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  1. Samuel was supposed to be that guy he just never really developed as a WR. Not developing WRs is kind of a long standing Panthers tradition.
  2. I love Corey and he was a fuging BALLER. I run into him weekly. But in terms of sheer athleticism this kid has him beat by a significant margin. Those teams were RIDICULOUS though. That was literally a D1 college team on a HS court and they were all homegrown kids. They were the highest ranked publicly team in the country
  3. I honestly think Ginn was who he always was, he just had more opportunities with us because we were so bad at WR. Most teams have others guys they'd rather target than a guy only catching 45% of his targets.
  4. I'm only looking at him as a stop gap and veteran mentor. Hell, he might even pull a Woodson and move over to FS. If Jackson's recovery is looking promising it's the exact type of bandaid we could benefit from both in the present and the future with him there to set an example for our youngsters. But I honestly doubt he'd have much interest in coming here.
  5. Do we? Ginn was our leading WR with barely over 700 yards while only catching 45% of his targets. Cotchery was an established vet known commodity. Funchess also caught less than 50% of his targets. Greg Olsen carried the receiving weight on that team. Meanwhile Cam won an MVP while our WRs left more potential yardage off the books than any other unit in the league.
  6. Patrick Peterson is a guy we should be interested in though I'm not sure he'd be interested in us as he would probably rather chase a ring. I say we should be interested because we have a lot of young DB talent and it'd be awesome to have a future HOFer in the locker room and position group meetings with them. All the whole alleviating our immediate need at CB and giving DJ an opportunity to rehab and see if he can come back from that Achilles.
  7. Loved Proehl as a player, but what WRs actually developed during his stint here as a WR coach?
  8. Speaking of youth basketball, I'm telling y'all if you get a chance to watch Freedom High School do it. I've seen Freedom have far better teams but they have two of the freakier athletes I've ever seen on a HS basketball court and I've seen a ton of D1 guys come through. The best player of the two is only a sophomore so you'll have two more years to see him unless he ends up going the prep school route which is rare for a Freedom player. I'm telling you, freaky. That kid is maybe 6'2" ish and can get his head to the rim.
  9. Yeah, the guys who eventually get full control are generally proven NFL winners with a SB ring or two or more on their fingers. Not guys who racked up wins against unranked college teams at Baylor and Temple while losing to every actual good team they faced.
  10. It's the norm for a reason. Let the coach focus on coaching and let the GM focus on roster building. Yeah, it's a collaborative effort but both jobs are full time plus jobs.
  11. I had to learn more about real estate transactions than I ever wanted to know due to my first house purchase and a useless realtor. If it hadn't been for our mortgage broker we would've never made it to the finish line. Fortunately he was recommended to us by another realtor who took pity on us and helped us. I used that realtor for the sell and it went off without a hitch at the absolute peak of COVID lockdowns.
  12. This "he can get better" idea regarding a QB with amole NFL starting experience is the same trap we fell into with Sam Darnold. Guys generally don't make big leaps after they've had 3 or 4 years of starting experience. They usually are what they are at that point. The Geno Smith example in Seattle this year is very much the exception. Our experience with Darnold is the norm. And even Geno really came back down to earth in the last third of the season.
  13. It's just a dick move from Peyton. Either hire the guy or let the guy interview for other jobs. That's the decent thing to do but Sean Payton has never struck me as a decent person.
  14. They're just absolutely flailing and failing to figure out how to make the Pro Bowl a relevant ratings grabbing spectacle. They've done a great job at that with the draft but they can't figure out how to replicate it with the Pro Bowl. It just feels like a distraction from the Super Bowl IMO. They could build more compelling stuff simply focusing on the upcoming Super Bowl. They should honestly consider moving all the Pro Bowl stuff to the dregs of the off-season in July when people are starving for football content.
  15. I expect rumors to get floated about the Panthers targeting damn near every draft eligible QB between now and draft day since it's blatantly obvious what our biggest draft need is.
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