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  1. we broke the cards when we went out there and pushed their chit in..ever since its been down hill for them
  2. cam isnt the goat of this franchise though...id go with smith , mills or even luke for that title..
  3. at least we got rid of meanie richardson though...and dont get me wrong he should have been out..but i just cant help but chuckle at all the celebrating when he was ousted as if we were about to become the patriots with a new great owner in tepper
  4. we brought him in as desperation..he sucked
  5. we are just a rock star oc away from winning a super bowl
  6. only way we be any where near competitive next year is to build an o line...honestly i think darnold could be good if he had a line to play behind see his first few weeks...i get not firing matt after two years either money reasons and also scares anyone else who may take the job off as well knowing they only have a two year window to win in.
  7. a rockstar oc means nothing with no o line or qb..and an rb who stays injured all the time
  8. well that is a massive glaring issue with our team..has been so for years
  9. yes...now if we drop next weeks game maybe we can move up from 7
  10. Vince Lombardi knew how to build an offensive lin its not just matt though horrible o line has been an issue in carolina for years even before matt...at the end of the day sure we could fire matt after just two seasons but it wouldnt matter if you dont intend on building a line for a qb to stand behind and pass or a good rb to run behind..also doesnt help that christian cant stay healthy hes made of glass
  11. we could hire vince lombardi and bring in peyton manning in his prime..still wouldnt matter with that garbage o line
  12. is it wrong that i want us to drop these last two to improve draft position? honestly we have nothing to play for right now.
  13. i remember when people were celebrating finally getting a "good new owner" when richardson stepped down
  14. the obligatory you are racist if you say cam is playing like poo from a huddle member.
  15. i member when sam was the qb and it was all on him..now its the o line fault...btw i always contended it was the o lines fault even when same was in..i just find it funny how the blame changes when cam is behind center with some on here...tom brady in his prime could not win behind this o line
  16. building a college team like baylor that resides in texas and can pick up decent recruits is a whole different animal compared to the nfl where you cant stock pile talent...even spurrier failed in the nfl and he was as good as they got in college
  17. tgrfan01


    vintage ron rivera ball..should have never came down to a 2 point conversion stand
  18. i did read the person used the word "bigoted" for anyone criticizing cam..we are back on the you cant say the qb sucked bandwagon because cam
  19. found one..you are a bigot if you say cam didnt play well today.
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