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  1. Last playoff game I went to was 2003 against the Cowboys. We won that game. I think i'd be great luck to us if I could go back. Love my Panthers and would love to go. Thanks and please pick me so I can give us a leg up. Go Panthers!
  2. Hey man,

    If you remember, I'm in Nashville and talked to you about maybe starting up a  group here but since I'm here short-term decided not to. 


    Anyways, I am planning on attending the game this sunday with a few other people. Was wondering if you guys have a tailgate or anything going on in Nashville? We'd love to come out and tailgate with yall.

  3. Someone says this just about every week, but to me this looks like a trap game. We are undoubtedly the better team right now, but any given Sunday boys.
  4. Gotta love J-No. He and I have similar sentiments toward Atlanta. You can tell he wants to be here... I just hope he and Getts can come to an agreement that's win-win. Way to insult autistic people everywhere instead of the actual poster... who is an idiot in his own right.
  5. A lot of NFL players first love is bball. Being a successful WR requires confidence. You don't gain that confidence until you trust your technique and ability. You don't trust your technique without great coaching. Ricky will take care of that with time. Once his technique is straightened out and makes a few catches he will gain confidence. When a WR gains confidence their production raises drastically. When his production and confidence matches the expectations people have of him then he will feel more comfortable in his skin. When he's more comfortable in his skin, his personality will shine through. We believe in you Dev!
  6. With ticket sales being such a small portion of revenue i really think Jerry should lower ticket prices... At least to early season games. Make sure you can fill the stadium before charging a dickwad just to enter the BOA.
  7. is it weird that I kinda want a tee shirt with this on it?
  8. Honestly, Norman's going to jump a route and get a pick 6 if McCown keeps 2 step dropping.
  9. LOL, if you think that's the first team to realize it, you haven't been a Panthers fan for long.
  10. Looking forward to listening to this jazz. Thanks Jerm.
  11. These refs call everything... Still not as bad as our refs this week.
  12. Smitty was not happy with Igo that day. Awesome pic.
  13. Imagine how fat KB will be when he gets back next year.... I'll just see myself out now.
  14. Honestly I think the time has come for the NFL to be able to suspend players for this kind of poo. If you can't do it in a game for safety reasons then you shouldn't be able to do it during practice. You're still at work and still representing the shield.
  15. Wegher 1st ballot HOF... Not on list? This guy is a total Cowboy homer.
  16. I think I might take up tennis
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