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  1. The system isn't the problem so much as the players failing to execute consistently across the freaking board.
  2. Nobody open and line can't block, on top of the fact that we're not getting plays in and lined up quickly. This team is flat. OL is bad. Darnold has been bad today. Anderson is useless. Run game has no real room. This is bad football.
  3. I miss doing The Canes Blog here back when we had blogs, but I simply don't have that kind of time myself. I have to fight the wife for hockey nights as it is (or I watch on my phone as she watches whatever show she's watching...or second monitor if I'm playing warzone)
  4. TDA is gonna be a fan favorite before Christmas. Bet on it. Also, how about Jesper Fast? Dude is gonna be a point getter this season. Very active player.
  5. Yeah. Maybe a monthly or weekly thread, but we'll never be able to find specific posts in this bitch. Lol. Granted if we could get more active in here we could justify game threads.
  6. Watching Kuemper absolutely smother chances has me anxious. We need consistent goal tending to get it done this year. And as I say that he gives up one to the blocker side. Lol. But otherwise he has been stellar.
  7. I can't believe our stadium is this opposing fan friendly. Opposing teams fug us on the field, their fans fug in the bathrooms. Where's the grit!? We need shankings, not shaggings! This is not a call to violence, but a joke riffing on the hospitality thread. I'm not responsible nor do I endorse violent action within the confines of Bank of America Stadium or any property owned or associated with the Carolina Panthers.
  8. Nah. If we address the OL and if Joe Brady learns to adjust faster than the last two drives of the fourth quarter, we'll be in the playoffs next year and we'll deserve it, assuming we stay healthy. We're not near as bad as some are making us out here.
  9. TOP says nothing of morale. If your offense is milking time and not scoring, especially after generating turnovers, it hurts your morale and that can have similar effects to being on the field too much psychologically.
  10. No but expecting your defense to keep up that level of dominance and putting them in short field situations does deflate a defense. Not everything has a metric
  11. I have noticed a lot of those of us calm over this are canes fans and idk if its the years of us not being good that made us patient or the fact that our patience in fact paid off with the canes, but we're zen right now.
  12. So I won't sugar coat poo. That game was embarrassing for our team. To handle a team so well and blow it is just inexcusable. However, to combat the doom and gloom that is trademark Huddle, let's be real about what has happened and what this team was always going to be in 2021. We are not a playoff team. That's not to say we won't sneak into a wildcard by the end of it, but we're not good enough to be there. What we are is a competitive team. This isn't a "moral victory" thing, it's just a fact. There are playoff elites, playoff caliber teams, and then you have competitive teams and uncompetitive teams. What I'm saying is we ain't there, but we ain't bad. Now, no shock your defense will fold if your offense sucks for most of the game. If your defense is a car, TDs and FGs scored by their offense are fuel options. Yeah, you can put regular unleaded in it and it'll run as you expect, but eventually you'll have wear and tear and poo falls apart. Premium and super cost more, but you're better for it. We kept putting regular in there all day. And what do you know, we broke down. AAA came as everybody we passed 39 miles back are passing us, laughing at our hubris. Now, can we improve this team this year? Unless we can have a couple big OL moves, no shot. Can we perform better with this team as is? Yes. As we get healthy, we'll notice a pretty big efficiency difference across the board. CMC will suddenly make our OL pass block better as now teams won't be blitzing heavy. So our OL will fare slightly better. CMC's impact is half him with the ball, half him just being a threat. Once we stop expecting playoffs or bust every year, some of you will be happier for it. This team is in a process of fixing poo. Is Darnold the long term answer? Not a single fug here knows, but I will tell you he's at minimum a damn good stop gap for the answer. At best, he's our QB for the next decade and we can focus on support for him (a far better option than hoping a draft falls our way for a top QB). Joe Brady hasn't figured out on the fly adjustments. The sky isn't falling, he's not a bad OC. He puts together good schemes and his plan works. Once it's figured out, he blanks. Lately, he figures it out late but either a player fugs up and we lose or he makes a bad call or two and we lose, after battling back. He's not there yet, but he's good. The future is bright.
  13. Our problems haven't changed. We just didn't address them. Defensively we're just young and hurt. Offensively, we haven't had a good OL in the better part of a decade. But relax guys. We're better than we were last year. Losing tight games sucks but we're competitive. Nobody should've expected more than that this year.
  14. Agreed. I've been laughing at the posts saying he will be a HC within 3 years for a while. He's not ready until we're hanging 28+ each week regardless of opponent. That's when OCs get promoted. Not averaging 17.
  15. Big L for the offense as a whole, but the fact that this is a consistent issue speaks of Brady's ability to adapt and adjust after the half. That being said, it's also on Sam and also on the OL. Brady is a genius at gameplanning. I think that's obvious. The freestyling in game needs tweaking.
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