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  1. My dream is Sewell in the first, a solid Guard prospect in the second, maybe a good TE or safety in the third.
  2. Regardless of whether Darnold is the answer or not, whatever QB is the answer won't be unless he's playing behind a solid O line. Build the line while you find out if that's Darnold, Either way you're going to need that line.
  3. Do not want non pass rushing lb at 8. In the pass wacky NFL of today, lb's that don't primarily rush the passer are the least important position on the defensive side of the ball. They just don't merit top 10 picks IMO because their ability to impact the outcome of the game is limited relative to other positions. Top 10 picks should primarily be QB's, tackles O and D, pass rushers, and elite corners. These are the positions that have the greatest combination of ability to impact outcome and significant gap between what a top prospect gives you vs a mid round guy. As much as I loved Kuech
  4. To me the more important issue than whether DJ is elite or not is whether having an elite receiver seems to make much difference in winning Super Bowls. In the past decade, of the 10 SB winning rosters, the only WR who was playing at an elite level the year his team won that I can think of is MAYBE Tyreek Hill for the Chiefs when they won. Other than that, WR play on SB winning teams tends to be solid, not spectacular. Aside from SB winners, if you just examine overall winning teams compared with teams that have elite WR's, I'd say subjectively it looks to me like there is little correlat
  5. I'd say that in this situation a "life coach" or "professional mentor" would be a poor substitute for parents who raised you to (at best) have the sense not to put yourself in this sort of situation as a highly visible, highly paid professional athlete, or at at worst, not to treat women this way.
  6. I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that out of all the males in the whole world, only one dated Sandy Sommer in high school, Shannon McCorkle in college, and Jenny Blackwelder in her bikini wearing 20's prime. Out of 3 billion plus males, I'm the only one who fits into that category. Clearly I'm an elite level boyfriend. It's not even close.
  7. This. Getting more and more exited about the possibility we might actually get to draft Sewell. If he's as good as advertised, we could have a pretty solid line next year, especially if the defensive free agents mean they also pick up a quality guard prospect in later rounds. Solid oline and quality offensive weapons give you your best chance to find out what you have in Darnold without ifs ands or buts.
  8. I have a hard time taking your list seriously because it did not START with 51.... that's the no brainer.
  9. Gold star to you sir for recognizing an obscure quote from an overlooked 90's movie with great one liners.
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