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  1. Yeah, I don't see him working out at the NFL level.
  2. I doubt it. But I fully expect looks with both of them in the backfield.
  3. There were other teams (including the Saints) that expressed interest in The Golden Calf of Bristol in a role that wasn't a traditional QB, whether that was as a TE or a Taysom Hill type role. He just wasn't interested until his old college coach pitched it.
  4. Yeah, I think he's probably one of those guys who is a good college player but just doesn't translate to the NFL. There's a lot of them.
  5. I'm optimistic about the team as a whole. I'm pessimistic that the answer is on the roster at QB.
  6. I think so too. With the money he should have in the bank I doubt he's going to be willing to play for what teams are willing to offer and that's why he's still unsigned. Maybe a rash of injuries will get someone to significantly change the number but I doubt it.
  7. I can't see it happening. BUT, of he's willing to come back for vet minimum, sure. I just wouldn't be willing to go much if any higher than that.
  8. I'm just talking about reality. If you keep failing at a core component of the job at some point someone higher than you gets involved, either to try to help fix the issue or by determining you're the issue. If you can't find a franchise QB in today's NFL you aren't going to consistently compete. Tepper knows that. He's let them identify the QB's of their choosing this far, but if Darnold flops something significant is going to change in the process of identifying the next guy.
  9. But if your philosophy is "coach, GM, and QB" and they keep bringing you trash at QB at some point you either get more involved in that QB input or you find new solutions at coach and GM.
  10. If Darnold turns out the way I think, Rhule and company might be hoping it happens at some point because it can't keep being their fault they strike out on QBs.
  11. Doesn't take much evaluation to look at a guy like Deshaun Watson and say "Hey, that guy's pretty good. Let's go get him." Draft prospects are a very different ballgame. Hell, everyone sucks at evaluating them. Some just suck worse than others.
  12. I don't think that was gonna be the case had all those allegations hadn't surfaced on Deshaun Watson.
  13. Their coach is a 68 year old cancer survivor. It's a bit different of an approach.
  14. I just can't see it. All this talk about the long-term plan. Acknowledging how adding Teddy was a mistake in terms of building for the future. Adding a soon to be 38 year old QB? I just can't see it. Don't get me wrong, I think Darnold is a big mistake, but at his age and with his raw talent, he at least fits the mold of that long-term build for the future outlook.
  15. Yep. Late round gems are always like that. It's not stroke of brilliance. That team wildly undervalued that prospect too.
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