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  1. Was watching it live when he said it...... I had to do a double take
  2. They learned their lesson from last year at least. They invest to much capital and draft capital in Darnold. 5th round pick and 5 million dollars to see what Mayfields got......worth a shot
  3. Just watched it again for the second time....nowhere near as good as last year, which might of been the greatest production the team has ever made. I don't know if it's because we didn't have 11 picks like last year but the whole thing just felt like an article on Ickey and Corral with little mention of our other picks. No discussion of other picks, profile breakdowns on multiple players, or the the inner workings of the war room 5/10
  4. Shady was washed by the time he got to K.C....he sounds like a disgruntle ex
  5. Good....my favorite production the team makes by far
  6. Thank God they didn't reach for a qb. This line is going to be drastically better than it was last year......me like
  7. Assuming your talking the incident with the Giants....that was Bene
  8. Exactly.....the way this Sam darnold thing has been handled is a nightmare
  9. Me like.....We still need to pick up another guard in the draft, but this gives us a lot of flexibility come draft night
  10. Not like we have a whole thread just for this topic or anything
  11. Seem to be fixing the mistake we made two years ago of bringing in a bunch of inexperienced college coaches.......I like it
  12. 1000 1000% the process is working, it's just invisible to the naked eye
  13. He's got the pro experience they wanted.....worst possible results at his stops, but pro experience none the less
  14. Why not just get rid of the head coach....what's the point off getting rid of all these assistants and keeping the main problem
  15. Can't throw stones if you live in a glass house
  16. Made before the season started....Thought we'd be a competitive team not this dumpster fire
  17. Drove all the way out to Tampa to see it......if only I could turn back the hands of time
  18. Outright embarrassment......hopefully it gives Tepper all the fuel he needs *Tepper not Rhule
  19. Knew Sam couldn't go a game without a turnover.....imagine what the score would be if he turned it over like he normally does
  20. Not necessarily referring to position.....I don't believe in chasing points in the 1st half when you don't need to and kicking when need td's which is what we did Won't matter either way, we're catching this L
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