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  1. No. No I do not. And you can't make me. Also I can't hear you over the sound of Brady crying to the refs, something the greatest qb of all time shouldn't have to do from the beginning to end of his very long careeer.
  2. I share no responsiblity. I was on an uninhabited island at the time. In a cave. Off planet. And I ate my wheaties. So not my fault.
  3. This information makes me happy. Also optimistic. As opposed to most news, which makes me want to shoot everyone connected to government, the media, and furniture delivery in the face. With a bazooka.
  4. Yeah. Now if only he could put all of that considerable talent on display without being a whinny bitch to the refs....
  5. Sir, you appear to be bringing actual verifiable facts to support your position. That's just now how we do things here.
  6. No. You really don't. Stop misrepresenting my position. You keep insisting on asserting that my position has something to do with this particular player or that particular player when it doesn't, it's about organizational use of resources. I don't care one way or the other about Mayfield. What I care about was that when the Lions took Sewell, we pretended in the 2nd that OT wasn't still by far our most pressing offensive need. 9 tackles went off the board between Sewell and Christiansen. You're going to tell me that none of them was a better option than a lu
  7. misses the point. In every SB some talented WR's catch passes from a much harder to come by talented QB. That QB is usually upright because an also much harder to come by pair of quality tackles keeps giving him a clean pocket to throw to. The point is not about whether TB's WR's are good, they are. The point is about the scarcity of talent and where it makes a difference. Too many fans focus too much on skill position players because of fantasy football, highlight plays, and stats that make it much easier to quantify what they do. Quality LT's don't put up stats, they don't create S
  8. I would absolutely not hesitate to pull the trigger on 2 second round OT's. I have nothing against Marshall personally, and now that he's ours I hope he tears it up and I'll root for him every Sunday. I just dislike picking that position in that situation, regardless of whether it was Marshall or anyone else. Typically it's pretty easy to make use of a guy who can play tackle by moving him inside. It's much harder to move a guy outside or live with poor tackle play while your talented WR corps can't go deep because the rush keeps getting to their QB.
  9. I really don't see how anyone looks at that SB and how TB shut down a KC offense that had absolutely tore the league up for the past few years and says anything else was the decisive factor. KC not breaking double digits was the game, period. You don't win a SB in the modern era with 9 points, ever. Looking at it any other way is absurd or not well informed about football. If you want to specifically focus on how the TB offense was better than in the past, you could point out that while Brady only threw for 200 yards, he did throw for 3 TD's and no INT's. *looks pointedly at Jameis
  10. Is that really what most people think of TB, or is it the fact Godwin and Evans had been on that team for years while it went nowhere, Brown had one good wild card game and then was a non factor the rest of the playoffs, but the difference was QB play and a D that shut down the KC offense? You named 4 receivers, Brown's contributions as significant are laughable past that first playoff game (a game TB won by 17 points btw, so it's not like his contributions there were the crucial difference), so we're really talking about 3 guys and you threw a name in there off of past glory. 2 of those
  11. Not trading back does not make you "thinking like Hurney" drafting is not that binary. "Do this thing and you're not like a shitty GM, do this thing and you are." Hurney traded UP to take a tackle prospect that almost no one else had rated that highly and then whiffed on him. That is materially different from letting nine other prospects get drafted while you take a player at a position in the 2nd that is much easier to fill and much less of a need on our current roster. Hell I would have been more than happy to take one of those nine prospects and still take Christiansen. That would have been
  12. Wait. There's a national writer who knows actual non obvious non fluff stuff about our team like Donte's QB rating despite lingering foot injuries? I will now sit quietly and await the flying pigs with confidence.
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