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  1. Doesn't make sense that he's taking on a bigger role in Columbus, then.
  2. Not too much to read into. It's a hard cap, Dundon is pretty tight with the checkbook and Waddell has been here 10 years. Time for a change and I'm willing to bet Waddell was not part of RBA's contract negotiation. Mutual parting of ways.
  3. Of course, as the only GM position open, and he interviewed last week, he's got a new gig. Title as yet unclear: https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2917919/report-blue-jackets-expected-to-hire-waddell-for-top-hockey-ops-job
  4. I saw him in the middle with Kubalik and Pasta on the wings yesterday. I don't have NHL Network, so I'm only seeing the highlight reels. Well, I read Kampf went to the room yesterday with an injury, so maybe they changed up? I could be wrong, but it sure looked to me like he was playing center.
  5. Center. And he looks very fluid and quick as ever after a full NHL season. Gotta admit, he looks more comfortable operating in the middle of the ice.
  6. Oh, and Martin Necas is having one great tournament at the IIHF World Championships for Czechia. Had a 4pt game today (1G, 3A) in the semifinal to get his team into the championship game against Switzerland tomorrow (2:20PM). Canada and Finland play in the bronze medal game (9:20AM). Both games on NHL Network.
  7. Shesterkin is the only reason the Rags don't get swept. NY is just terrible against Florida. Florida wins all the 50/50 puck battles, board battles and NY's physical approach is like a bug hitting a windshield.
  8. His contract was done soon and he had already been giver permission to interview elsewhere. My guess is this was an amicable parting of ways and it was his choice to go elsewhere.
  9. Unless Dundon isn't happy with the way the season ended. Otherwise, I think you're right, the timing sucks because of all the FAs they have to deal with (9 UFA, 6 RFA), $30M in cap space and a loaded draft coming up with 9 picks available to the Canes. This may not technically be a "rebuild" year, but for all the work that needs to be done to complete the roster, it may as well be one. I'm curious to know when his contract expires, though. The article says "this summer," but when is very important. July is when free agency starts, the draft comes along... are we gonna lose Donny in the midst of all that? And yeah, for those of you experiencing Panther GM nightmares from years gone past, rest assured replacing Waddell will not be easy. He has been an exceptional GM and is probably one of the best in the league. Any team that does land him, if he's willing to go, will be immediately better.
  10. In the 3rd period, maybe. Otherwise they were held to 12 SOG thru the first 2 periods. Fact is, the Rags had 2 power plays gifted to them and they couldn't convert. Their best scoring opportunities didn't occur until the last 10 minutes of the game. No 2 ways about it, the Rags were dominated last night. Florida won the 50/50 puck battles and board battles. The game wasn't that competitive until late in the 3rd. And it was on Rags home ice.
  11. Wonder how many of these Third Ward residents watch the Panthers play every week, yet they don't consider them an eye sore. Because, that's plenty painful to see.
  12. I'm guessing you didn't see the Ranger fans who bought their way into PNC during the playoffs? Thanks to that Raleigh faithful who listed their tickets Stub Hub or elsewhere.
  13. Why would you care? Charlotte doesn't support the Panthers any more than Atlanta supported a hockey team.
  14. As a former charter PSL owner (we sold our PSLs about 10 years ago), we went back and attended the Green Bay game last Christmas Eve. We were traveling for the holiday and decided we'd stay in Charlotte and catch the game. Having not set foot in the stadium for 10 years, it took 30 seconds to realize nothing has changed. The fan experience is no different than it was when we left. Even the same, tired music between plays, the same "let's get fired up, rah, rah" crap. Even Sir Purr's routine is the same. The best thing about the entire game experience was the fact the Panthers almost won the game against Green Bay- I think it was a bad officiating call that lost the game. Other than that, it was disappointing, to say the least, that nothing has really changed in 10 years. It only reinforced our decision to give up the PSLs was a good one. Don't miss it at all.
  15. Here's the solution. Then move the team to St. Louis, since their fan base has more people showing up to UFL games than the Panthers have showing up in Charlotte.
  16. Lucas Raymond RFA out of Detroit. 22 year old RW/LW put up 72 points this season.
  17. You said the team goes limp-dick in the playoffs because RBA won't change. (Note that you did not suggest what changes you think he needs to make). You then stated "Rod will never change anything." I can only infer that the team continues to fall out of the playoffs because RBA doesn't/won't change. Therefore, if RBA will never change anything, the team will fall out of the playoffs. I mean, that is literally the line of logic you posted. So, I'm not sure what you're suggesting, since I don't have a crystal ball.
  18. Just messin' with ya. Anyway, here's hoping next season is better and you don't take the game too seriously.
  19. Here's a thought.... can we pick out some of your more memorable forum melt-down posts and have you paint them on the ice? We could start here, from the "Let Rod Walk" thread: "It will save me money on my season tix. fuging you and fug this team.:
  20. What does RBA do to change his "philosophy?" You want him to play man during the regular season, dominate just as they have for the last 6 years and then change to zone during the playoffs? If the Canes tried that, they'd get swept in the first round. Can't take a team built to play man and change it to zone with the wave of a hand. Goal-tending? Yes, Freddie was bad this year. Contrary to popular belief, his playoff numbers are very good: career 2.48 GA with a .916 save %. Last year he was 1.83/.927 and the prior year 1.84/.936. What more could you ask? Lack of scoring? Yes, it was what hurt the Canes last season. It was addressed this season and appeared not to be the issue. So, what exactly do want RBA to change? Freddie was bad when he's normally been very good. Scoring was there this year, but not last. How does RBA fix that? How does RBA figure out which issue is going to rear its head and cost the Canes a Cup? Injuries, players performance, poor goal-tending.
  21. Well, you have the option to change and start pulling for another team. But, I guess it's okay for you not to change, but somebody else must?
  22. Necas is not a center. Nor is he staying. Canes will get what they can for him. Stop assuming Guentzel wants to stay. Slavin, Skjei, Chatty, Orlov, Morrow and (insert acquired LD here). If Burns comes back he drops off the first pair. Jarvis and Noesen are priorities, even though they both got handcuffed when RBA started changing lines. I believe Kuznetsov is a fit on this team and would be a good asset if RBA built the right lines.
  23. 1. Yes, Rod is the guy. No, you can't find anyone a better fit for this organization. You let Rod walk, you'll see a lot of free agents walk as well. 2. Guentzel and Jarvis are both priorities. If Guentzel doesn't want to stay, Necas becomes a priority. 3. Freddie is under contract thru next season. Pyotr is still a season or 2 away and Martin was a stop-gap. Won't surprise me if Freddie and Pyotr alternate next season unless an exceptional goalie becomes available in free agency. 4. I have a feeling both Staal and Burns retire. Martinook was a bargain at $1.8M AAV and he'll get another 2-3 years at $2.5M AAV, I think. 5. Necas wants around $7.5M AAV and his production was down significantly this season. From 71 points in 22-23 to 53 this season. Canes will try to get as much as they can for him because they cannot keep him and Guentzel without serious cuts elsewhere. 6. Pesce is all but gone, making Skjei the top defender to keep. 7. Morrow will be up this coming season. Nikishin isn't available until 25-26, is he? 8. The top lines didn't perform as well as they should have. Look at the goal scorers against NY: Staal, Martinook, Kuznetsov, Noesen, Skjei, Burns, Orlov. The top lines scored in 2 games, but the bottom lines are who prevented the sweep.
  24. Fug the East. I don't like any of them and have been pulling for the Stars, who finally ended the Avs season last night. This, despite the fact Dallas had the first OT game winner taken by the refs with a horrible call and review.
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