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  1. Dont think it should happen but it needs to be asked.......Will Rhule make it thru the year??
  2. That's ball game....we lost to the Giants J.V team. Bench Darnold, put Brady on notice, and relieve some offensive coaches from their job duties. Not sure if we need to be looking for a new H.C two years in yet. Start scouting qb's for next year and fix the OL in the off season
  3. Same thing every week.....offense is inept, defense plays as well as it can but eventually allows a score, offense can't respond.....rinse and repeat
  4. We still have all 3 of our timeouts at the end of a half!!?? Shocking
  5. Sam talks after every game about being smart with the football and making good decisions but his decision making is getting worse every game
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