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  1. Varlamov is 3 years older than Raanta, I believe. But you're right- 2 debacle games with a combined total of 13 goals allowed on 29 shots. That should only happen to a really bad team once a year maybe.
  2. Don't trust 52 at all. Canes need to keep possession and win.
  3. Wasn't Varlamov available in the off season?
  4. Top 5 team in fewest shots allowed, bottom 4 in save percentage. 4 penalties this period.
  5. Team plays well, team D is outstanding, allow a ridiculous low number of shots but losing the game.
  6. 4 goals 12 shots. Our goalies are not good.
  7. 3 shots 2 goals. Going after Raanta's dubious record?
  8. This team doesn't make a legit cup run, it's goal tending and an elite scorer. Oh, sorry, have we heard this before?
  9. That's on Kochetkov. Went back and too low. Easy high goal.
  10. Plenty of opportunities, just gotta get it home.
  11. End of period let down. Horvat right down Main St with nobody close. WTF
  12. "Highway to the danger zone...." Levy butchering these names. Just a deflection away from first goal. Boys look good so far. Stop sagging off the line and stand these guys up at the blue line.
  13. Steve Levy and Ferarro tonight. Let's go boys!!! Oh well, ice issue already. Speaking of which.... gotta refresh my cocktail.
  14. Your opinion, no worries. My opinion- the Canes don't have the consistency they've had in prior years. The Canes goal tending is as questionable as it's been in a few years.
  15. I don't know the Canes have developed enough consistency to beat this team yet. I know, the Canes beat the Isles 4-3 in OT earlier this month after scoring 3 straight goals to tie the game. Raanta was in net that night. Not gonna lie, I love this Isles roster. It's stacked with guys I think would play exceptionally well in RBA's system. But, those guys are getting up there in years and the Canes advantage in the transition game and speed through the neutral zone should help. Do the Canes get to face Sorokin or Varlomov tonight? I honestly thought the Canes might pursue Varlomov on a 1 or 2 year deal and decide to let Raanta or Anderson walk.
  16. I'm not quite there yet with the trust factor. On top of that, is Raanta a total head case after the TB debacle so much so that he's now the #2?
  17. Question: If I pick Raanta as my first goal scorer, do I get the win the first time he doesn't allow a goal? After all, him not allowing a goal may be just as important as scoring one, right?
  18. Last night's game in Philadelphia, on ESPN+ with who-the-fug-ever those announcers were might have been the worst game, from a broadcast perspective, I've ever had to endure. Having to sit through that was like being forced to watch a Panther game from the owner's box.... with him in it. Watching that game and hearing the announcers was as bad as the network NFL announcers continuing to tell us to give Young a chance and, for all intents and purposes, begging viewers to keep the channel tuned in so they can make their ad revenue, regardless how bad the product is. Having to listen to those announcers last night was like having to listen to Frank Reich telling everyone every week, "Trust the process."
  19. Orlov with a cannon shot coming down the slot. Might have dented the post.
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