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  1. You can't have my cornbread, thats for dang sure, cause you try to take my cornbread part 2 of my killing spree goin begin right now.
  2. It is absolutely this, those emails were form seven years ago and they are just being brought up? Someone has been holding this against him for a long time. I’m sure he will not get a booth job now. Cancel culture strikes again. This should have happened seven years ago, not now.
  3. I believe Marshall being drafted was a 3D chess move against the Saints. It was known that Marshall was extremely high on their board and with Michael Thomas having questions and issues, it made sense. It still does. We made our bed this year, it is still not over. There is a long ways to go in the season.
  4. Wow Jaycee and Sean Payton must be the same person. I read this same story about Payton on this board, a few years ago. Identical. Copy pasta
  5. I completely understand the worry about not drafting more OL during last years draft. However, it takes a while to get up to speed at those positions, and we need some serviceable veterans. I think we should be more active in Free agency next season and add linebacker to that list.
  6. CJ Had tight coverage, it was just a great route and great throw. This is the NFL it happens. We are going to be nasty, imagine us against Tampa now! Wow
  7. I’ll own it. We lost to a better team today. No need for trash talk. I think we will run it back again in the playoffs, see you then. Thanks for the tape, and the blackboard material. You have a good team, but it will not be the same team by years end.
  8. Dallas is a really good team. I think we may see them again, in the playoffs. He who laughs last, so be careful pumping your regular season win. Dallas played better than we did today, different game with Horn and CMC. I think we will see y’all again, so I’ll save this one for later.
  9. He is from Atlanta, enough said.
  10. And his streak of 300 passing yards continues. I know this loss hurts, but we are good team, a damn good team, that will get better. Sam is definitely worth the trade!
  11. Totally disagree. Dallas is one of the top 3 teams in the NFC. Pats are a middle of the road team. Cardinals are questionable to me. It’s all up to Kyler Murray, you let him stretch a play out your doomed. Make him a pocket passer and have to see over the line, you got a shot.
  12. This is hilarious. Playing a good Dallas team, in their house, and against questionable officiating, it could have been much worse. Their coaches had a thing or two saved for the 3rd quarter. We are a good to great team. We get Horn and CMC back we will make it in the playoffs and probably win a game. Next year watch out, fix the O-Line and get another line backer and this will be a great team.
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