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  1. This is being looked as a "get right" game for both teams. Truth is, you won't be able to tell much from this game except for at the end of it one team is going to prove just how much they suck.
  2. Because, I, like, commas, and, I, think, they, are, an, underated, essential, and, under,-,celebrated, part, of, the, English, language,.
  3. So what's the point of this thread? Some obscure clown trying to compensate for a small package saying "i told you so"? Mac Jones isn't here. We didn't draft him. He's not coming here. He'll probably be a JAG his whole career, but that's neither here nor there. So someone tell me why I shouldn't lock this poo thread.
  4. Not moving it. Just going to . And by the way.... Seriously? Victims of sexual assault = Instagram hoes?
  5. He already had a name for himself. Wait... different Michael Jordan. But even with that, this particular one had a reputation already. Not a very good one. Hope he works out here, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Yeah I can tell you're going to be a real peach to have around. Probably won't be for long.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/10/20/deshaun-watson-could-be-traded-to-dolphins-as-soon-as-this-week/amp/
  8. They realize they put him on the Carolina Jets with an OL that's just as talented. They're invested in him for the next year or two and will build that OL out of necessity and see what he can do with a real one. Next year he won't have any excuses.
  9. I still don't feel incredibly confident.
  10. You don't want that in a vet. For a rookie that the QB keeps testing it's ok.
  11. this. he was picked on all day and did incredibly well considering. it won't take long before QBs are throwing somewhere else. once we get Gilmore in and Horn back, it could get ugly for QBs we face.
  12. He should have. That's some funny poo right there. How could you not laugh?
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