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  1. Haha! Yeah it will take one of those things happening.
  2. They have no intention of releasing him. Unless someone makes them an offer they cant refuse. Which we all know won't happen.
  3. would Panthers fans have even noticed this otherwise? Nope...
  4. Except there are two threads here on it and it was all over social media for hours. And when I got in the car they were only talking about it on the radio. He made a playful Tweet, albeit kinda lame, and got tons of exposure and people talking about it. Meh...
  5. Not if they take Sam. She is right
  6. So you're saying people providing some insight get trashed on this site but a dude's uncle on Reddit gets seven pages pumping it up? Seems about right. It never takes me long to remember why I stopped visiting this place. Y'all stay safe (and sane) out there
  7. the other guy responded to my post saying it was the media's job. I didn't know what he was talking about or what it had to do with me. I was asking if that is what he meant. Still has nothing to do with me.
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