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  1. Why not just get rid of the head coach....what's the point off getting rid of all these assistants and keeping the main problem
  2. Can't throw stones if you live in a glass house
  3. Made before the season started....Thought we'd be a competitive team not this dumpster fire
  4. Drove all the way out to Tampa to see it......if only I could turn back the hands of time
  5. Outright embarrassment......hopefully it gives Tepper all the fuel he needs *Tepper not Rhule
  6. Knew Sam couldn't go a game without a turnover.....imagine what the score would be if he turned it over like he normally does
  7. Not necessarily referring to position.....I don't believe in chasing points in the 1st half when you don't need to and kicking when need td's which is what we did Won't matter either way, we're catching this L
  8. They go for it when they should kick it and kick it when they should go for it
  9. Still reppin despite this mess of a season
  10. I have had bosses who were the coolest, kindest, thoughtful person you could ever want to meet and completely inept at their job. Both things can be entirely possible.
  11. It took Jay Z seven years so we got to give Rhule at least 30. Patience people
  12. No QB picks period.....this ENTIRE off-season needs to be dedicated to fixing the O-line. Draft capitol, free agent spending, cutting underperforming players, and making sure we have the right coaches to develop the people we bring in. Unfortunately I don't think Rhule and Co. are capable but maybe he'll bring in some staff more capable if they keep him
  13. We 100% need to go O-line so with that said let's draft Tyler because we can trade back and get him. Because one pick in the top three rounds won't cut it. Whatever pick we get, let's use that to draft OL as well. We MUST walk out of these draft with two starters on OL.
  14. Exactly. No notable OC is going to take the job knowing Rhule is on his last leg.......Yet another reason we need to hit the reset button on this coaching staff
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