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  1. Very disappointing loss with a golden opportunity to put some distance between themselves and TB, FL. Giving up 4+1 to the Wings? Really? And, for what it's worth, I really thought RBA was going to play Ned last night. Oh well, hindsight.
  2. How do you know about his penile characteristics?
  3. Plenty of chances, they just can't find the net. And 0-for on the PP.
  4. Taking Detroit for granted will cost you. C'mon guys, get this going. I'll be in PNC Monday for the captain's 1000 game.
  5. I'd be tempted to drop Dougie into the second line, move Bean up and drop Pesce to Jake's line just to give some assistance to Jake in his comeback game. I also believe Dougie makes some bad decisions based upon his line-mate in Slavin. Put him on a line where he has to make better decisions and help out a less-experienced player in Bean and maybe he shows us why he should get $8M a season?
  6. Tampa Bay has rung up 3 goals on Columbus in the first 6 minutes of the game. Ya think Tortorella has thrown a chair on the ice yet?
  7. I'm in Asheville at the Grove Park and can't find the telecast anywhere. Can't live stream either and I have a Direct TV account.
  8. Well, sort of. The Canes played some games using taxi squad guys while the Covid-positive guys remained quarantined. But they did only postpone a couple games, more so because of the Dallas situation, not so much the Canes. In the Canucks situation, they can't field a team. Little different.
  9. I'm onboard with the author that Manson isn't worth a first-round pick. If the choice is to give up a 1st round pick or give $8M to Dougie, unfortunate as it may seem, the second option I can live with. And, I'm not sure, but the author also makes it sound like Fleury is the odd man out if Carolina does find another right hand blue liner.
  10. He's been hurt this season, but he's not an offensive-minded D. He's physical and would provide a presence Dougie cannot, for some reason, figure out. Look, right now everyone (Hamilton & Canes) is saying the right things, but if Hamilton wants $8M a year, he needs to find a physical part of his game that will have teams thinking twice about teeing off on Canes players. I'm not completely sold on Hamilton at that price. I'm also beginning to think the team is looking at replacing TT. I'm increasingly concerned if he'll ever lace up the skates again.
  11. The Canes are looking for a right-shot defenseman. At a decent price. This may be the guy.
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