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  1. We did it during covid, but it was easy then because there were open seats. We've worked with them on several plans since - all of which have us paying full price for all the tickets - but they never want to do it. The upper corners is the best they have agreed to. And, yeah, that ain't it .
  2. Basically a decade. Edit: to be clear, I mean conversations with the team
  3. Oh, yeah, no doubt it is one of the best. I just havent been there so I cant speak to it. Hate that covid took our trip to KC away. I was looking forward to that one.
  4. Second this. Vancouver is amazing
  5. Not sure what you're into, but there are several other places within short drives that are cool. But a week in Seattle is too much. But it’s a cool area to visit for the first time
  6. Fine. You won't need a full week in the city though. Not an amazing city but, fine
  7. To be fair, I've never been to KC (it was COVID the year we were supposed to go). I've been to Seattle 6-7 times. The playoff game there was insanely loud. I've been to the Super Dome 8-10 times and each time I'm like "fug, this place is scary"
  8. They weren't anything special last season but they were when Russ was there. From my experiences, the Super Dome is more intimidating and impressive
  9. No. But maybe it’s not a 1p Sunday game at home week 2
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