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  1. Parakeets: highly intelligent for birds, questionable whether they are as intelligent in key ways as small human children. Sounds about right for a Cowboys fan.
  2. They can't even get Olsen's hair color right. Olsen, with a big fuging square jaw. He's nordic AF, but Madden couldn't even correctly make him a blonde. I rest my case.
  3. Because the people who make Madden are clearly NFL experts who pay very close attention to every player in the league. Obviously they're gonna know what position a starter plays, so if you were thinking Chinn is a safety, clearly you're wrong. Do not question the Madden.
  4. This sounds borderline too reasonable for the Huddle. I'm gonna need you to yell semi coherent things at a shrill pitch while hyperventilating in your next post just to stay in keeping with the tone here. Thanks.
  5. This belt is the reason I don't let friends and family shop for me except for an approved list of gift items. Some well meaning family member would get this for me for Christmas or a birthday, and then I'd be forced to stab someone I love. in the eye. with a fork. Because you gotta have rules people.
  6. Nobody over 12 has trouble figuring out how quoting on a message board works either. See how easy it is to just say some bs like it's true, whether it is or not?
  7. Spoken like a man who has never experienced the sheer bliss of Honey Mustard Pringles. I would not trade you my secret stash of them for Isiah Simmons. Lays sour cream and onion you can have.
  8. I read the thread title of all your threads in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Zod's threads in the voice of Agent Smith from The Matrix. The Big Kat in the voice of Kermit the Frog. Nas gets Denzel Washington. Ricky Spanish gets Ace Ventura. Juan gets Ruby Rodd from The Fifth Element. Karl Spackler gets Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder. LadyPanther's threads I hear in the voice of Cate Blanchett. Linville Gorge sounds like Ryan Reynolds. Rum Ham sounds like Bart Simpson. Rayzer's threads for some reason sound like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. CamwoahCam sounds exactly like the Swedish Chef. and I'm sure I'm not the only one who hears 4Corners threads in the voice of Gilbert Godfrey.
  9. The greater the demand the higher the price tag. Cheaper players are by definition more easily replaced. Arguing that someone can be replaced cheaper but not more easily defies widely known accepted rules of economics.
  10. This. His size plus a personality that likely rubbed older guys the wrong way led to horribad officiating where he was concerned. There are too many plays over his career of Cam getting absolutely and clearly illegally clocked and nothing is done about it, that can be put side by side next to plays of our pass rushers looking at guys like Brady, Rogers, etc wrong and being called for absurd penalties to even dispute the bias was clear. Anyone claiming otherwise has either never bothered to examine the evidence closely or is willfully ignoring it.
  11. *watches Mahomes wife almost dive in front of the camera on several occasions in the first episode.* You're not wrong sir.
  12. Yeah let's see if we can get Young in some college baseball games. Technically doesn't he still have eligibility if it's a whole different sport?
  13. I really wish fans would have some perspective before heaping scorn on guys like this. A Jay Cutler type who clearly doesn't give a fug and is just stealing a paycheck? Sure, but a lot of guys like Mariotta are good people working their tails off and guilty only of not being better than a dozen or two of their peers at what they do. The worst starting qb in the NFL every year is the 32nd best qb in the world out of thousands upon thousands.
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