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  1. Not sure how this Brown vs. Burns argument came to light anyway. The Burns long-term decision is this year. Brown still has two more years and then a potential third via the fifth year option. There's no pressing decision on Brown at all.
  2. I have two similar sized snapping turtles in my pond. They must both be males or females because no more are showing up. As long as it stays those two I'm cool. But I don't want a whole pond full of them.
  3. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Brown bounce back nicely. Seems like everyone has forgotten that he had a pretty promising rookie season. I expect the DL to take a step back in rushing the passer but take a significant step forward stopping the run. Having Reddick and Burns at DE gives you some serious speed to get after the QB with the serious tradeoff that your lacking significantly in run stuffing ability.
  4. He has certainly put his stamp on the football side of things. The most important one being the hiring of Matt Rhule and giving him final say.
  5. Tepper's first year was his best year when he focused on the business side of the house. In his second year he started putting his stamp on the football side of the organization. We've been a five win team ever since.
  6. He's produced literally the worst stretch of football in franchise history for a historically mediocre franchise in extremely short order. He had low standards to meet and blew the floor out.
  7. Based on what I saw in Seattle when I was last up there about a year ago, I wouldn't give you a $20 bill for it if I had to stay and live there.
  8. The WNC buyer's market is almost all outsiders. The property next door just went for $1.2M to horse nuts from Florida. Zestimate on our place has jumped to almost $650k. We bought it for $380k last year. The 3 bed 2 bath 2000 square foot house on 3/4 acre I sold in CO two years ago is estimated at almost $850k.
  9. That and being a mid-round pick by a coach likely to be on the hottest seat in the NFL is not exactly stellar job security. If you're gonna fall, you'd prefer to at least land in a stable organization.
  10. There's clearly a reason why he's not getting HC offers. Reid's last OC (Nagy) flopping spectacularly doesn't help his case. But there's gotta be more than just that. He's not interviewing well and/or teams are digging up stuff that turns them off... or maybe they all just find a candidate they simply prefer. Sure seems like there's something else though with as many times as he's been considered and passed over, then again Ron Rivera found himself in that same spot for years before we finally hired him.
  11. At some point it has to. There comes a point where housing is just unaffordable for the masses and the folks planning on bailing out of expensive markets and heading to less expensive markets flush with cash have already made that move.
  12. Identity was a great movie that seems forgotten. Wild Hogs is still one of my favorite bad movies.
  13. It is impossible not to contribute to oil companies in some manner in today's environment. That's just reality. But there's a big difference between that and being an active stockholder. You can't with any shred of intellectual honesty claim to give a single fug about the environment while holding big oil stock in the same way that you can't claim to give a single fug about improving our broken healthcare system while holding big pharma stocks.
  14. We're probably already in a housing bubble. I don't see the harm in throwing an '09 style mortgage crisis on the bonfire.
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