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  1. Dang, Burns, Chinn, Robby Anderson, DJ Moore, Derick Brown, and CMC. According to Williams y’all are “nothing”. Someone should scoop slam his a$$ and drop the leg on him.
  2. Zod, if your watching or listening, please bring back the 100 post minimum. I know some posters are excited to join a community but the redundant amount of info is becoming miserable. The huddle should be a source of topics and good inside information, not conjecture and posts after posts of the same material.
  3. Don’t care, I’d release him before the new NFL league year. In other words, I would fire him on his day off. lol
  4. Whitehead, you gave up too many yards including while on the bench. Happy trails....
  5. Mr Scot, I value your opinion. However in this case look at the Saints? Constantly kicking the can down the road to the point their fans aren’t even concerned. I know Hurney was different, but come on 90 Million in the red, now 50 Million thanks to Brees restructure. I want to say we should be concerned but somehow those backwood hicks make it work. Yo Fitterer get to work pronto.
  6. Seems to me I remember something about that, old age caught up to me. I think it stemmed from Sam Mills conversation, if he were elected would he go in as a Saint? Peppers definitely goes in first ballot as a Panther.
  7. The better question will be, does he go in as a Panther? Answer, Yes and Yes.
  8. I dislike him, because he is that damn good. One of the most elusive, and accurate QB while on the move, I have ever seen. Age is catching up to him though, so he can’t keep living on bootlegs and scramble drills.
  9. Not going to lie, it would change this organization instantly. In my opinion Wilson is one of the most clutch, crazy accurate QB’s I have ever seen. He is money.
  10. You know wha' they say: See a broad to get that bodiac lay'er down an' smack 'em yack 'em
  11. I gone read dem contracts and saw dat his contract be too much. We have no offensive line, no money to buy more. Give too much draft spots.
  12. I think Stafford would give us a better chance to compete quickly. Watsons contract and trade requirements would set us back 4-5 years. We could compete with Stafford in 1-2 years. Longevity is the big problem, Stafford has 5 years left tops, Watson has 10-12 years left. Question is do we want to win now and need to retool faster, or take the 5 year plan?
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