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  1. The Panthers won’t hire a new coach until after the season. Really no need to make a move at GM until then. If they do fire the GM we want them to bring both in at the same time, not the GM now and the coach later.
  2. I would imagine they’re more willing to part ways with a player who doesn't seem to have much of a role in this D or the future of the team than comparable draft capital
  3. What do you think we would get for Chinn?
  4. Watched the game with my Lions friend and he cant stand that guy.
  5. Bumping this because today is the day. Hope to see some of yall out there. Weather looks outstanding www.kickoffjam.com
  6. He looked like he was in incredible shape and was talking like he still wants to play.
  7. You're right. I take back my other posts. He’s a total idiot
  8. I haven't spoken one word to Josh about this Tweet, but it’s pretty easy to infer that he is talking about the dark cloud that the Burns situation is casting over what should be an incredible weekend. Burns is the main narrative and discussion point when it should 100% be on the hype of a new QB, coaching staff, and season. He isn't knocking fans.
  9. Hasn't the attitude changed since the preseason games and the Burns fiasco? This isn't an insult to the fans. I’m sorry if your feelings were hurt by his tweet.
  10. Or…..maybe he is talking about how the constant mismanagement and poor decisions from the front office plus lack of onfield success continues to turn fans off.
  11. I'll still be at the Pony at that time. Sorry to miss you....
  12. We're remaking iconic album covers for each of the away cities we're going to this year, but with a Carolina twist. They're pretty fun.
  13. If any of y'all are heading down to ATL (or up, or wherever you're coming from) and want to link up we've got ~230 rolling down for this one. Here are a couple places you can join. Saturday: 8p - Omni Coffee & Eggs - this is J-No's place in Downtown Atlanta. We've got an event there from 6p-8p, but at 8p it opens to all Panthers fans. They'll have a cash bar and some food for purchase. Josh said he was going to stick around for a little bit of the 8p-until part. Not totally sure how long, but if you want to throw him a high-five, then you should come closer to 8p. He has a space next to the coffee shop that is set up for events, has a bar, etc.... Sunday: 9a - Tailgate in the Marshalling Yard. Everyone is welcome to come hang out before the game. If you want us to provide your food and drinks you can buy a pass here. Or, you're welcome to BYOB and just come and join us. Here is a link to the stadium parking map. If you want to come and park close, you should park in the yellow lot. Lastly, here is a pick of our ATL trip shirt just because I think it's fun.
  14. Yeah. We got a thing with J-No for people on our trip and then it will open to all fans. I think he is planning to stick around for a bit once it’s open to everyone. I’ll share the details on Friday for anyone who wants to come through
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