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  1. 54 minutes ago, BrianS said:

    He COULD be right, but two games into the season isn't the time for such hyperbole.

    Call me in December when we're still undefeated, and then we can talk about the comparisons to 2015.

    If TD says it.....imma let him say it and I'm not about to refute it. If he's on board, I'm on board

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  2. 1 hour ago, Floppin said:

    I enjoyed the article but his trojan horse analogy didn't really make sense to me. In what way was the Panthers defense a trojan horse? He didn't really flesh that out well. 

    Regardless the content of the article was worth reading

    I guess it was using deception and disguises to get through their walls. 

    That angle wasn't conveyed very well, but everything else was. 

    This defense is definitely fun to watch. Best one I've seen here in a looooong time.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Dunn said:

    I'm still on the fence with Darnold.  I think he's gotten away with a few throws that were VERY risky.  double and even triple covered receivers and the ball went incomplete that could have been INTs.  I thought to myself a few times 'why did he try to make that throw?'  I think he still has some issues making the smart throw and we've dodged those bullets so far...I feel there will be a game coming up soon though that he'll put up some ugly numbers.  

    There might be, but there won't be many beyond that. 

  4. I understand the point he made about Sammy having troubles on the road, but I think a lot has to do with an inability of the coaches to get him ready for those situations. 

    He'll be better at home, but he'll still be good on the road.

    What has made this offense so good will still be there in texas and everywhere else.

    It's a well managed offense with a lot of options for Sammy to get the ball out quickly. 

    Throw everything at Sammy and try to frustrate him and he'll use his safety valve. Throw everything at CMC and you open up the field for DJ, Robby, Dan, Zylstra, etc etc etc.

    Sam & co. are only going to get more comfortable in this offense. The more they get comfortable, the more they're gonna do.

    And this defense is going to really help make things easier for the offense. 

    I dig it.


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  5. 19 minutes ago, Luciu5 said:

    How are they unmasked one week but masked the next?  I thought they had to have masks during interviews if unvacc'd or get fined?

    The difference one week makes in losing half your coaching staff and a few players to covid because you weren't being careful.

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