting, trade or FA expectations. It's kinda like asking the question, "Is North Korea any better off now than it was 30 years ago?" Who gives a fug? It's still North Motherfugging Korea!!!
  12. We'll be there Wednesday night. Canes handled the Rangers during the regular season 3-1 with a 14-10 scoring advantage. But the playoffs are a difference animal and the Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit to win that series, coming from behind in 3 games, with 1 in OT.
  13. I'm not done with the McAvoy issue, though. 2 extremely blatant penalties not called by the officials- high stick on DeAngelo where the blade of his stick cut TDA's mouth and the leg drag/sweep/slew foot on Skjei. Fug the Bruins, their season is over, but their legacy of scumbag players, cheap shots and dirty play lives on.
  14. That's it. The Canes brought what they needed, took what they deserved and left nothing to doubt. Fug Boston- Fug McAvoy for slew-footing Skjei, cutting Tony D with a high stick. But hey, they're gone now, fug 'em. Another home ice advantage series coming. Well done, boys!
  15. Carolina is favored. Fug everything else- it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is bringing it, taking it and leaving nothing behind. Period. That's all from me until game time.
  16. I like the offensive zone time and the blue liners getting shots.
  17. Lindholm is back after missing a couple games and a lot of skating time- he'll be weak after 30 minutes. Scrambling their top lines is also advantage Canes as far as I'm concerned. I have a good feeling and it'll be nice to see the Bruins lining up to shake hands on their ice.
  18. Talking heads on TV serve no better purpose than fantasy football does. Both have turned fans and the game into nothing but an analytics exercise. Ever been at a Panther game and some idiot behind you in his Luke jersey starts cheering for someone on the opposing team while shouting, "I got him on my fantasy team!" Or some guy scores on a 50+ yard run, but the fan next to you is pointing out what a fine 3-technique the right tackle has... How many concerts have you attended where the majority of the audience has their fugging phones in front of them watching the band perform on a screen rather than see and experience what's right in front of them? For me, if the kickoff is 1:07PM, that's when I'll turn the TV on. The game is the game; it's entertainment and the clowns putting it on are making a ton of money trying to entertain you, you may as well enjoy it.
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