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  1. dood, The Old Republic just came out...

  2. Hey man, can you send me an attachment with your avatar image in it? I think it is awesome and want it as my desktop background!

  3. I actually like the newer TL's. They've loaded them up with most of the same technology from the older RL's like mine. I didn't like the new body style at first but it's grown on me. Mine now is black with the black interior, plus the wood grain steering wheel and shift knob. Plus, all windows tinted to max alllowed, so I'm not looking to change now anyway.

  4. A poo ton now... it's kind of ridiculous... it's like 100,000. Do you know how long it took me and Salty to get to 10,000? Like a year.

  5. my avvie is a actress named nichole graves. she has pics and movies on the interwebz

  6. I haven't checked them out yet, but they will be priceless.. I used to have a site that you could stream any game anywhere online, but it was seized by the government and is no more. I'll see if I can't find any others for you, starting with asking the guy who told me about the last one..

  7. mad rep for you my friend! I have missed those Sundays where I can post up on a laptop and watch movie after movie when I'm being lazy..

  8. hook a brother up on those! lol the only one I knew about shifted to an IMDB type site, I'm guessing for copyright reasons. didn't realize cable companies were getting that strict. haven't heard anything from mine, but imagine it's only a matter of time..

  9. thanks man... I appreciate it. torrents are my main stay, but always looking for a program for those albums/songs I can't find..

  10. send me a link to that mp3 site you mentioned to Beach.. always looking for something new to check out.

  11. I saw them about 5 years ago before they were popular (as RA) opening for Bad Religion (another one of my favs from back in the 80's). I knew instantly that they were gonna make it big. In Vegas, it was reversed, BR opened for RA. Really good show but honestly, BR could have phoned it in and it would be the same as their lackluster performance. They didn't even break a sweat anddidn't play any of their punk standards. Trivia: Rise Against was born from the ashes of another totally awesome Chicago band, 88 Fingers Louie. Check them out sometime.

  12. Lol, I took college level art in High School. For a long time I thought I was going to be an artist until I decided I wanted to own a car instead. I still know the artistic principles, but besides that, studying art is masturbation. You're either a good artist or you aren't; studying will only help you appreciate, not make you better.

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