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  1. Nailed it...Said the same thing in another thread. He's worth more to us on the field this year vs what we would could get as a compensatory pick. We need to put Darnold in the best position to succeed.
  2. Hopefully they get the book thrown at them
  3. Still remember when he was drafted. One of the few times there was consensus from the start that it was a "bad pick". No hindsight needed
  4. Don't care where he goes....just glad to see him out of the division
  5. Meh.....I don't care. We need to start winning some games before we start demanding some respect.
  6. I literally said the same thing I wouldn't be surprised if Snow doesn't mentor him for another year or two, see's that we've got a culture established after we're top 10 in defensive and walks into the sunset
  7. Who lines up at Left Tackle Rookies Rookies Rookies
  8. Phil Snow is 65. He's more likely to retire in 1‐2 years than leave for a H.C job
  9. If the front office does that their going to lose a lot of goodwill they built up over the off season. How are we going to evaluate Sam Donald if we give him D.J Moore and a bunch of rookies.
  10. Came of as a little bit of an ass with that comment, but I like it. If any of my front office guy are gonna be a little rough around the edges I want it to be my cap expert. Hurney would have tripled the offer
  11. I think Joe was trying to stay out of the spotlight and let his son have his moment. Look at Jaycee's youtube channel, it showed more draft day reaction and you can tell he was happy. Also he was rocking panther gear when he didn't have to and don't forget he's a N.C native, so I'm sure he doesn't mind his son playing for his hometown team
  12. Hurney would have thrown in next year's 1st rounder
  13. Just finished......a few take aways I really like what we've built in the front office. Owner, coach, and gm. I know the entire process wasn't all sunshine and lollipops like the video portrayed, but I like the brain trust we've built Can't imagine the trade rumors about Robby are true. He seems likes he's always been part of the teams plans. If you want to put Darnold in the best position to win, you don't do that with DJ Moore and a bunch of rookies Scott Fitterer is the star of the show, and I'm loving the pick up more and more. If he can put another draft or two like
  14. Only a couple minutes in but it's so frigging good....of all the content our social media team puts out, this is the best
  15. Robby Anderson just turned 28 Secondly all are rookie wr's are going to be on cheap contracts for the next 4 years. Pretty sure we could resign him to a reasonable 2 year extension. I'd much rather keep him then get some crappy 6th round compensatory pick.
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