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  1. I love the panthers and will carry a bat on the field pregame
  2. Zod (or whoever started the post) - can you make the best answer an updated list of cuts? So we can see it from every page?
  3. @billvoth: My GUESS on what Gettleman's doing at CB if he did cut Florence - He'll sign vet cut today now that he has a bit more $. #Panthers
  4. .. it's this simple - prove them wrong personally .. I'm not worried about the panthers .. we will be better than last year and Cam will be better IMO Russell Wilson will have a sophomore year comparable to Dalton's RGIII might be too injury prone to ever amount to sh!t Luck is one if the ugliest and nerdiest dudes I've ever seen and throws more picks than Delhomme (haha! j/k I love Jake) I'm as pumped as the day we drafted Cam .. he's just gonna get better and better - that's a scary thought
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