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  1. No one is in this offense, line is bad, but even when there is time the routes are garbage.
  2. Tep needs to buy Brady some help Monday morning. Personel aside, biggest issue is clueless playcalling outside the red zone.
  3. Maybe so, but what upset him Sunday was the lack of adjustment. He recognized the Eagles had the playbook... He wanted us to double move,” Rhule said Monday. “They were sitting on some routes. He wanted us to double move, stutter and go.” Brady should have seen it first and adjusted, he did not. Sam's last pick was a terrible throw, but it doesn't help when the CB knows exactly where the ball is going vs biting on a comeback while Robby blows past on a double.
  4. The NFL caught up to Brady PDQ. He's just not a good play caller yet, repetitive and predictable in the long game, doesn't seem to adjust at all. He's been indirectly called out by several opponents for this, and likely what set Robbie off on Sunday.
  5. Player personell being what it is, the quickest way to get right is improved scheme and play calling. I know they won't but I'd like to see a consultant brought on to help Brady. He isn't ready to be a coordinator.
  6. Um password or 1234 or...Crap I forgot, it's autofill.
  7. Sorry guys, no idea why I picked that scab, I think I was trying to praise the current leadership, and went sideways. But my user name is just laziness when the huddle re-spawned it was the default
  8. Yes and all but one of those was under Jerry who refused to pay staff, let every single coordinator walk, and underpaid for replacements. We had a poo owner, if you choose to blame his lieutenants fine.
  9. I don't agree Marty was poo (there have been and will be much worse). I agree he wasn't the best. Don't know how I got there anyway, what I said originally, it's nice we have an owner committed to buy the best in the business.
  10. Yep, and Marty was there for all of it outside the expansion boost. I know you hate the guy and that's fair, but if you rank him amongst panthers GMs he's currently 1st in team success.
  11. Honestly don't bother, I don't disagree, it's not about market size so much as relevance (sorry I used that term). And from a media perspective the panthers were on the bottom of the shoe until 2002, an Marty hand some hand in changing that.
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