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  1. yo, can you unban jsquared? I am done with all the alter egos and want to just go back to that one full time... kthx

  2. everything going alright? haven't seen you around as much as of late...

  3. not yet...problem I keep running in to is that she cant keep her eyes off of toddler boys...I am so fuked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. have you had to beat the little boys off with a stick yet?

  5. talking takes a while...mine just says some words...dada, poopoo, no...and woof woof

  6. going good... sonny's doing more stuff every day... I think he'll be walking within the month... still not really talking yet though

  7. good man..daughter is getting big...u?

  8. hey cry me a friggin' river! how is the fam?

  9. you're no fun anymore. I miss Darth Urious

  10. HOLY POO, i didnt know you were DU/SLJ, etc

  11. I'll check and see, and let you know by Wed. what it is looking like

  12. what's up with some basketball on Thurs?

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