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  1. Seems like there might be a lot of bargain players out there due to the cap Restrictions this upcoming season so it's smart they're making space so they can be shoppers if they want to be
  2. His cap hit is like $10M next season. They were always moving on from those players.
  3. Still don't think Curtis will be here. They already tried - he wants to be more than a WR3
  4. They're very much going after Watson but these moves weren't for him. Nothing since the new GM. Seems they're going to try and sign him but most likely a FT.
  5. Marty had a 0% chance at a new contract if Will Grier was the QB. He wasn't going to survive a tanking season
  6. Listen to what Tepper says in that interview - the dude cant hide anything. He said (paraphrasing) that he wasn't as close to some of the decisions early on as he was learning to be an owner and that's on him and now he's more vested in those decisions. Translation: he let Marty fool him with TB but fug that poo from now on
  7. We love to blame Hurney for every bad move the Panthers make but for some reason we attach Teddy to Rhule and for the life of me I cant understand why. It was such a desperate move and only one person in a decision making role was desperate.
  8. If you want to live in that fantasy world then go for it. But the point is, the 49ers can't get close to as a tractive a package as Miami can for both the team and the player combined
  9. This is why Miami and Carolina are the only options IMO. With Miami being the heavy heavy favoriteWith Miami being the heavy heavy favorite
  10. Assuming theyre doing to so something dumb When there will be more attractive offers on the table is really silly
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