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  1. While I concur about stopping the run, putting our defense in 3-3 stack did not help. We also, had poor tackling skills at the linebacker and corner position (looking at you Donte Jackson). If we improved at the LB level, and we give our Dline less space to defend, I suspect our run D will improve drastically.
  2. Thank you good Sir, this is my biggest concern. Last year may have been the worst Panther LB I have seen in a long time, if not ever.
  3. What does Steve Smith have to do with this?
  4. I think he may have been smoking those happy trees. lol
  5. That's why I mentioned, Brady. Rodgers going up against Brady twice in one year and seeing who can win the division. It could be an enticing offer, of course the Saints would be attractive too.
  6. I think we have one advantage, well us, the falcons and the saints. We are in the division with Brady, that alone could attract a marquee QB. Who knows, but we could swing for the fence. Let's see those brass balls Tepper has been going on about.
  7. Funny this came out on draft night, you know this was on purpose. I smell moving draft picks, tonight may be the craziest draft in recent years.
  8. It is easy to poo on a 5'8" WR. Often times in the NFL you have to win the jump ball as a WR, so I hope he has a 43" vertical, otherwise he has some big shoes to fill in order to measure up to the other 5'9" WR I know.
  9. Then I am positive I have been a patron. I have hit every BBQ joint in this area. Carter Brothers, Country BBQ, Stamey’s, Lexington, Speedy’s, Fursty’s, Prissy Polly’s and Short Sugars. Are you in this list?
  10. Kristen was very smart by not forcing him to choose on BBQ. My god that could have ended Sam's Carolina career, or at least destroyed his jersey sales.
  11. Now 18 women have come forward and defended Watson, saying that he has been nothing but professional during their massage sessions. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31171819/two-more-lawsuits-filed-houston-texans-deshaun-watson-pushing-total-21
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