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  1. "I want peace on earth on and goodwill towards men." "We are the United States government. We don't DO that sort of thing!"
  2. So much for this idea. Eagles very much an option to take a QB after Pederson fired.
  3. I think the risks of the combine in a covid environment outweigh the benefits of what is basically just a giant workout and interview session. It's conveniant to have everyone in one place, but not absolutely necessary. If they don't have it, it will probably hurt smaller school prospects who are less visible though.
  4. I don't see Rhule putting a lot of glue eaters on his staff, but otherwise yeah I'm with you. Don't promote internally just for the sake of promoting internally. They need to be qualified.
  5. Yeah I don't regard Wilson in the same light because he doesn't look to run, he just runs to avoid negative outcomes. He's what Cam should have evolved into with better coaching and one would hope Lamar does over time. Other than that point taken.
  6. While this is true, of the Saints four losses, two were against GB and KC, not exactly embarrassing to lose to, another was to the Raiders on the road, who finished 8-8, leaving the loss to the Eagles as the only one that really looks bad. They might have only beaten two teams with a winning record, but they also only lost to two teams with a winning record as well. Typically about a third of the league finishes with a winning record, so stats like this can often be misleading when looked at in a vacuum. A better question is what was their record against teams with a winning record? Turn
  7. Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Cam was done by 30 because he did not fully evolve into a pocket passer and wasn't properly protected as a qb by the league. Does anyone think if Lamar doesn't evolve into a more adept passer that he is likely to play much beyond 30? Why would you draft a qb in this mold in the first knowing that even if he's successful, his shelf life will be about half that of true franchise qb's that play well into their 30's and beyond?
  8. I think this is a highly overlooked component of not only Mahomes success, but the success of many franchise qb's who are drafted into good situations.
  9. This plus Armah, Obada, Miller and Reed provided all can be had for nothing above market value.
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