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  1. This is exactly my stance on it. Josh and The Panthers would both be smart to get this done without getting too greedy in either direction.
  2. we need to just play our offense. The strategy of running was working early but our lead keeps us from doing that now because they are going to be teeing off on it. This is the time for play action, zone read, and a couple of bombs. get this defense backing up and you can seal this thing,
  3. I was already scouring the boards wondering how I missed the thread. Ill laugh my arse off if that's true.
  4. Nah, Toldozer and Cap just had to rid us of that red zone demon that Stewart unleashed a couple years ago.
  5. Am I the only thats as happy or happier seeing the look of joy on those kids faces as I am that we scored at all.
  6. See, this tells me at least SOMEONE was paying attention. All the others talking about the cold or our worthless ends missed how they contained Russell by keeping him IN THE POCKET. Keep him in the pocket and he is useless, allow him to scramble and it is game over. As a Heels fan, I learned all to well what Vikings fans are feeling today. That miserable sob always managed to pull a handful of rabbits out of his arse after getting dominated for 90% of a football game. And it was almost always from broken plays or when the defense got lazy and allowed him to break containment.
  7. Hope McDermott was watching that Minnesota defense in the first 3 quarters.
  8. or, taking a step right and just HITTING Brown. Every opportunity to deliver a proper hit if he wanted to "claim" that he was trying to take down a ball carrier, or pull off the route entirely. He stays the course, lines him up and delivers an intentional shot to the head. THAT'S NOT AN ACCIDENT. Hard play happens every play every week and this crap DOESN'T HAPPEN. Why? Because these athletes are trained to know the difference and to be able to react. They've done it their whole lives. Burfict knew what he was doing and where he was hitting him. Antonio didn't move into that hit and even the guy draped over his back had enough time to react and try to actually hold him UP all while Burfict was preparing to deliver the hit.
  9. I can't believe I read the whole thing....... I need a nap.
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