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  1. Florida but purely so I can laugh at the Knights bandwagon fans I know
  2. Really? I mean his +/- is impressive in the regular season but he absolutely disappeared in the post season. His impact was extraordinarily minimal which is to be expected being a 3rd pairing guy but still. He's good, but 3rd pair dmen are not exactly hot commodities. Do you see him becoming a 2nd pair guy?
  3. I'm so pissed we got knocked out because I feel like we could handle either of these teams. They both seem so meh.
  4. Gonna depend. Chatfield is 100% replaceable. Is he the best we can get for the value as a bottom pair defenseman? If there's anybody better at roughly the same price, you have to entertain that or he has to come in a hair cheaper than he'd maybe like. I don't view him as a must-keep yet. Though I do like the guy and would be kinda bummed if he left.
  5. Every time I think I've been a decent man, I remember there's the Slavin's of the world. fug.
  6. I think he can be salvaged. He's young, big, and could be something if he takes coaching well. If we let him go I wouldn't be mad but idk, just gut feeling about him, he could be good for us.
  7. Also get Freddie back on a 2 year, Raanta on a 1 year. By 2024, Kochetkov should be prepared to step in and give us good games relieving Freddie and then take the job in 2025.
  8. Keep Fast, Puljujarvi, and Stepan or Pauly, but not both. Staal if he's going for a year to year deal and cheap enough. The rest of the FA can walk as far as I'm concerned. Go after a physical forward who will be able to be tough on the boards and will sell out to clear space. Get our top 4 D locked down long term.
  9. So after a night of sleep, I have clarity. We don't drop a game to Florida with Svech and Patches playing. We don't struggle scoring when our skilled wingers + Aho aren't having to set each other up because Svech and Patches are feeding them instead. We need to add a threat offensively, get healthy, then see where we stand. If you overreact and start throwing the baby out with the bathwater, you're just gonna set yourself back.
  10. I'm getting poo faced. Will return to this tomorrow
  11. I mean Jordan's initial poke was fuging nothing. It trailed slightly and touched a skate and dude fuging fell, instantly draws a trip. Meanwhile we get slashed at all fuging game, got dudes taking runs at people, got dudes fuging holding long after the puck is moved. You either say "it's the playoffs and we let them play" or you call the poo straight. You don't fuging gift a team a soft penalty in a tie game in the final 2 minutes of play.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, we got called for a penalty immediately after each of our goals didn't we?
  13. Stick between the goalie's legs there. I mean fug if that's not interfering with movement what is?
  14. Such a fuging chicken poo call. Goddamn these refs dude.
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