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  1. There is a theory floating around that Euron hired a faceless man to kill Balon, possibly using the dragon egg he found as payment
  2. There were 82 replies on the 2013 NASCAR Chase thread There are 140 replies on the summer transfer thread (nothing to do with the World Cup), and most transfers dont even happen until August
  3. New TWOW chapter released today, from Arya's perspective so it wont spoil any other storylines http://www.georgerrmartin.com/excerpt-from-the-winds-of-winter/
  4. Speaking of crazy conspiracy theories- this one might be my favorite so far Oh god it almost makes too much sense! Why does he leach his skin all the time? Hes simply helping maintain the blood flow to keep his new skin alive. Which of course means the flayed man of house Bolton, is Roose himself
  5. Not gonna lie, the "Tree guy is turning Bran evil" theory makes a lot of sense when presented like that. Why else would Coldhands be helping them? (Not to mention all the shady poo he was doing on their journey up there). But if you buy into the idea that Bran is eating Jojen's blood, then are the Cranogmen in on the plan to use Bran? They started making the paste a while ago, and Meera was the one who always made it
  6. I finished the books last week (and just read through this thread), so fug it imma bump this poo. To add some speculation of my own- I think Dany finding herself stranded out in the Dothraki Sea is going to finally change her into the person we've always wanted her to be. She realizes that Mereen will never change, and that it is not her home. More importantly, she realizes that "Dragons plant no trees," and that she is finally going to accept that she is a Targaryen and finally unleash those motherfuging dragons. But I feel like shes going to waste some time with that khalisar she just ran in to, and Victarion is going to come in and use that dragon horn to control her other dragons. Setting up a MOTHERfugING DRAGON FIGHT between Drogon and those two bitch dragons Okay maybe thats just my hope
  7. Yeah, this snow is really powdery! I've never seen snow like this around here, we always get really wet snow
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