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  1. No argument from me, and pleasantly we'll get to see. Sans rock solid kicker, and roided up (allegedly) line I see semelaritys between 03 and this team.
  2. Totally agree, just wish Jake realized he couldn't Lazer into the flats like he thought he could. Broke my heart to many times with the pick six...
  3. Me either, Jake had nowhere near the arm talent size or mobility. Jake thought he could make all the throws, Sam can make them. Sam is much closer to Rodgers or Alen from that aspect, just needs to tighten up the muscle between the ears.
  4. Jury's out though, Jake's it factor was necessary first game out to pull us out of the hole Peete put us in. If that had been today's team Peete wouldn't have been here (see Teddy), and we probably wouldn't have been in that hole to begin with. Hopefully we don't need sam to start flinging it for a while.
  5. Mccaffrey is often the best option, a dump off can result in a 40 gain at anytime if he has space. I'm sure some of the underneath throws vs the Jets were basically one read. Hard to understand why anyone has issues with the QB making the correct throw vs spreading it around to lesser options.
  6. His movement in the pocket has been pretty darn good. According to Next Gen Stats, Darnold is facing the highest blitz rate of his career (38.2 percent), but experiencing his lowest pressure rate ever (21.1 percent). https://www.nfl.com/news/offensive-player-rankings-week-3-three-highly-drafted-players-who-might-be-turni
  7. I know they won't, but should just go get Slye back, he was midlin but this week showed how much worse it can be with a weak leg.
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