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  1. They just don't see like personality types that would be close buddies away from the game so I'm not surprised they kinda drifted apart. But then again, I have buddies who you'd probably think the same about me and them. Basically it's whatever. A lot of former teammates are gonna lose touch over the years. How many coworkers from past jobs from years ago do you keep up with? Now what percentage of former coworkers from past jobs does that make up? Exactly.
  2. There's no fixing it. We go through a couple times a day and clean them all out and ban the IPs. They just come back again tomorrow and do the same thing. *oh sorry, you meant the ads on the pages not the spam threads... eh, that's an Igo issue. None of us mods has any control over that whatsoever.
  3. To be honest the last time I clicked on this thread prior to today was on Sunday. I don't know what nonsense happened between them and now. LOL
  4. Well, you're wrong but other than that, nice article. As for the "Tepper simps" thing I honestly haven't seen it but over the past month or so I've probably seen 10% at most of the posts. I'm just not reading much right now. Not much going on. Off-season gonna off-season. It's almost always just useless sniping and dick measuring and it's worse when we suck.
  5. This. I sure wish we had taken the Rams' offer but that ship had sailed. I wish we had been able to get a better return for him but we were holding a much weaker hand at the time and we were basically in a position that we simply needed to move him for the best offer that we could get.
  6. A poster who literally only posts to criticize others' opinions complaining about toxicity. That's rich. Honestly, most of the toxicity subsided because most of the "cope brigade" packed up and left. There were some folks who just couldn't handle encountering a differing opinion and they finally realized it and left. It was for the best for everyone. Most of the folks left don't mind grappling with different opinions. Sure there's period of dunking and finger pointing and whatnot, but it's no longer every thread everyday.
  7. Yep, I was wrong on this one. But before dunking, maybe peruse your history of literally pure, unadulterated poo posting. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/profile/4377-icege/content/ You can't post without attempting the shot on someone else who has the fall to actually offer an opinion.
  8. To be fair, the "panthers suck wagon" is still up on the scoreboard by about 53 touchdowns. But the safe assumption fails one time and...
  9. I'm torn. On the one hand, I'm glad it's not another knee jerk Tepper Panthers firing or another high level employee bailing ship. On the other hand, this is just a really shitty situation and that sucks.
  10. I mean, there's a definite trend here. It is what it is. A revolving door of personnel and losses piling up. That's been the story of the Tepper era so far.
  11. I'll give Tepper the benefit of the doubt when he earns it. Until then, it sure seems like he has the opposite of the Midas touch when it comes to football. Everything he touches turns to dog poo.
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