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  1. yeah makes sense. would be a good way to finish off the season. i'm still looking at that schedule as not a horrible one for a first year coach.
  2. it's about not wanting to overpay for an old overrated QB who chokes on the regular. it's like a starving man not wanting to pay a million bucks for a pack of moldy crackers when you know that if you hold off a little longer you can find a better cheaper meal that won't make you sick.
  3. looking at that backend, though, after the eagles it's not a ridiculously hard schedule. i like getting the cowboys at home in december is about as ideal as it can get and then there's the cards at home the next week. would be better if we had the bucs and falcons at home those last games, but they aren't the scariest thing in the world. i can see what you mean, though...finish the season one high note, but if we can pull off that final falcons win that would be a huge boost.
  4. why the backend first? looks like that's the toughest part of the schedule. i like the way it's laid out. gives us a chance to get a routine going and it's a nice build up. i'd rather work our way up and get a little momentum going heading into the more difficult games (not that they won't all be difficult).
  5. Yep. Dak is as good as he's going to get. We don't know where Bryce is going to peak. It may not be very high, but it's worth the shot.
  6. No. What has Dak done with a better team around him? He's choked. I know Bryce hasn't proven anything, but let's set our sights a bit higher.
  7. I feel like everything he does is over the top prepared. I think conceptually it's probably been something he's been working on for a long time....much like Morgan has probably been preparing for the GM job. I really don't doubt that it will be solid. I don't expect super creative concepts or for him to be this innovative savant, but I do expect him to find ways to make things work. Exactly how good he is, we'll just have to wait and see.
  8. This guy right here thinks he's the right guy to get them where they need to be.
  9. Especially glad there's no Thursday games. I hate them. They're dangerous. They really fug up a routine and unless you're team is coming off a bye, they play the game with little rest or prep.
  10. Sober. Still feeling it. I really like how the schedule is laid out for us. Perfect for a new HC and rebuilding team. Aside from the Bengals, there aren't any good teams before the bye. Chargers will be, but they're having to figure poo out just like we are and they'll be coming here for an early game. That one is a toss up. I like our defense against them. I think we'll give the Bengals a fight, but I wouldn't put money on us winning that one. But the saints can be swept. They're beat up and just don't have much going on. They'll be at the bottom of the division. I feel like we will split with the falcons and the bucs. There's nothing scary about the raiders or that washington team. Chicago is another toss up, but they aren't scary either....not yet anyways. We're getting them early in the season so I like our chances. I especially like our defense against a rookie QB. And the broncos....boring. Giants....again, boring. Looking at this, we've got a good defensive thing going on. I think the unit will be better this year a d we're in season 2 of Evero. I like us especially against rookie QBs, and we'll have at least 3 we're facing before the bye. We come in and play smash mouth football and just keep hitting (pounding) away and I think we're competitive. It's that schedule after the bye that scares me. Hopefully by that point they've built up a lot of confidence. You get a scrappy dawg that's got some confidence and a lot of fight in him and you've always got a shot. I think that's what we'll be this year. This year isn't about winning all the games. It's about building confidence and learning what we've got to do. But looking at that later schedule and it's not horrible. We've got the eagles and chiefs....that's scary, but then we've got the cardinals and cowboys at home...and it's the cowboys in December. When have they been scary in December? And we've got division games in there as well. I think we'll do ok. The more I look at it, the better I feel about it.
  11. That's just a start. Not a lot of reason to believe we'll own it all....not yet anyways. The goal right now is to be better and get better every year. We're digging ourselves out of a hole. Got to be realistic about the immediate outcome. Once we get out and get a feel for the land above ground we can get some confidence about where we're heading.
  12. I think they are hamsters in a wheel. Lots of energy used to go nowhere.
  13. This. They are the minicowboys. All hype. Talent is there, but won't win when it matters. Cousins is the perfect QB for them. Penix will get lazy sitting on the sidelines and cousins will do just enough to keep him there.
  14. Training camp will tell us part of the story. I think we'll see a good energy throughout and a real confidence and fight readiness when the season starts. The schedule is set up nicely to build confidence and having all games on Sunday only helps with routine. Everything is set up well for this team to feel good about what they are trying to do. Canales builds energy and confidence and channels it all in the right direction. We've got dawgs....he'll get them riled up, confident, and focused.
  15. I think we're getting ready to find out. Can't base much on the poo show we saw last year. At least i can't. Y'all are probably a lot smarter than me and can probably see the future...I don't know. I just don't think the situation was conducive for a rookie QB to do anything well. New situation should help bring better results. All my opinion, which is what all of us have to go on until the season actually starts. And 10 games + playoffs this year? Hell no. Playoffs would only come if the rest of the division sucks and we're the turd that floats to the top. After that....sure, why not?
  16. I think it's starting and there's been enough turnover that most will be able to buy into it. He's got the same level of infectious energy that Cam had and will have the same effect, being able to elevate the guys around him. He's what this team needed.
  17. I think it's reasonable. What makes it hard is just how much we rely on the run.
  18. I think we win 6 games heading into the bye (sweeping the saints). Then only 2 after the bye (the brutal part). Come away with 8 wins. I'll take it
  19. I don't know...I think he tailors things around what Bryce can do comfortably and well. The run game and OK will just make it easier. Run games and OL don't just help gunslingers. They help every young or weaker QB. I think people are just stuck in limited paradigms.
  20. Ok, so my OOAL projection for Bryce this year.... ~500 attempts ~320 completions (64%) ~3800 yards ~25 TDs + 4 rushing TDs ~15 INTs
  21. My wife and daughters constantly remind me of this. My reaction...
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