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  1. I think it is more than enough to win the south, with a ? under center. This is a dangerous NFL team on offense.
  2. Yes this is a big d deal, get Chark and we are cooking.
  3. I really wished that reporters would tell us after the event, not before. I hope this doesn’t jinx us tonight.
  4. Someone call Chara’s old slow a$$. He was good for two things, wearing wingers out and the hardest slap shot in the game.
  5. I am distantly related to his wife. There is a nice place off Jekyll Island, where she has ties, that’s my guess or Florida.
  6. Also, Drury has been recalled from Chicago. Sounds like Svech may be out for a little bit.
  7. The guest for the last canes corner has been changed from Svechnikov to Martinook. Hum, wonder if he is injured more than are letting on?
  8. fug it I will leave, this constant whining makes it unbearable to even read this $hit.
  9. I disagree. We have the second best record in the league. I understand the trade deadline is underwhelming for some, especially compared to other seasons, but man, enjoy what we currently have.
  10. This place has become almost unbearable. It is now more negative than Reddit.
  11. Sabastian Aho 25-years old, contract expires 24/25 Andrei Svechnikov-22 years old, contract expires 29/30 Jesperi Kotkaniemi 22 years old, contract expires 29/30 Seth Jarvis-21 years old, contract expires 23/24 Pyotr Kochetkov-23 years old, contract expires 26/27 Martin Necas-24 years old, contract expires 23/24 Jacob Slavin-28 years old, contract expires 25/26 Jalen Chatfield-26 years old, contract expires 22/23 This year!! (We must resign, dude is playing lights out, may be one of our best defenseman) If think we are in pretty good shape. Jordan Staal and Chatfield are the ones I most most concerned about. I’m not sure how much Jordan has left (desire) in the tank. Also, Burns is sign through next 2 seasons 24/25.
  12. Most of our core players or 25 or younger, we are set up for the next 4-5 years.
  13. We dominated Anaheim in every category but goals, and Pesce is responsible for two of them. Pesce has been bad the past several weeks, the sky is not falling. We will be fine.
  14. The only way we will get Timo is if he signs a contract extension. I don’t think it is realistic to give up a first rounder, and two prospects, for a rental player. It is just too much to give up for very little return, besides blocking New Jersey.
  15. They may be loading up, but chemistry and line switching is a bitch. It may take those teams a month or two to get chemistry right between lines.
  16. I know Waddell wants something more than a rental, but I am hearing Patches wants to give it another try next year, hum. If we got Timo and Patches with this core, wow.
  17. Starting to think we stay put, just to costly to pick Meier up. I really don’t want to part with our current lineup.
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