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  1. This. Anything the will help then run D. We need help pretty equally at DT and ILB so we'll probably look at those.
  2. How much can you say without actually saying anything and still get people to read? That's Gantt's game now.
  3. Who is our coach? Nope, not betting on more than 5 wins
  4. You need that light to come on and stay on. Sammy needs it, esp. since he's afraid of things that go bump in the night.
  5. oh...and the cleaning crew changed up their bathroom cleaning schedule. that's the unhappy of the day.
  6. 2 cups of caffeinated and one cup of decaf into the day (i get fussed at by my clerks if i do more than 2 cups of caffeine) so i'm feeling pretty good, especially since it's Friday. re: the panthers....if it wasn't for rhule i'd be feeling pretty optimistic.
  7. Just avoid anyone from a college on the west coast. that's probably the rule that should be followed. Pick from where the best/highest level of competition is.
  8. Lesson should be learned....you don't get QBs from USC. Best thing Corral did was escape Cali and go to the SEC.
  9. i think he could be. he could have been worth that first round pick. the physical tools are there, which is why he probably is listed above some of those. He just hasn't had the light flipped on yet. Doesn't seem like that is ever going happen.
  10. i hate quoting myself, but i just had a continuation of thought. Those things that sammy lacks is very much present in Corral. watching his games I didn't see a guy who caved to pressure at all, but instead analyzed and processed it all very quickly. his release as a thrower is as fast as his ability to process. he only thing that sammy has that Corral doesn't is size (and a fear of ghosts). i really hope that Corral lives up to what I was seeing and that it translates to the pro level. I mean it should, esp. if MacAdoo is building the offense around Corral's strengths. That shouldn't be difficult because Corral naturally fits a lot of what MacAdoo does anyways. Sammy could...but he won't. he just can't get it done.
  11. Consolation prize. Then Burkhardt takes a step back working with Brady.
  12. Just means they are more present and rely less on social media.
  13. I listened to the one he did on sammy. He's got all the tools and athletic ability. It's basically his ability to process and handle pressure. He also talks about him missing the big throws. He doesn't see opportunities and can't capitalize on them when he does see them. We missed out on a lot of points because he couldn't get it done.
  14. 1) why won't chelsea use turf? 2) should we be listening to that reason ourselves?
  15. 4 huge obstacles. 1) Rhule.... game management and control of personnel. the latter is something that it appears he may have lost/given up some control on, but the former will be an issue for a long time. 2) Snow... I'm sure he was a fine college defensive guy. this ain't college. he needs to use this opportunity tp learn from Wilks, Holcomb, and Pasqualoni...esp. Wilks who should be the DC. 3) Run Defense... we got ate up by big power run games, esp. against the NFCE. we're facing a lot of really good and productive run games this year. We've got to figure out how to keep from getting pushed around. 4) QB.... Will we be stuck with sammy or are we going to move forward with Corral. If we have Corral, we've got a chance. with sammy, everything needs to be perfect around him for him to look competent. we don't live in a perfect world. this is one of those things that rhule could mess up and go with the experienced guy, even though, he's just an experienced loser. bonus.... CMC. plan on him getting hurt. be ready with a plan B and C and D. best thing to do is don't plan on him playing much this year either. if he does, great, but don't put much effort into building an offense around him. you'll only be frustrated.
  16. Spot on for all of your counterpoints, but especially this. The biggest reason you shouldn't give RBs second contracts or give up much draft capital for them is because they get beat up so bad and have a shorter shelf life than most positions. CMC's history...not preparing for or planning on him being injured is very much a fools path. The good thing is, like has been said many times, it's a lot easier to find a decent RB on the cheap than a lot of other skill positions. You don't have to give up the farm for them and you shouldn't have to trade for one. They are always floating around free agency.
  17. So you're back to using every post to complain about every other post complaining again? how about talking about the team instead of all the other posters whose contributions you don't appreciate or agree with? give it a rest. you don't earn any awesome fan points for standing up against the team's criticisms. and before you say it... you don't have to criticize the team. you can support them and that's fine. everyone's opinion of the team is fine. that's all it is, opinions. if it's too much negativity for you and you can't handle it, then just avoid the place. if it's too toxic...avoid the place. not just you, but all those others who all they can find to do is complain about other people's posting rather than actually commenting on the team. it's ok to be happy with the team and feel optimistic, it's a valid mindset, but so is not being happy about the team and not feeling optimistic.
  18. the answer they gave was pretty weak when they were criticized for not having it on the jumbo screens. "we want it to be the fans chant and do it on their own." as if thousands of fans would all of a sudden decide it was time to start chanting it. modern day wave. weak.
  19. it would take someone who has bad taste posting that link, right....
  20. self-imposed father figure, the patriarch of the team. that's how he saw himself and the role he felt he should have. HIS team.
  21. i think tepper has learned the error of his ways in trying to push back 'keep pounding'. it's our identity. seems like trying to separate ourselves from this was more of a rhule type call and the fact that they seem to be pushing it again is kind of like having rhule hire nfl experienced guys rather than his former college cronies. just one more instance of failure. whatever, i'm glad it's coming back...if it is.
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