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  1. we've had a lot worse. it's going to take a while to fix it.
  2. it will be under another alt than this one if you do...one of the quite a few that you've got.
  3. Lol...it's almost like most of us hadn't been bitching about the FO for years clinging on to hurney and Rivera and Shula. I hope you enjoy the poo as much as I liked drooping it.
  4. I thought about not doing it, but then I remembered he said to go ahead and poo it so I did.
  5. i regret i have but one poo to lose...
  6. Yes. Basically the real question to be asked, is Fields better value than Darnold + Horn?
  7. how about this. panthers wanted marshall but thought they could wait a little longer. panthers get a call saying that the saints were going to take him with their next pick. panthers shuffle their pick selections to make sure they get the guy they wanted.
  8. sometimes you know the source well enough to take it at face value.
  9. except leaks like this kind of thing happens a lot. i'm not going to say that there were times that some picks in previous years were leaked in certain forums here that not everyone gets access to, but it might have happened.
  10. sorry. i just went back and read again what you wrote and understood what you were saying and you are right as well. someone can be a light and brighten up a room. someone can also be a bad apple that spreads rot to the rest of the barrel. that is something that definitely needs to be watched for and guarded against.
  11. yes. that's why i left off "good" in there. the culture you find yourself in weighs heavily into who you become. you can break out of it to become different, but that is a huge fight. being around successful people makes it easier to be successful. being around people who constantly struggles will likely mean that you struggle as well.
  12. yes. like most everything else in life, there are no guarantees. it depends on what nixon makes of the opportunity he has. but it also has a lot of truth to it. for better or worse, culture shapes character. what that shape actually becomes depends largely on the one whose character it is.
  13. i think you're right. there are a lot who shouldn't have been drafted as early as they were. i think there were also a lot of others who just fell into the wrong situation. i just feel like these guys are not just saying all the right things, they are saying the right things because they are doing the right things. they've got it figured out and what they don't have figured out, they are on their way to figuring it out. i honestly can't think of a better situation for Darnold to be in to help him get it figured out and reach his potential. like i've said before, i don't think there
  14. yeah, he's my favorite as well. but i do ike we are looking around a good bit. jimmy raye is an interesting candidate, though.
  15. whoa....hadn't thought about that guy in a long time. he was pretty good at catching the ball and falling down.
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