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  1. I tuned in to local for a few minutes today long enough to hear some cowboyee douche try to convince the host that since Romo was undefeated, two undefeated teams were playing tomorrow. I shared that insanity with the moron cowboy janitor when he came to vacuum my office and he immediately agreed. Having not been clever enough to formulate that gem on his own prior, I found out later he was impressed with the great news. I did get at least three more random chuckles out of him throughout the rest of the day. Yes, he proceeded to spread the "two undefeated teams" headline throughout the plant. Stupid is just stupid
  2. I think Cam throws them decent to his right but that angle back to his left has always been, well, its been ugly.
  3. Butterflies. Feels good. Chance to make a very bold statement today. Hats off to our service men and women!
  4. The average teams win most or all of the games they are supposed to win. The good teams win games when the lights are brightest and the pressure is at its most intense. The GREAT teams win games in spite of any and all adverse conditions or obstacles. Lets be GREAT tonight Panthers!!!
  5. Great win to say the least. Cam was awesome. Non call on Ginn was an embarrassment. Who's next bitches?
  6. Norman and Newton both had standout plays. Olsen played very well. TD tattooed motor-mouth Khiry (very nice). And all those faux huddle claps and finger licking from old man mole went wasted. Overall we we looked bad, lost one of the most handsomely compensated, veteran starters on our squad, and made a career backup look like a player that has made a fool out of every talent scout in the league for a full decade. A win is a win is a win, however. Hope this serves as motivation
  7. So is Luke an all pro or is our defense taking an early week off? panthers are hot garbage if we can't sustain a drive right now.
  8. Panther fans where I'm at not gon make it to kickoff. long offseason is long
  9. Its Ben-Fun As in.. Thanks for coming' out.. Good game, good game.
  10. Dorset will be a rook. Unless we play them the first quarter of week one we won't have to worry about AJ. Gore is done. It's not as great as it looks on paper.
  11. Sometimes when you don't see a home run you hedge your bet with a guy that can give you one sure thing that you are in bad need of (ST) and who has the athletic ability and diverse experience to grow into several supportive positions. My favorite part about this pick is not anything to do with Shaq or what Shaq might do for the Panthers. My favorite part is that it pisst off a lot of Posters in here that thought they had it all figured out. Let the puffed up fuming begin. The Huddle just got interesting again.
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