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  1. Could always play this: http://www.battlegroundeurope.net/home All online WWI game that has been around for probably 10-15 years now. They've made massive updates to the game though, so the graphics, physics engines, and everything else has evolved and gotten better over time. The map is half scale of Europe and it is probably the most realistic war game ever made. Entire cities are destructible. Each "game" can last months, although some have been as short as 10 days. Contains infantry, navy, and air force. Really cool game, I just don't have a good enough PC to play it.
  2. I'm seeing 4-6 with a 100% chance now. I'm in the 28204 zip code, not sure where you are, so that could be the difference.
  3. Please point me in the direction of where anyone from Google has indicated otherwise? Everything they've said publicly to the media, and on twitter, has been that it will be city limits only at this time. This is what their official twitter account said: Google Fiber Verified account‏@googlefiber @clemsonsteven We don't plan to offer service past Charlotte proper at this time, but register for updates here: http://goo.gl/XP2UDE I'd love to see them offer it beyond the city limits, but I haven't seen a single thing indicating that will be the case. I even asked their street team that was out promoting Fiber two days ago to confirm because my parents live outside the city limits and they told me no, city only is the plan for now.
  4. Yes, it is. Long term, maybe not, but for now, Google is only focusing on fiber inside the city limits. Google has said that verbatim, several times. The burbs may get it eventually, but it won't be a part of the initial rollout. A full build out in the city is probably going to take 5+ years.
  5. They're not going in Monroe. There was an unofficial map some dude created for his blog last year when Google said it was exploring Charlotte and the other 8 cities. Google has confirmed that it will be Charlotte city limits only. Now, there may be some slight spillover for people who live right on the border of the Charlotte city limits, but Monroe is absolutely not getting it.
  6. If you're within 5 miles of a fiber hub you might be alright. Even if you don't get fiber, with fiber coming to town, it is almost assured that TWC raises speeds, won't throttle your speeds, and doesn't implement data caps. It is the only way they'll be able to keep people from fleeing to Google and I doubt they'd be so specific as to say a Charlotte customer gets all those advantages and a Mint Hill customer doesn't.
  7. The only map I've seen is an unofficial map some dude put on his blog. This is what Google said on their Twitter yesterday:
  8. Good luck getting that in Mint Hill Seriously though, it'll probably be years before it gets to the burbs. Highest population density areas are likely going to get it first because that is more $ per foot of fiber laid.
  9. weird. It's downpouring sleet in most of the area. Gastonia has a section showing as red on the rader, but its all sleet. Couldn't even imagine sleet falling that hard. Can't wait to see photos of the aftermath.
  10. downpour of sleet or freezing rain?
  11. I'm glad I live Uptown. Unlikely the power will go out here and if it does, it'll be one of the first areas to get it back.
  12. I can literally see 277 from my window and people there are moving about 10 feet per minute. Hilarious.
  13. My parents have 7" of snow in Wesley Chapel. Crazy.
  14. I'm not, but I have to work from home, so its not really any better. I only live a mile from work anyway, so instead of spending the work day with people I generally like, I have to spend it alone. On the plus side, I can masturbate during lunch.
  15. lol. I wasn't trying to say you were wrong, just saying I didn't have quite that much. It's definitely still on the ground here though. A few miles north and it all melted off.
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