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  1. nice throw and nice catch..but also cant help but notice no db was within 5 yards of him
  2. not bad at all considering what we gave up..at worse he comes in and bombs...at best he comes in and plays way better than darnold and we are competitive this season
  3. swoffie screwed the acc..clemson cant get out fast enough
  4. i mean i have been a panther fan since 95..but if he wants to up and leave if the tax payers do not foot his bill...i say bye....i made do without them before they become a thing and i can make do without them now
  5. howell and corral are basically one and the same..both projects may pan out may not..for the price couldnt have went wrong with either.
  6. o line should be good this year..no excuses for darnold now if he fails
  7. hope we select andre krimm dt of texas state..that guy loves to par-tay
  8. i dont want brick hands robby on the panthers...but we dont always get what we want
  9. yeah i get a sense hes getting a baseball itch
  10. ah chit, here we go again.
  11. no he wasnt...people call males boy all the time and theres is nothing nefarious to it at all
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