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  1. Sitting on it for nine months? It's really not that hard to understand....it was the first time I saw a conversation about who was responsible for the signing. There’s no pushback from me. I couldn't care any bit less if “MasterAwesome” on the Huddle wants to believe the truth or live in an alt-universe. I can assure you having your validation means jack poo to me. You can talk poo about me, Joe, whoever all you want...it’s fun watching you bend over backwards to prove how clueless you are.
  2. I hate to throw a wrench in your Q theory but my conversations about TB/Hurney happened at the time of the signing not when Hurney was fired. This place is fuging weird
  3. No, don't know (or really pay much attention to something that specific, to be honest)
  4. MLK on Monday - inauguration on Wednesday - an opportunity for disruption all week.... new GM interview can wait a few days. Edit: I meant presser not interview. This is about our guy. My bad
  5. there are a few things going on this week that could - how do you say - distract from the new GM hire. Like, maybe in DC
  6. Did you call my post....an attack? Oh boy.... Points for referring to your Huddle name in third person though.
  7. The Panthers hired cap expert says they can't keep both but @MHS831 on the Huddle says they can so I feel much better!
  8. Oh. Usually the Raiders is used for bad trade jokes. Someone said NE or Cincy. I semi-buy those as options but still extremely doubtful
  9. Teams don't trade for bad players because the fans like them.
  10. Lol. What is Brady supposed to say after Marty signs Teddy? 1) fug I really wish he didn't do that, Teddy blows. Or 2) Excited to have Teddy, he fits the system. Come on, man....
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