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  1. Tonight, the "wonder how we beat anyone" version has shown up so far.
  2. It always baffled me that he got an NFL HC offer when he did. It wasn't like he had great success in college. He's fared better than I expected at the NFL level. Given the insane pay given out at the college level recently, the guy might get himself a substantial raise if the Cardinals fired him.
  3. Understandable considering David Carr and Teddy. His hand size is going to be overblown during the whole pre-draft process but it's still a concern.
  4. Dave, you bought a mediocre franchise that never achieved consistent success but did have sporadic success. You promised that you wouldn't settle for mediocrity. Well, you haven't. You've turned us into a doormat and a laughing stock. Keeping Rhule isn't refusing to settle for mediocrity. It's settling for being a bottom feeder. Your best "success" as an owner came in your first season before you began putting your stamp on the football side of the organization. Since then, it's just gotten worse and worse. The stamp you put on the football organization:
  5. There's no way the Steelers are dumb enough to trade for Kirk Cousins. The Broncos? Maybe. The Panthers? Definitely. Imagine getting suckered into terrible QB trades in back to back offseasons by the NY Jets and the Detroit Lions. I mean if we're in a race to establish ourselves as hands down the worst organization in the NFL, that's how you'd do it
  6. Why did you click and comment on a clearly titled thread? We don't care that you don't care jackass.
  7. Good for her. I wish her and her family well. She did a great job but it couldn't have been a fun job in recent years.
  8. I hate to tell y'all, but simply fixing the OL is not going to fix our current mess. We have the worst QB situation and worst coaching situation in the league. An OL ain't fixing that.
  9. I don't get the talk of Pickett's processing speed. When he has to go past his first read he seems slow to me. That's concerning for a fifth year college player.
  10. It's not just Murray. This entire team is out of sorts. There's just nothing going right for them. Everything looks off. This team wasn't ready to play tonight.
  11. Man, this is so fuging bad. The Cardinals just didn't show up tonight and they're getting taken to the woodshed. Probably about to be 28-0.
  12. OMG... the Rams have 21 points and the Cardinals have -1 total yards.
  13. Ahahahaha!!! What the FUG was THAT??!!!
  14. If the Rams score here I'll probably go ahead and bow out of this one. I've only watched two wildcard games to completion this year. Just blowout after blowout. Uninteresting to watch as a casual fan.
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