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  1. It’s a bit more than that. There are depth layers, hot routes, etc. I agree we need more separation, but these deeper routes take time. Bryce needs to look more at his TEs and RBs. If 10-20 isn’t open check down. Frank needs to do a better job of scheming these guys open. Anyways, Young is playing as I expected. However, I think ATL and NO have really good secondaries as well. It will get better, he is a rookie.
  2. I was very impressed with yesterdays game. Young may be holding the ball too long waiting for things to develop, is my only gripe. Make no mistake, this game was lost on the double penalty BS, at the 1 yard line. The turnovers will get corrected. Next year, and the 3rd year will be exciting.
  3. Huddle is at it’s best. No shortage of doom and gloom for one game in a 17 game schedule. I actually think we have played a tremendous game. Young looks like a rookie, it will be that way for half a year. However, this defense has played very well.
  4. LOL, I love you guys. No shortage of entertainment!
  5. Oh you will see plenty of MC, and I believe it will be with the 2s before preseason week 1.
  6. New QB, new system, new line for Dalton. He should get more reps this week and next to get a feel of the players, the timing, the line calls, then transition to MC.
  7. Yep and we will have to pay Chatfield if we want to keep him. He is slowly becoming my favorite defenseman, next to Burns.
  8. Word on the street is the we are trying to get a steal on EK65. If we can’t get a steal, we will be moving on shortly. I suspect this will iron itself out sometime this week.
  9. Orlov was Pesce’s replacement. EK would be for defensive goals.
  10. lol, canes country definitely refreshing Twitter every 30 seconds or so.
  11. Orlov is the difference, trust me on this one. He could still go with Ottawa, but they have to clear up DeBrincats, first, which is also adding to the delay. I still think Orlov here makes the difference, even if it is a 2 year deal going for the cup.
  12. I think it is the same verbal agreement that TDA has at the moment, could it change absolutely. However, Don has done exactly what Dundon ask him to do, push the chips in. We are about all in. Let’s see how this shakes out. I’m excited just for Bunting, Orlov, and extending Aho. Everything else is cherries on top.
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