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  1. darnold is our franchise qb dude has sold me through three games..hes only going to get better and if he ever gets a legit line to play behind watch out.
  2. yes troy..and our defense is a big reason why that saints team isnt the one you saw week one.
  3. our garbage o line is rearing its ugly head
  4. cmc is great player no doubt..but hes getting a habit of being injury prone
  5. yep just commented..we finally have good qb play for the first time since cams mvp season..it feels good
  6. we finally have good qb play for the first time since cams mvp season.
  7. if they put the pieces around him wilson is going to be special..darnold as well
  8. said this earlier and got a poo for it..we need more play makers ..relying on cmc isnt going to cut it
  9. lacking play makers on offense is hurting us..cant rely on being the cmc show every week..we need some of our wrs to step up and catch passes that hit their hands
  10. whos going to block for him though?
  11. oh well another below season with dud sam at qb ..sucks that cmc getting wasted in this franchise.
  12. this franchise just refuses to be winners
  13. smart pick by the lions though..got jared had to get someone to block for him
  14. we need a lineman we could have trevor lawrence and wouldnt mean a thing with no one to block for him..sewell is a must if he is available
  15. he would want to go and contend right away..he would never come here
  16. so one person came back again after being assaulted a first time? im calling horse poo on these allegations..no criminal charges always raises red flags with me
  17. we have reached the point where you can argue brady is the most dominant athlete in all of sports all time surpassing jordan on that list..10 super bowls 7 wins...has more super bowls than any franchise in the nfl
  18. thing with them though they have been injury free for the most part
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