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  1. Yes, but what is his win loss record? 40-33-1. Way better than Rhule that is for sure. I have a feeling Reich was the right fit for us. Now the defense I am starting to worry about.
  2. I am stating that light DEs and backers will hurt you in run support, yes. I am stating that our next D coordinator may not used 3-3 stack, yes. I am saying we have some personnel that will be out of position and may not fit the mold weight wise, yes. I never stated that our personnel sucks, I am saying light DE’s can get pushed around in the run game. I love analytics too, but I don’t need to see them when it is 3rd down and your top DE is 10 yards down field in zone on a run play.
  3. I’m not knocking Phil Snow. What I am saying, is that unless our next DC wants to run a 3-3, or hybrid Nickel, we will need to change some personnel. We need another Mike bad, nothing against Shaq but I like Shaq better at Will, and he could be gone. We all have our preferences, but to build a defense to slow the run and really attack the pass, we didn’t do that well against the pass, more importantly on 3rd down. It felt like we had the worst 3rd down defense in the league, but we averaged 41%. Again we have pieces, but I have a feeling we will be extremely active in FA on the defensive side of the ball.
  4. I believe that was Phil Snows MO. Light backers to run his 3-3 stack, hybrid nickel Big Nickel, Little nickel. The DE’s, Will, or Sam backers can play zone coverage, which sucks in run support.
  5. Wow what character and grit. We were outplayed really for 2 periods. What a statement, we are a tough tough team.
  6. LA looks very fast. This may be a tough outing.
  7. I do, I remember Mr. Tepper smacking Nicole’s backside while Rhule was talking. She jumped about a foot and a half.
  8. Half true, they don’t come for advice they come for entertainment purposes.
  9. Yes this game was fixed. No doubt about it. It is horrible for the integrity of the game. Facts are it has been this way for years.
  10. It was a play off of Ed Hochuli when Cam Newton got destroyed. Cam got up and Ed told him, he wasn’t old enough to get that call, in 2015.
  11. You are not old enough to get that call.
  12. All I hear is people sucking off Mahomes. The referees decided this game. I don’t even like the Bengals, but they gave this game to KC.
  13. Horrible horrible officiated game, even worse than our Super Bowl.
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