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  1. I'd be willing to give a cat elf a look at OL or QB.
  2. My Amazon Prime just crashed. Oh well. This game was trash anyway.
  3. Me coming home baked as fug on Halloween and triggering my own alarm system
  4. If I'm a QB needy team this offseason, I think I'm waiting to see who Rhule and company want to target so that I can definitively know who I definitely do NOT want. Jesus, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold suck. What's most frustrating? Many of us saw it coming with both of them and our very highly paid decision makers didn't. Yikes.
  5. I really wish Darnold was playing well enough for me to enjoy this and talk poo. Alas, he is most definitely not.
  6. And that's why Teddy throws checkdowns on 3rd down. LOL @ that weak ass arm
  7. Teddy actually just threw a really nice ball. Maybe 20ish yards, so a bomb by Teddy's standards.
  8. If we went with a vet, I either wanted to trade for Minshew or sign Trubisky. I thought either would've been a better option and they would've been much cheaper. And yes, I would've drafted Fields. We'll see how he ends up turning out.
  9. Is Troy Aikman really trying to suggest that Case Keenum was gonna put a move on Justin Simmons in the open field? Okay. LOL!
  10. Uh oh. It's windy. Not good for Teddy's floaters.
  11. And let's be honest, probably suck. Teddy would turn into Darnold between the 20s and Darnold would turn into Teddy in the redzone. LOL!
  12. Cleveland just having their way early on.
  13. Yep. That's Teddy! I was only partially joking when I said that you could have a pretty damn good offense if you used Teddy between the 20s and Darnold in the redzone.
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