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  1. Too many shots from 20 feet or more. We need to get in close, and force their defense.
  2. Man the kid can’t catch a break. Get well soon Cohen, love from Aggie land.
  3. Dexter Manley also comes to mind, but he is not in the hall of fame. He was as destructive of a Defensive End as I have ever seen in late 80’s. He would take bumps between series, and take Sudafed to beat the drug test.
  4. Filthy Yorkers, I hope we crush them Yankees.
  5. I still feel that 1C may have been concussed after game 6. He made terrible decisions and I have never seen Aho play that bad. It wasn’t just Bergeron.
  6. This is the worst I have seen Aho play, in all the years I have watched him.
  7. Actually this is part of the problem. Aho has not been right since that hit, and Svech isn’t really playing offense during this series.
  8. This is actually getting hard to watch. Man, bad plays everywhere and no energy.
  9. Jarvis, Drury, Svech, Aho, Bear and Kotkaniemi <- Wow all under 25. Present and Future are bright.
  10. So many good young players. Carolina will be hell for many years, barring injuries of course.
  11. Either there are only a few fans that are watching this forum, or everyone is at the game! lol We need another goal to give us some room.
  12. Can’t wait to see all them pancakes he will be serving.
  13. It takes 2-3 years to groom a NFL QB. Cam Newton did not have a winning season until season 3. That is our biggest issue, we are still a ways away.
  14. You can’t have my gotdamn cornbread. You mess with my cornbread and part 2 of my killing spree will start up in here. You best get the taste out your mouth.
  15. Yeah right, he can watch his stadium be about 3/4 full because Panther fans are out of patience. We have the wine and cheese crowd and most only cheer when we are winning. We are 2-3 years away and no QB left can change that only a vet with experience can have us competing this year.
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