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  1. D-Will did basically nothing his entire rookie season. He'll be fine folks.
  2. lightsout


    Game is a ton of fun. Really does hit that arena shooter itch without the lame that is CoD. Still has its weirdness with net code but otherwise, solid game. Hope Ubisoft doesn't fug it up after this first month of feedback.
  3. Different games even then. Back then, big bruising backs were still a thing so some naturally stout kids with speed played RB and tried to become that. Brooks grew up in a time where RB can be the skinny, shifty guy. Good news is college packed on muscle. Could keep adding
  4. I don't think so. I think once you're measuring electronically, the spot is where the sensor says it is. So if it says half yard short of the line to gain, that's the spot. Now how that works with scrums and the ball moving on two minute drills and poo is anybody's guess.
  5. From my understanding the side judge is still there Again side judge + booth official Again, officials. This tech is only for spotting down and distance
  6. Key is, Brooks runs big. Once he develops the power to be effective in that run style, watch out.
  7. He's a rookie. He'll be light this season and adjust his diet and training next off-season. Typical RB progression for smaller backs that aren't utilized similar to CMC types. Which Brooks won't be. I expect him at around 225 before season starts, depending how they're treating him. Which is only 10 lbs lighter than Stew in his rookie season.
  8. The only problem I have with it is this. Human judgements and human mistakes are what give life to sports. We all may have a more accurate game thanks to this, but I'd venture to guess we'll have a less enjoyable sport because of this.
  9. It's different when you're Tiger. He got to be the best pro with weird mechanics. Bryce got to be a really good college QB with his. Not the same. Bryce has the work ethic, I think, to learn correct form. Especially if the coaches are blunt with him and drill him on it every single day. If they can have him consistent in his mechanics every snap by preseason, the rest is easy. If not...Bryce isn't gonna be here long as the starting QB.
  10. This take is just us expecting monsters at QB thanks to Cam, Big Ben, Etc. they're the exception, not the rule. Brady wasn't resisting sacks. Peyton either. They just stood tall and delivered. That and he's 5'10" being tackled by dudes who are 6'2+ every time. It's always gonna look easy for them lol
  11. I don't think he added much muscle mass, but he's probably gained 5 lbs, just based on this and his pressers.
  12. Bryce has lanky dude bod. When relaxed, he's never going to look like he has much. When muscles are activated, he'll look jacked. It's fine. Dude definitely been lifting though. Good.
  13. I felt this deeply. My Brooks mock me daily.
  14. Now that we've established mowing is a fun, relaxing time for all of us, let's talk mowing shoes. I'm an old man in my mid-30s but I traded the monarchs for some sketchers boots and goddamn are they nice
  15. Always been the knock on him. He's so good but we're so often good in front of him that he gets cold quick. He needs a flurry in front of him to start each period or it's like watching a rookie taking his first start in the net in the playoffs. He makes a couple big saves and he's usually fine
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