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  1. I vote Harry Doyle. He would be awesome!
  2. There is something we can do about it. Voice our opinion and hit Tepper where it hurts, the wallet. Refuse to go to BoA and watch or support this trash product. Let’s see how well it looks when PSLs are renewed next year. It could be the return of the blackout, that will get his attention.
  3. Oh we are getting on this train, just not this year. It will be sometime mid season next year. Especially, once all quality replacement candidates are employed elsewhere.
  4. lol oh ok, let’s see if we were to land Harbaugh we more than likely would move to a 3-4 base, thus moving Burns and Reddick (if retained) back to OLB. However, we would need to get a few more Bravvion Roy’s for DEs, and that will take a season or two. That is with Harbaugh. Rebuilding will happen regardless of who replaces Rhule. It’s not amateur talk to think it may take an additional season or two to adjust to a scheme and playbook change.
  5. If you want to win now (1-2 seasons), then it is Harbaugh. If you want to wait (3-5 seasons) then someone else. Harbaugh can get more of what we have, while a new coach will more than likely require more players and scheme adjustments. Last I looked winning curse most problems. I want a winner, do you want a winner?
  6. And that would do fugging wonders for us. If we could attempt a 35 yard pass at least twice a game, the other team would have to respect it. So far our napkin playbook can’t even win in paper football, especially when your thumpers broken. Its like our offense comes from Oodles of Doodles.
  7. Trust the process of missed opportunities, but hey, it is what it is.
  8. All those other teams are going to appreciate us losing games to boost our/their draft positions.
  9. We have to put our selves in unpredictable situations. It is pretty easy when it’s constantly 3-10 or more, the other team knows your passing and they know they can blitz because you don’t have a burner. That’s why it is critical to run the football effectively.
  10. Actually I do love it. We are trying not to be predictable. I’m ok throwing out if 23 personnel.
  11. Only thing wrong is it should have been run, run, run, punt.
  12. We should just run every play. I’m not sure why we are even trying to pass. Coach is clueless.
  13. I am unsure how you lose the locker room and get another year, what kind of process is that?
  14. You mean chaturbate! lol
  15. You could also be secretly applying for your next head coach role. Dennis Allen is a solid HC candidate.
  16. It amazes me that so many NFL teams devalue the tackle position. I suppose most of those GM's think that the position doesn't match the intrinsic value? After all Tackles are getting paid!! I suppose if you have a franchise QB in the backfield one would think that you would protect that, but alas not every GM, they want to spend that money elsewhere. Rookie contracts are cheap, but based on where they are drafted they can still be high. Draft position is becoming more about actual field position based on rookie contracts. ex. Would you draft a RB in todays game at number 1?
  17. Thanks for helping me out, my 35 years experience wasn't working. I think you missed my point, and I certainly missed yours. I am talking about a cohesive line, we cant replace two guards and a center with rookies and expect to compete. We will still need to pick up a vet or two. Lets be honest, this staff doesn't have that kind of time, we both know that, expect a mixture.
  18. Oh, that is great, Hi! 6 out of the 26 that were drafted. It will still take them 2-4 years to peak, but Hi! Im not saying you cant get a starter, I am saying you cant form a solid oline with 3 rookies starting. We will still need to pick up a veteran or two.
  19. Folks don’t realize it takes 2-4 years to get up to speed on the oline. Some players have to gain weight, some have to hit the weights. Even if you drafted all oline, you really would not see that bear fruit until the second season. We will have to mix up draft picks and veteran players. However, other than Moton and Christiansen everyone else can take a hike.
  20. We need to hire Harbaugh, that’s what I pray happens. We fire Rhule, and go get Harbaugh. He could turn us around in 2-3 years, otherwise it will be a moving 5 year window.
  21. While the Panthers look at their empty stands, clueless coaches, and think, trust the process, its working.
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