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  1. What did I miss in this thread and all others over the last 4 years? Please summarize in 10 words or less. Thx
  2. Ok... I will take your word over Google executives.
  3. Met with the head of this phase of the Fiber rollout today... That map is not accurate. Unfortunately it will be much smaller than this (at first).
  4. Thanks fine young male!!

  5. I usually neg rep people for lack of skills so you should be honored.

  6. Everything is great Troy! Hope you and the family are doing well. My guy Tito Ortiz is fighting tomorrow so I am pumped up. Hope to see you at a tailgate soon!

  7. Jbro

    You get my money?

  8. I need a badge of honor motherfuger!!

  9. I fug with everyone and never pos rep anyone so don't worry.. I get neg repped 24/7 and each one is a badge of honor so don't take it to personally.

  10. You started with a bunch of momma jokes for no reason.

  11. Everyone as in everyone I know in person from this board (about 40 people).If you show up at a game I will more than likely buy you a beer, just cause you annoy me on the internet does not mean you will in person. BTW you started fugging with me 1st and you opened yourself up in a smack post. would have done the same thing if it was Zod.

  12. Busy as hell working, I am working right now just posting from my phone.

  13. Not today a few weeks ago I was getting him back. John Fox did it to me 24/7.

  14. I only neg rep people who neg rep me.

  15. Ahh, never payed attention I guess.

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