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  1. 4 yards a rush, 6 TDs, and only started in 12 games. Giving up CMC is playing the long game. The fact is, CMC is a nice luxury. He's not a necessity. And that luxury is pricey. CMC isn't going to get better, so yearly his value is going to drop. Move on now, get high return. Move on later, little to no return
  2. Foegele will be on the third on Svech's spot eventually. Rod is gonna try new lines every game for the next month probably until he finds something that feels perfect. I've come to just accept any line combo because Brindy is seldom wrong. This should be a bounce back game. Hopefully we can put together 3 solid periods.
  3. There's only ONE correct way. Boil two tea bags in a medium sized pot (take it to a boil and take it off). I think my pitcher is a gallon....not sure. Anyway, 2.5 cups of sugar, pour pot into pitcher, stir, add water until full. I've done it this way forever. It's as close to Bojangles as one can get without Bojangles itself. Bare in mind, I only have a cup or two per day. The rest of the time is water or gatorade. Would not recommend this much if you drink sweet tea and nothing else because you will die.
  4. Hunter Henry will literally allow Greg Olsen to retire and us not lose a step. Yes please. If not him, then I'm good with any DL pick. And if not delivery, then DiGiorno.
  5. Exactly. You can't lead with the crown of your helmet. That's pop Warner poo. Both penalties were good calls. Burfict didnt have to hit Brown at all, he has to have more awareness if you're burfict. What football player is EVER taught to lower his head when tackling? Head up until you feel your pad in his torso and drive. Basic tackling. Gio got speared. Both are illegal.
  6. Fully expecting Cam to come out and make a BIG statement after what happened last week with this team. The offense will move. CAP is going to get many more carries. I'm sure the strategy is going to go back offensively to what it was before whatever last week was. Defense will play harder. Doubt we give up the ridiculously easy in routes that ate us up. DL probably got a good preaching to this week as well. We'll be fine if we come out and slap TB around for 4 quarters.
  7. 2 incomplete passes in a row. Why not just go ahead and kick the tying field goal on 3rd? There wouldn't be enough time on the clock for them to score again, you force OT and give yourself a chance.
  8. Not even watching (at work), but based on some of what I have read on this thread, I'm going to make a few assumptions of how these teams look right now. Minny is what I thought they were. A good team that isn't a true contender just yet. Still too weak on defense and not enough of a passing threat to really make noise. Take away AP and pressure Teddy and that offense collapses on itself. Air-izona (you like that? YOU LIKE THAT!) is all Palmer. Dude is good, but it's still Carson freaking Palmer. Pressure him consistently and he'll go into sum-of-all-fears mode. Defense is talented and
  9. We just had our worst game of the year. Lessons learned from that. And we still won. We're going to decimate the Falcons in such a way that I'm not sure Fox is prepared to show on live television.
  10. Oh I know how it is. I'm a cop. He probably took the info, said "alright, if you want to press charges, go to the magistrate's office and see if they'll give it to you" and then told everybody on his shift. Guaranteed CMPD is belly laughing across the county right now at this. If the reporting officer actually went to the magistrate his or herself and tried to swear that charge out, I'll have lost all faith in the city of Charlotte and indeed all of humanity.
  11. No DA will allow it. Not even certain a magistrate would give the officer or the complainant the charge.
  12. This is one of the two games I predicted we lose. I think we get humbled a bit. Our offense learns that not taking advantage of opportunities will bite us. I just don't feel as good about this game as I would like. Certainly possible we win, if we can execute at all three phases of the game and minimize their big plays. If we get to the QB and control field position, I like our chances. Short of that, we could be in for a frustrating day.
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