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  1. everything going alright? haven't seen you around as much as of late...

  2. happy birthday you low life rams fan! off to start thread now

  3. Hey Bud!! I just got back on here. My old account "Carolina Mike" was not working anymore so I made this one.

  4. Tone down the avay

  5. I should ban u for your crappy avatar.

  6. How do you all know that?

  7. I am posting that on the board.

  8. I feel like a kid being asked to choose which parent he wants to live with. I'm moving in with the Zods.

  9. Final voting is open, vote for me! Don't listen to Salty... :D

  10. I just tied you up with NC Biscuit at 24

  11. Okay, then. Since I didn't vote for Obama, I owe the Muslims one. Consider it done.

  12. that is chinese. I only eat pussy :ihih:

  13. You promise never to eat dog meat ever again?

  14. trust me Meat....go to Montreal...perferably in the summer or late spring/early fall, you will absolutely love it there.

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