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  1. Yeah, they sucked a lot worse without him. They were 2-3 with him and scored 30+ in 4 of those 5 games and we're competitive in all. They only scored 30+ three more times last season after he went down and they were playing bad teams in all three.
  2. The way he looked down the stretch, the rest of the NFL is probably really hoping he does come back.
  3. Remember why I was down on Herbert though. It was all about that offensive system. I said over and over that he checks every physical trait box. Jones checks none other than height at 6'3".
  4. There's a lot to like about Wilson, Fields, and Lance. But there are legit concerns about all three as well. Bottom line, if we draft one of them I'm just gonna hope we made the right call.
  5. Oh, it's an extreme long shot. I'd be very surprised if Wilson gets traded and if he did get traded, I would expect him to go to the Raiders. I'm sure the Seahawks would prefer to trade him to the AFC and that was the only AFC team on Wilson's list. Plus, that just seems like a very Jon Gruden move to make.
  6. There are only 3-5 true top tier QBs in the league at any given time. Is everyone else "settling"? If the Cowboys trade for Wilson (which is the only way Dak would be available), they're gonna have to let Dak walk. They can't afford to trade for Wilson AND do a tag and trade on Dak. You wouldn't have to trade anything.
  7. He's have to pass a physical before any deal was concluded.
  8. No, he's not a top tier QB, but he's in that next tier and that next tier is plenty good enough to win a SB. He's only going to be available if the Cowboys trade for Wilson which is an extreme long shot. But in that scenario, he's going to be able to be signed as a FA and we'd still have all our draft assets and could shift gears toward LT or CB at #8, or a trade down if one of the QBs slip. We have elite weapons, we just need OL help.
  9. Draft position is no longer relevant once a guy has shown what he can do in the NFL. Conditions are far from perfect in Dallas. Don't let the media hype every preseason fool you, that team sucks.
  10. The Texans sucked with Watson. We had some sucky years with Cam. An elite QB makes up for a lot, but it can't make up for everything.
  11. I would not be opposed to pursuing Dak. I'll admit, I always thought he was overrated until I saw how bad the Cowboys sucked without him.
  12. This is the place we have under contract.
  13. With the hard salary cap, free agency, and roster churn there's always some tweaking going on.
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