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  1. If we're gonna be utilizing more RPO under Corral, then not trading CMC is correct. The threat of CMC can be felt on every snap in a new way, should lead to big plays for us.
  2. Part of me is saying there's no shot those are actual questions asked. Part of me knows that's probably at least some of the questions asked. Lol.
  3. God help Boston in the regular season next year. I'm betting on their being several fights and one will be Svech for sure. People riding Tony still bother me. By all accounts he's been a great teammate. He's played well since being here. If we have fans with a hate boner for him still, I truly don't get it. If it's over his past, people need to grow up and offer grace to people that they can change until they prove they haven't. It's just mind numbingly stupid.
  4. So I missed the game but apparently canes fans on Twitter were bitching about Tony this whole game? Anybody care to explain?
  5. Corral could be that guy. We don't really know yet. Check back on it after he's had half a season to start.
  6. So it took a while, but we've started building this team correctly. OL and QB start, then you build around that. What comes next? Not screwing them up. We have to develop Icky and Corral correctly and not ask more of them than they can realistically offer right now. This team is still shaky if only because of the moves on the roster and the system changes between Rhule arriving and now. We need to develop our youth correctly and let the rest of the pieces come together. It's literally what New England has done. Peripheral pieces on offense can be plug and play provided they are just good enough. Defensively, you have to get pressure and you have to stop the run. If you do that, you can get creative to cover up defincies. Fortunately, I like our skill one the corners, safety is still a TBD situation but we're no worse now than we have been, at a minimum. This team can compete within the next couple of years if Rhule's staff can develop young guys. If not, you'll see the product we saw last year over and over. I'm banking on this being Tepper's thought process, which is why I don't think this is a make it or break it year for Rhule. He gets through next season provided we don't go winless. Scary thought, but I don't see him getting the axe without the chance to show he can develop guys across a couple years.
  7. Boston blew their load last night in the first. They tried to beat us at our own game and our speed and conditioning showed superior. They couldn't stay aggressive with us, which lead to their dirtier play as the game went on. They're frustrated and trying to get in our heads. Only shot they have. It's 100% on us to finish this in the next two and get a break. We're the superior team, so avoid injuries and ejections and get it done
  8. His name is Sam Darnold. He never believed in ghosts until he came face to face with one. So he set out on a quest to capture what he once saw onto video.
  9. Question is....how healthy is Raanta really and can he continue this level of play?
  10. I gotta be honest, thought we were screwed in this playoff run without Freddie but I'm glad I was wrong. My son celebrated his first Canes goal on Jarvis's tip and I've never been a prouder father.
  11. Honest question. Have we seen Corral make reads and work through progressions? Literally every highlight I see is RPO and timing throws. He excels at it, but in the NFL you have to be more than that
  12. Yeah but first three rounds for a QB are "we believe you could be the guy". Obviously the intensity of that sentence lessens with each round and the financial ties lessen, but you don't trade up into the 3rd for a "let's see" guy at QB. Just my opinion. Value wise? Love the pick. In terms of the team and the future? Idk about it.
  13. If Corral works out, cool. Good for us. If he doesn't, god we'll look dumb and desperate and be drafting a QB next year. I think we should have went with Darnold this year and bet on a stronger QB class next year. Don't see Corral being the guy. Like him, seems like he's got some tools, but so did tons of QB busts. I like the aggressiveness on draft day but it was misplaced here IMO
  14. Nah he'll be back. The whole goddamn team is his support system, aside from his family. If he doesn't, if this does him in, nothing would save him.
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