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  1. Oh, I get it. It gets a lot worse than CO too. That $700k in Evergreen, CO is $1M in Seattle. $2M+ in San Francisco.
  2. Yeah, understood. My point is that if it was anywhere near as aggressive those prices wouldn't be so low. $300k in Charlotte is $700k+ in the town I bailed from in CO.
  3. It's not. Yeah, Charlotte is experiencing a nice uptick but it's insane out west. If it was anywhere near as aggressive in Charlotte then the price points wouldn't be so much lower.
  4. What's going to bust the Denver bubble IMO is people realizing that the days of being able to feasibly take day/weekend trips to the mountains are basically over. Everyone moves out there for the mountain access. Without that, Denver is just another city with nothing to justify the rapidly becoming insane cost of living.
  5. Yep, you hit the nail on the head. Purgatory is the worst case scenario. At the end of the season we're left pretty sure Darnold isn't the answer and way too far down the draft order to have any shot at a Howell or Rattler. Better hope some other QB prospects emerge.
  6. It's time to see what we have, not give up future assets. It's feasible that we go into next off-season still needing a QB and a LT. As we well know, those don't exactly grow on trees.
  7. Fair has nothing to do with it. You just get off on authority figures. You have a bizarre complex. Seek help.
  8. I would hope his play last year wouldn't have his spot locked up. He was okay but I would expect that spot to be a competition.
  9. I think we're high on potential but we're light on proven NFL performance. We'll see how it works out.
  10. If Moton would just say "Yeah, I'm down for that." I think he would've already been announced as the LT. I think the staff thinks he can play LT and now it's about convincing Moton that he can play LT.
  11. What came out of his mouth first matters. I think Rhule kinda realized he said something a little too specific and then said they think he can play on the left too and that he could make an excellent guard, but when asked his initial comment was pretty strong. "We think he's a right tackle." And he indicated that they'd primarily been playing him there.
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