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  1. I think it will be the chargers. Easier QB to work with.
  2. Thread took really weird turn. Nothing good will come of it. Locking it down.
  3. He doesn't want to come here and money won't be enough of a draw.
  4. So there we are with the completely unbiased take.
  5. This was a pretty consistent problem there. He was about the only thing they had going for him. Hard to get a really good gauge on him because that team was so bad.
  6. I really wish I could get excited. Hopefully next year.
  7. I actually see him going to the bucs. Just seems like the type guy to follow Brady. The line/team/system is already set up for a immobile pocket QB. That said, if we were going to draft two QBs this year (which I hope we do just to be safe) I wouldn't mind him being an option. I wouldn't feel good about us putting all our eggs in that one basket, though.
  8. he's probably screwed it up for any other QB wanting to be part of some big blockbuster trade with a huge guaranteed contract.
  9. probably. and his rationale for all the losses and spins to make them sound like wins would have been torpedoed a lot quicker and more violently by the press.
  10. if by lucky you mean not run very well, then yes. absolutely.
  11. yep. it was pretty obvious that he'd rather have been with the NYG, but that $62 for 7 years was a pretty good argument. very much a N00b move for a new owner with more cash than any other owner (at the time) and thought that money solved all problems. of course what money does is enslave you to the idea that money makes everything right and more money = more smarts. the reality is it makes everyone stupid and the more you have the more boldly stupid you get...but people listen to you because they fall prey to the myth that money = smart. but yeah....rhule knew what mattered at the moment. money and freedom to do what he wanted as a coach. hurney and tepper basically came to his door begging and pleading and gave him whatever he wanted.
  12. i get the feeling that tepper isn't concerned about how he is perceived...i mean not until after he does something. he impulsively does what he wants when he wants and then hides when backlash comes.
  13. someone gonna get fired.
  14. Did you seriously not know that winning in the first couple years is important? You thought it was ok to lose and keep losing because you have a 5 year plan? Have mercy.
  15. no trades, 7 rounds. CAR 5. C.J. Stroud QB Ohio State 39. Darnell Washington TE Georgia 57. Henry To'oTo'o LB Alabama 88. Ivan Pace Jr. LB Cincinnati 105. Tucker Kraft TE South Dakota State 125. Kenny McIntosh RB Georgia 136. Andrew Vorhees OG USC 202. Spencer Rattler QB South Carolina 223. Sincere Haynesworth OC Tulane
  16. i think we need to take a couple QBs this year. taking one or even two late wouldn't hurt in addition to picking up one earlier.
  17. that's the thing that i have to keep reminding myself of. no matter where you pick, it's going to be a gamble. no way do i think he should be the only addition to the QB room we make in the offseason, either. as fluky as QB can be, it would be hard to justify not coming out of the draft with a couple prospects. We've got to keep swinging.
  18. made a trade at the beginning and picked up a few more. Just did 5 rounds. used PFN draft simulator. Not sure how i feel about it but was curious what it could look like if we held off on QB and took a couple shots at it. flame away. CAR 18. Bryan Bresee DT Clemson 39. Dalton Kincaid TE Utah 48. Henry To'oTo'o LB Alabama 57. Zay Flowers WR Boston College 70. Tommy Eichenberg LB Ohio State 88. Michael Penix Jr. QB Washington 105. Owen Pappoe LB Auburn 125. Jaheim Bell TE South Carolina 136. Tanner McKee QB Stanford
  19. as one who is just tired of losing so much, i wouldn't mind at all winning the rest of the season.
  20. absolutely right. losing every game and winning every game on our easy schedule is just as likely to happen.
  21. problem is that not only are we not a really good team, we've got a bunch of other teams left on our schedule that also aren't very good. the only team left on the schedule with a winning record is seattle and they have already lost to bad teams that we have beaten, even at home. so far they've been swept by the NFCS and seem to have already peaked this year. its not all that unrealistic nor is the scenario particularly complex that would have us go to the playoffs. that's what happens when your whole division sucks. we've gone to the playoffs before without having a winning record. no reason that couldn't happen again. that's the "benefit" of being in a sucky division. someone has to go.
  22. depth to the OL wouldn't hurt, but i really like what we've done with it. Keeping Campen is a must. No matter what else happens on the coaching staff, we need to keep him here.
  23. could say the same for politicians or really any high profile person. world would be a much better place without everyone shouting to the world every thought they have. burn, twitter, burn.
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