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  1. Honestly, there's only a handful of NFL teams that have that with the Eagles probably having the best situation.
  2. Oh no. Syracuse has a mobile dual threat QB. UNC better be ready to put up 40+.
  3. Huge 4th down stand by Syracuse to bail them out of that dumb mistake. Not sure about going for that on 4th and a long two instead of taking the easy 3. And then a wide open Syracuse WR drops a 20 yarder. Ouch
  4. Zero questions about the arm talent. He has it.
  5. Buying time and holding the ball forever waiting for someone to come wide open was a big part of Bryce's game at Alabama. It's not translating so far. Now Caleb Williams has a lot more physical talent but still, that approach is a tough row to how at the NFL level. You have to be able to identify "NFL open" receivers and do it quickly.
  6. Ouch. Syracuse had Clemson stopped and committed an idiotic dead ball personal foul chest bumping the QB. Yeah, if it wasn't Clemson on an ACC game that doesn't get called but you just can't do that. You can't give a ref the opportunity to throw that flag. Was it tricky tack? Yeah, but ultimately it's on the player. You gave the ref the opportunity.
  7. I'll watch the ACC game, especially with UNC having Syracuse next week. I'm heading down to that one.
  8. Please understand what I'm saying. He is a TERRIFIC college QB. Nothing about his game at the college level is hype. But his projection to the NFL is no slam dunk. How long he holds the ball will not translate. He will have to change his game to succeed at the NFL level.
  9. Kentucky is skull dragging Florida too. That was the game I was planning to go to.
  10. Last year his average time to throw was literally the slowest among all P5 college QBs. All I'm saying is he's going to have to significantly speed up his processing in the NFL against much better, much faster, much more complex defenses. His projection isn't nearly as slam dunk as you think it is. Plenty of super talented QBs have failed on the NFL. Physical talent is only half the battle.
  11. Well, this is going exactly as expected. Time to check out other games. Colorado and Coach Prime hype train has been postponed until next year.
  12. This overall QB class looks strong as hell and we look destined for a top 5 pick. Yeah...
  13. The guy is a terrific college QB in the most prolific college offensive system in the country by miles. That's what Lincoln Riley does. I'm just talking about NFL projection. The talking heads just get dazzled by what he's doing in college without stopping to think... wait, does this actually translate to the NFL? Because consistently holding the ball for 4+ seconds doesn't. You can't do that in the NFL. We know he checks every physical talent box and then some. I just don't know if he can speed up his processing and he's going to have to.
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