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  1. Yeah, that's what everyone thought back in the '08-'09 mortgage crisis housing crash. Fast forward 15 years and it's magnitudes worse. If it crashes those same capital ghouls are just gonna snatch up even more of the housing and have even more control over pricing.
  2. Well, I see we're deep enough into the off-season to forget our trauma and delude ourselves again.
  3. Xavier Legette is 15 months older than Jonathan Mingo. He's less than a year younger than Ja'Marr Chase who is going into NFL year 4.
  4. Yeah, when you're having to pitch potential on a COVID bonus year prospect that's a massive red flag. When you didn't show up in college until you were the age of a lot of 2nd or even 3rd year NFL players... uh oh. To put it into perspective, DJ Johnson is only six months younger than Brian Burns.
  5. Yep. Joe Burrow is a unicorn. He's the only guy who fits the mold that I lived as a prospect.
  6. So, this ditch kitty is completely obsessed with running water. Turn on a sink anywhere in the house and he'll come running even if he was fast asleep to try to drink the running water and slap at it. He will try to get into the shower with you. He is also all about climbing into your chest when you're lying in bed and laying all up in your face. Orange kitty wants to snuggle up beside you, ditch kitty wants to lay on you and all up in your face.
  7. We have enough needs to honestly just take the best player available with every pick. There's not a position group on our roster where a decent late round pick would struggle to earn a roster spot, sad as that is.
  8. Yeah, I had no idea who DJ Johnson even was then when I looked up that he was 25 years old and had bounced all over the roster with minimal pass rushing experience and production it was a real WTF moment. Just a 100% measurables pick. Which is also why he'd bounced all over the roster in college, just a coaching staff trying to find a fit for a talented athlete with nothing sticking.
  9. No it doesn't. I'd just make the pick if that's the best we could get.
  10. You have what, 18 hours or so to mull it over? You'd be crazy not to field the calls and consider the offers. If I'm a team wanting to move up though, I'm honestly trying to get back into the bottom of the 1st for that 5th year option. But our phone is gonna be ringing. Pick it up.
  11. Gotcha. You mean when we're literally in the clock at #33. I think everyone already understands that. What everyone else is talking about is that we're effectively "on the clock" as soon as the #32 pick is made even though it will be the next day before we are actually "on the clock".
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