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  1. I'm not saying we ought to, just feels like the kind of thing we'd do. Lol. I honestly don't think we're going to land one of the top QB names. Mac Jones isn't bad but I generally don't trust Alabama QBs.
  2. Gonna call this now. We're gonna trade back in the first, take Mac Jones mid-1st, pick up an additional third in that trade back which will be used on an OL. 2nd and other 3rd are going to be used on LB and DB. That's the move.
  3. So we know that the title is how the team views itself. We have a lot of unproven guys coming into the season, guys stepping up to fill in for veterans who are injured, guys who have been around the league and never stuck but are seeing impact here. One stat sort of tells the tale on the season thus far and proves the moniker. Average scoring margin. 1. Baltimore: 12.5 2. Tampa Bay: 11.4 3. Pittsburgh: 10.8 4. KC: 10.7 14. NO: 1.0 17. Carolina: -0.9 20. Atlanta: -3.3 Obviously I am not going to list them all, so I stuck with the top 4 and then went with where the division
  4. Here is THE takeaway at this point in the season: the offense has us in position to win every game if our defense could just get it done for that one possession. We didn't need our D to shutdown NO. We just needed 3 of those third downs to be stopped and force them to punt. They had something like 3x the amount of plays at one point? And the game was tied at that point I believe. That tells me our offense is getting it done, but our D can't get out of their own way. You force 14 third downs in any game, that's tough. You let them convert on 12 of those? You're sledding up hill to win.
  5. That flies at every level before the NFL. In the league, if you can catch it then you have to catch it. It was a catchable ball. If it wasn't for his other drops throughout the game I'd be more inclined to agree I think though.
  6. Snow tried really hard to cover deficiencies in our pass d with multiple looks I haven't seen us run. We ran 3-3-5 a few times with standup ends. We ran different variations of nickel. Man blitz, zone blitz, rolled coverage to disguise. Just didn't work. Didn't get the pressure Snow probably wanted aside from Burns and that is what ate us up. Think it was clear we were gonna give up the run to compensate for the pass and do Kamara got his. Still, we were in it until the end so I am not at all displeased with Snow's defense. We just lack talent in the back 7 in a few key pieces. Bos
  7. Just from a mental health perspective, I've mostly avoided the TB and mentions inside of it. I have an opinion that is more nuanced than "the cops did it because she's black" and no, it's not a straight out defense of the officers. I'm glad Kentucky banned no-knock warrants because aside from very extreme circumstances, they are overtly dangerous for all involved as we have seen from this case.
  8. He's literally hanging with Wilson, Josh Allen and Dak in every category but TDs. Like within a deviation of every stat.
  9. If teddy just had a few more TDs, he'd be in the top 5 QB argument right now. Stats don't lie. He's among the best right now. We lost one game due in large to the defense (Whitehead) literally giving it away
  10. First pick was bad. Second pick seemed like a miscommunication. Say what you want about Teddy, he isn't routinely, quarter to quarter throwing behind receivers. I think he thought DJ would squat that route where he was because he was soft rounding it and honestly, had he done that, it's a completion or a good pass breakup by the DB. Instead, he continues inside and the ball is gone. It's a chemistry thing that needs working out, and the same thing happened on a route last week with DJ. Not even faulting Teddy on the fumble, as bad as the OL was it's amazing he didn't lose the ball more.
  11. For sure there a severities of wrong...but at a base level, wrong is wrong. The point is that it happened. And it is shrugged at. It would appear morality is very flexible by you and others.
  12. You're literally not being consistent while complaining of my consistency. Are you dizzy?
  13. And what of David Dorne? And a miriad of other people beaten and killed during this? Like the kids killed by a maniac in CHOP/CHAZ?
  14. Suddenly context matters to you? Weird how that works. Also, she's elderly and has a walker. I don't imagine there is any possible justification. Sort of like Breonna Taylor. Or George Floyd.
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