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  1. To me the larger issue here isn't what happened in this case, but rather the idea of giving Hardy a big money contract. Even if it turns out he did nothing - or at least very little - wrong, you still have to question handing someone who hangs around people like this girl and who has had other issues (speeding tickets + motorcycle accident) in the past $10+ million a year on a long-term contract. If he's going to be a Panther past 2014 - which is 50/50 at BEST right now - it'll be on a contract that has strict language regarding off the field behavior. If it turns out all he was guilty of was hanging around a nutcase then we could leverage this into a more team-friendly contract, which would include strict guidelines for off-field behavior.
  2. I honestly have no clue what to expect today. We could get blown out, blow them out, win or lose a close one. If we lose, I'll sill take a close loss as a sign that we're legit. The truly disappointing result would be a blowout loss.
  3. I prefer the nickname Mick Mixon used for Tolbert tonight: "the dancing bear."
  4. For Beason to be as vocal a supporter of Luke as he's been shows what kind of person and player he is. That's rare in today's... hell, these days period. To essentially lose your job to someone and then emerge as one of their most vocal supporters takes a ton of class.
  5. your sig...my avatar....somethings got to give

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