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  1. If Baker keeps sucking we'll likely see Darnold at some point and he'll almost certainly end up sucking significantly worse.
  2. I think Carr is criminally underrated after being significantly overrated early in his career. I think he's a borderline top 10 QB. He's not their problem. Not in the least. But what would he cost? Honestly, Rhule is done. I'd rather just wait and let the next crew make their own moves.
  3. My in-laws live in Davenport which is west of Orlando. Not gonna be a fun but the real killer in hurricanes is usually the storm surge and obviously none of that inland. They have a generator large enough to power the whole house if need be.
  4. I hope it doesn't hit Hunting Island. Man, that last major hit they took wrecked that island. Probably my favorite spot in SC and I'm planning on heading down there in early December.
  5. Turf is about keeping the owners happy. A lot easier to use the stadium for other profitable events like major concerts with a turf field.
  6. If you win games you're going to be marketable. What is highly marketable about Tom Brady other than winning games? He's marketable because he wins. Russel Wilson just signed a $250M contract and he might be the driest personality on Earth.
  7. QB. Look at the salaries. That tells you which the NFL perceives as the more important, harder to find piece. Look at Ron without Cam. Look at Seifert here without Montana or Young. Look at McCarthy without Rodgers. HC is very important but an elite QB is more important
  8. He may be. But Daniel Jones isn't. They look like a 7ish win team to me.
  9. Brutal drop from Ceedee Lamb. Beautifully drawn up play. Beautiful throw. It's like he didn't even know the ball was coming. Hit him right in the bread basket and he didn't even react. Was a walk in TD.
  10. The primetime games the past couple weeks have just flat out fuging sucked. Can't really sugarcoat it.
  11. Looked like the personal protector didn't compensate for the punter's required shortened drop due to being in the back of the end zone. Surprised the punter didn't notice it prior to the snap and tell him to GTFO of the way.
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