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  1. When you consider how many people in this thread think one person can start a stadium chant and that other teams don't use prompts, then it actually does make sense.
  2. I'd love to hear more about how you would get 70K to all start chanting at the same time.
  3. But the point about Ed....no way he had the impact of getting the whole stadium going on his own. He wasn't leading 70K people and then the Jets decided to latch on.
  4. I honestly don't know the history of how he started, whether he was a crazy fan or worked with the team. Maybe that's out there somewhere. But he most definitely is a prompt now.
  5. But Ed is literally a prompt. He is on the screen at the games
  6. Was that an intentional Falcons joke? Haha Edit: And technically they do have it trademarked, but I understand the point
  7. I can't think of a single stadium I've been to that doesn't prompt their fans to do some sort of organized cheer or chant
  8. Except they actually do play the fly eagles fly song to prompt everyone
  9. Seems like there might be a lot of bargain players out there due to the cap Restrictions this upcoming season so it's smart they're making space so they can be shoppers if they want to be
  10. His cap hit is like $10M next season. They were always moving on from those players.
  11. Still don't think Curtis will be here. They already tried - he wants to be more than a WR3
  12. They're very much going after Watson but these moves weren't for him. Nothing since the new GM. Seems they're going to try and sign him but most likely a FT.
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