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  1. I really hope Dalton does well but he won't because our receivers get no separation and while he can and will throw with anticipation, he's not throwing balls before breaks even start like Bryce has been doing. Bryce will start the minute he's healthy.
  2. Which is the same reason Cincy let him go. Because he's not a guy you hitch your franchise to. He's a solid backup/stop gap for a year. That's it.
  3. I'm not saying he's a preferable starter. But I certainly wouldn't call him awful either. Dude's a proven winner in this league which should say something to his ability. He's not somebody you hitch a franchise to anymore which is why Cincy got rid of him but still.
  4. He's a 3 time pro bowler with 20+ game winning drives. He's basically Jake Delhomme if you look at his numbers.
  5. For once, over the entirety of a game, our pass protection isn't the issue really. Run blocking is ass more often than not, and yes some pressure gets there, but no more than is typical in the NFL. Bryce held a couple balls too long (and yes that can be from not having any open options) and at least one sack was moving improperly in the pocket and screwing himself. His time to throw isn't the problem. His height isn't the problem. His receivers not being open due to short route concepts paired with a stagnant run game is the problem. His inability to put touch on his deep is the problem. His missed timing at times is a problem. A lot of rookie problems out of our rookie. Which is expected. It'd be easier to take if we had some dynamic playmaking around him but we simply don't have that.
  6. There was a time when posters on this very board understood savvy veteran tricks that guys like Peyton did, like looking off defenders, having good ball skills on something simple like a good play action, or yes, using their entire goddamn body to force a defender to leave a space that they're defending to go elsewhere so that they can get a bigger completion than the very checkdown everybody in here is pissed about him throwing for damn near the entirety of the rest of the game. Holy poo people. I'm finding a silver lining here, something to point to and say "you don't see very many QBs in the league doing this type of poo, let alone rookies on their home opener" and we're acting like it's nothing at all? I'd say it gives one pause to not abandon the kid outright like most here are. Hell I was close, until that moment. Which is why I made the thread.
  7. I mean i wasn't there but based purely on camera angle during live play and replays, I didn't see much in the way of him just not seeing guys running open. There were two that you could have called that but the pocket was already breaking down, no chance for him to plant and make those throws when they would have been there.
  8. Absolutely. I'm not talking the drive though. I'm talking the shoulder fake to draw the corner down on the flat and open up the out to Mingo followed by the hits to Thielen to cap it off. It showed that he's competent and capable, just has to do THAT type of poo for a full game
  9. In a 2 game span every fuging one of us are deflated. The hope of the post-draft off-season has died. However, one sequence at the end has lit a small ember. Probably getting snuffed out in the first quarter of next week, but still. Bryce's use of his shoulders to make the corner bite up is a big time vet move. You don't see that kinda poo much from very many QBs. Intentional and executed perfectly and a strong throw to boot. Then the TD throw and the 2 pt throw. Both were must have type plays that NFL QBs better make and he did. Does this erase the rest of the game? No. Did Bryce have a lot to work with considering the play calling and the lack of separation from receivers? No. However, he threw a handful of shitty balls in a game where he didn't hit on much in general. If Bryce can build off that TD drive and continue the wiley veteran moves, he'll be ok for us. Whether or not Frank gets wise and let's his OC actually call plays is another question. But for those wanting something to be happy about apart from our defense looking pretty good for much of the game, there you have it.
  10. Tepper might strip me of my desire to pull for this team and that's breaking my heart more than anything. Every decision he has made has made this team actively worse.
  11. Is it fuging bad that I miss our offense last season?
  12. I never thought I'd find myself giving up on a number one overall QB pick but holy fug here I am.
  13. When this is all over, and my kids are in high school watching a good Panthers team, they're gonna ask me "were the Panthers ever bad". I'm gonna have so many goddamn stories.
  14. There is not a fuging shot in goddamn hell we are seriously not letting Bryce do QB sneaks. fuging clown show.
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