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  1. Bring back Jerry Richardson and jeans friday tbh
  2. As long as we lose out and get a new coach by this offseason IDC.
  3. WalterFootball dropped the Panthers from 14th to 24th because... 25. Carolina Panthers (5-12) - Previously: 14. Baker Mayfield makes the Panthers a playoff contender, but I've been disappointed with Carolina's offensive line this preseason. The team struggled to block Buffalo backups in the final contest, so that could make things difficult for Mayfield when the real action begins. Am I crazy for not being THAT concerned about the oline? The pieces are there...they just need to play together a bit.
  4. The cap basically isn't real. Of course we could sign him.
  5. Well at least we had that QB competition to steal reps from our starter that just got the playbook right before camp for no good reason at all!
  6. I hope he starts finding the endzone now with Baker. He deserves it.
  7. There's absolutely no way they're rolling with Darnold and I'd like to see Corral get a chance to sit a little bit. Let it happen!
  8. To all you guys who wanted him at 6...lol not even a first rounder Was always too raw like anyone with a brain knew
  9. Anyone who wants this must not have watched him last year. If we don't at the minimum draft a later round QB prospect there's no fuging way this team is gonna be watchable.
  10. Lol no way this team trades back. They constantly talk about swinging at QBs and considering we don't have one there's no way they don't draft the QB they like most at 6. They didn't spend effort putting an oline together on 1-2 year deals for Sam Darnold.
  11. We can do better. He wasn't very good. My concern though is whether or not there's even a decent vet out there left or a rookie in the 3rd+ round of the draft that's ready to lead an NFL defense...
  12. Whichever one can play QB.
  13. Yep. Passing always comes first. Mobility is a bonus.
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