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  1. 50% discount on the jerseys! Just got me a new Chatfield (bastard better resign), for 210! It’s the authentic red!
  2. Pesce spends a lot of time lying on the ice, every game
  3. They took their time deciding on it. To much visual evidence, I know Toronto hated to call that in
  4. My feeling is Guentzel will try to resign back in Pittsburgh. Just a feeling.
  5. Some days just don’t go your way. Glad this is happening before the playoffs start.
  6. Chatfield is who we must resign.
  7. I guess so all shots are with little to no net front.
  8. This is his first year back on a pretty serious injury. I don’t question his drive or desire, but it may take him more time to trust his body again. I had that injury plus some, and it takes about 2 years to forget the injury. He will be fine.
  9. I hate the Capitals, I hate them more than Boston or Florida.
  10. Well, I have seen Jarvis skimp one knee at a time to get off the ice, and we still got to many men on the ice penalty. Pesce went down almost net front, making it incredibly difficult to defend. Also, you can’t rely on the refs for anything in that game, they were slashing almost everyone and getting away with it.
  11. Yeah Brett Pesce laying down for 30 seconds when the Caps scored their last goal, might be the cherry on top. I have been down on Brett this entire year, but that was ridiculous, if your injured get off the ice, laying down gave the opposition an advantage. I don’t care if we replace Pesce with Tony from here on out, we should bench Pesce and call up Coughlin.
  12. Unbelievably terrible officiating. 12 minutes of penalties and 2 waved goals.
  13. Refs won’t allow you to get out of the box. Worst calls I have seen this year
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