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  1. They are who we thought they were!!!!!
  2. Wingsssssss. Buffalo first then sweet southern heat and beer (modelo) Hopefully a W for desert
  3. Hopefully the win today speeds up your recovery
  4. Don't let the fact he fielded that punt smooth as hell go unnoticed
  5. We didn't need another one of these, thread rating says it all
  6. Yawnnnnn......I could care less what Tre Boston aka the flying squirrel has to say
  7. Internet overreaction at it's finest....anyone that was at the game Sunday knows it was an unorganized mess. From running out of fountain drinks, to the screening at the gates, to the crowd reaction.....this rumor got started somehow and spread like wildfire. I never once thought it was true
  8. Just goes to show how amazing it was we were able to win and make it to a superbowl despite the mismanagement of the front office during that time. So glad to have Fitts now, of course we need to start winning but I feel like we're in good hands
  9. Not gonna lie Slater was my choice given how the draft played out before our pick, but I think Horn is gonna be a stud. I'd be willing to bet the front office had Slater rated highly on their board but went with Horn because of measurables. The new regime seems to be all about RAS, and looking the part.
  10. The pass placement was not perfect, idk why everyone keeps saying that. Jaycee's timing was just a hair off. Not complaining, I still think he's gonna be great
  11. *Should of started our defense in fantasy Bad typo
  12. Shouldn't of started our defense in fantasy....I won't be making that mistake again
  13. Don't care if he had a good game, it was the right decision to move on from him. The only consistent thing about Joey was his inconsistency
  14. Stood tall in the pocket, which is what I was most concerned about. His timing will get better with his wr's and playcalling was meh.....but very promising start
  15. Here representing our boys, section 551....defense looks fast
  16. It's simple.....If the Panthers lose we riot
  17. As long as it's someone other than CMC and D.J and he doesn't muff a punt I'm ok with it
  18. Very True......Cam personality/pride is probably to big to allow him to be a back up. I can't see a team making him a starter and this point, unfortunately for him the NFL will retire you even if you aren't ready to go.
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