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  1. Someone's a little bitter. That someone needs to just move on or move along.
  2. Cam walked into a better much situation than Sam and panthers did a better job of building around him and provided a more stable environment. He also had better coaching and they kind of built the offense around Cam's skillet. Now that doesn't mean that it was great or even really good here with Cam, but it was better by far than what Sam had at NYJ. Sam walked into a dysfunctional situation that stayed dysfunctional. He walked into a team with very little talent that had done no rebuilding prior to him arriving and they did very little to try and build. He was told to play in a situation that wasn't at all built around what he could do, but, with Gase, a system that fit exclusively what Gase had going on in his narrow mind regardless of who was on the team and if they fit what he was trying to do. And Sam now has the benefit of working with a team with a lot of talent (better than what Cam had) and some of the best talent developing coaches in the game(again, better than what Cam had). Now I am confident that Sam will do well here...and that's just an opinion that could be wrong (wouldn't be the first or the last). One thing I am most sure of and probably something most would agree with, he has no excuses after this year. It's as about an ideal situation for a reclamation project and if he doesn't pan out...it's on him and we move on.
  3. But haven't you heard? Cam's gonna win them another Superbowl and himself another MVP. Numbers don't lie.
  4. @ISEEYOUdidn't see the other thread talking about this. Locking it up.
  5. Yep, though on defense I think Perryman is a good call.
  6. And the tough thing about that is they won't know until they try him and the other options out there in training camp.
  7. Don't expect there to be one until the panthers decide what they are going to do with him. Keep him at RT? Move him to LT? Bit of a difference in pay scale there.
  8. No one is doing that. They're scoffing at the insinuating that walker is going to be the starter. And these people making the insinuation have been openly and admittedly pulling against Darnold.
  9. If they didn't get banned so quickly they'd have more. (And no, they don't get banned for being cam nuthuggers. They get banned for spamming a bunch of crap like this peanut butter guy did in an earlier life.)
  10. Well, there was that time we got rid of those scrubs Josh Norman and Peanut Tillman and drafted those studs Bradbury, Worley, and Sanchez. Yeah, I know Bradbury was ok, but we kind of dropped off a cliff there that off-season. Wait....what were we talking about?
  11. So what you're saying is they don't have Marty (let's give them 10x more than anyone else would just to be safe) Hurney as a GM.
  12. He's done. Rivera/Hurney/NFL refs ruined him. We moved on. Life goes on.
  13. Locking thread. Y'all can thank (poo) the jackasses fighting each other for derailing it. Idiots ....
  14. Says the guy that believes in all that numerology conspiracy poo who got banned for spamming it all over.
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