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  1. I know work is killing me!!! Still have yet to find time to post TG my pics thread
  2. Its about that time of year for the old 'Jangler creates a female avatar and tricks everyone right before posting bewb pics' thread. Except that time 4-5 years ago when it really was me, a girl.....that REALLY threw everyone off
  3. I hate I haven't been here to read this thread!! Either way, this tailgate is going to be effin EPIC.....you are the ish RR, Thanks for putting all this together!
  4. I finally get to meet you! You don't know who I am if you haven't checked my name history. King Klong. See you Sunday!

    1. boo7382


      Holy Crap Kris!!!! you're actually coming to a game! I can't believe it! yes! totally excited to meet you!

    2. Kettle


      I've been to two a year pretty much. We just aren't ever in sync.

  5. As a few people said, its hot as all hell down there----- take a portable fan! especially if you are a woman. standing around for 3 hours in the muggy weather dripping sweat around a bunch of sweaty men and packed in close with people I don't know is not my idea of a good time. buying a mini fan was the best training camp purchase I've made. lola made a good point- if you can wear a dress do it. you just might not be able to sit down. I always like to wear Panthers colors, but sometimes it just doesnt work for me since it has rained the past 2 years and my hair has gone to poo. if you cannot stand for more than 30 minutes at a time and don't want to wander around to watch all the different break outs, feel free to bring a chair. there is a place with bleachers where you can sit, but that is usually the VIP section for people who get on-field passes. they bring them out about 30 mins after practice starts and sit them there. otherwise, there is no other place to sit that isn't grass. bring a chair- esp if you go to a morning practice, the grass is still wet from morning dew. You probably won't get an autograph unless you go stand over there roughly 30 minutes before practice ends, which is usually when the most exciting things are going on. sorry, just trying to be honest with you. I am the size of a child and have only gotten 1 autograph ever- #89! children completely overtake that area and I feel bad trying to push through them all. It is fun to stand there and see all the guys walk off the field, though. They appreciate you yelling a "good job, today"' or "lookin good out there", especially the new guys trying to make the team. In my opinion, the best spot to stand is back near where Zod has labeled the "Morning Shade Area". Its usually pretty packed and since I am extremely short, I squeeze in right behind the field goal of the right field from the aerial shot. He's right, you get some shade back there, but there are a lot of bugs and its also extreeeeemely humid. But, that is usually where the offense breaks out and the quarterbacks stand most of the practice. Some of the last half, they will run drills right there in front of you in the end zone, but sometimes they go on the other side of the field and all you can see is the back of the play. A few of my pet peeves- don't stand there and act like you don't know who anyone is, they give you a full player's guide as you walk in- use it to your advantage and don't look like a dumbass. I might not be able to follow 1st team 2nd team, etc. but I at least know who plays what position and who is competing for certain positions. If we are 5 feet from players and watching drills, don't stand there and have a 30 minute conversation about your friends and the plans you have for the weekend- no one gives a poo! we are all there to watch football- if you aren't interested, stop taking up a good spot and go sit in your car. IF YOU WEAR THE JERSEY OF AN OPPOSING TEAM TO MY TEAM'S TRAINING CAMP, I WILL COMPLETELY EMBARRASS YOU IN FRONT OF EVERYONE THERE. NO, I'M NOT KIDDING. JACKASS. you look like a complete dumbass wearing another team's jersey to an event in a small town where you have to go out of your way to get there and where only hardcore fans will most likely attend. If you are there and we are not- please make all attempts to live tweet- we want to know whats going on play by play! most of you are pretty good at this already and we create a tweet thread for almost every practice. I think someone will be taking me down to the 8/7 practice for my bday this year- morning practice! See you guys down there! GET EXCITED! Panthers season is almost here!
  6. Whaaaat?! You have to be there!! That way I can say I met boo!
  7. yeah, i don't know if we are going to make it this year. its just become SUCH a mob scene for panthers fans.
  8. haha, and if you google Chandler Carolina Panthers, one of the articles on the first page that comes up is: "Nate Chandler’s last-minute switch pays dividends for Carolina Panthers"
  9. Sammi Jo has every female NFL nerd's dream job.......at least, I know lola and I agree on that! Zod, love the idea of you broadcasting from TC. I normally go down on my birthday, which is a Thursday this year. Never fails to be an AM practice that day, and it has rained both years. Either way, I would love to join you down at TC one day this year and be your screener! Otherwise, great job with the cast last night. You definitely aren't shy, that's for sure! I almost hit the nail on the head with the wine.....
  10. I'm telling y'all...this bitch is cray. You won't believe the things I heard from my friend today. The thing that pissed me off the most was that she apparently.said "he's still gonna pay my rent".
  11. Oh lawdy lawdy the things I keep hearing about this girl from my friend keep getting better and better. She be cray. legit. cray. Doesn't mean she can't slap him with a big old assault charge and milk it for all she needs. Whoever compared this to the Beason incident back a couple years ago is pretty spot on. Person from Charlotte, been around the area, people who have been around this particular person know the way this person plays games, and the tricks they pull. She should find that guy from the Beason incident and start dating him, they could manipulate people together!
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