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  1. We are not a bad team, we have inept coaches making rediculous decisions. We have talent, just have the wrong OC, DC, and Head coach. We are constantly outcoached, and are unprepared almost every game.
  2. It is subjective, but the Panthers might not be as bad as they look. Any team with a strong running game, and good defensive pressure will be a force in the NFL. Garrett, Clowny and a Chubb are awesome pieces and they are dominant at their positions. Let’s see where the Browns finish but they look like contenders early on in the season. I know it is unpopular in this forum, but the Panthers are not that bad of a team. They make stupid and untimely mistakes but they are a dangerous team.
  3. Ah I am going to say that the Browns are a solid team. Top 1/3 in the NFL, even with Jacoby behind center.
  4. He saw a video of his wife on his favorite cuckold site.
  5. I actually think Baker will improve as the year goes on, but we need to see more Higgins and Shenaught. Need to see some more 22 and 10 personnel packages.The OC need to keep changing the personnel to at least create some matchup issues. CMC on a DB is a good matchup. Maybe we can really grow this week, lol.
  6. Dick Vermeil, Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells, Pete Carrol to name a few.
  7. Rub some dirt on it, Moton is on the dirt enough the last two weeks.
  8. I agree, let me be more clear. 5 db’s up to 3 safeties, 0 interceptions and how many PBUs? It’s hard to generate constant pressure with 3 linemen. If it is not working try something different. Snows situational football IQ, is in the single digits.
  9. You mean Phil Snow had a plan, to run a 3-3 and it has not worked. How can you have 5 guys in coverage and still give up this many passing first downs? Rhule is a puppet, Snow is the master. Unfortunately for us, Snow is a baiter.
  10. Some believe that a change in defensive philosophy would make a huge impact on the success of this team. The 3-3 is just not generating enough pressure on 3rd downs. If we could win 40% of the 3rd down battles we would be undefeated.
  11. If ever we get a turnover it would be the next game. Lobster fingers is coming to town, maybe someone can get a pick six.
  12. With the talent we have, we should be. However…….
  13. Question is how many times did the giants blitz? PFF grades per individual, so to get a better picture how many times did the giants send 5 or more? That is where the pressure is coming from. Hum, whose job is it to slide protection? Hum, interesting .
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