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  1. Looking back he wishes he had taken moretime off to recover, but could you imagine the backlash from certain people in here if he had who thinks concussions aren't that big of a deal?
  2. true on all of that. this is one of those contracts you just do because it's a premium position, arguably the most important/valuable next to QB. LT is close behind it. If you've got a top performer, you keep them and pay them accordingly and you know that, like you said, a top 5 paid at the position will be top 10 the next year. same with QB. The market is constantly on the uptick.
  3. CJ is very underrated in our history. He was as solid and reliable a DE as you could want...and he got paid as much. well, overpaid, but that was because hurney panicked. Hardy has always been a headcase, but the guy was an absolute beast when he kept his poo together enough to stay on the field. Burns has a bit to accomplish to surpass these two, but I'm hoping that with this new coaching staff and system that he catapults into Peppers territory. Ruckers is a legend too. Great counterpart for Peppers. Something we're still needing for Burns.
  4. Armed Forces Day = all the enlisted (those who are likely to be one of the next two groups because our government can't stop warring) Veterans Day = those who made it back Memorial Day = those who didn't. Big differences between the groups.
  5. Lol slander you? No ...just surprised that a fan that posts so much in here doesn't know the team.
  6. I made a comment that I ended up deleting saying that the popular opinion is that he's full of poo.
  7. Lol he's not a practice squad player and I think all but maybe you know who Shenault is. We traded for him and he's a legit weapon when he's got the ball in his hand. Most of us probably even knew who he was during his first season with the Jags when he was making a pretty decent sized splash there. He's a dual threat kind of guy that you have to get creative in how you use him.... something we weren't great at last year.
  8. I'll just say that Memorial day both makes me sad and pisses me off because we send innocent kids into nightmare situations to do horrible things and many don't come back alive and few come back whole. We send them in, especially these last nearly 20 years because the leadership of this country got into a war they should never have entered and now can't figure a way out of. I appreciate the sacrificial spirit, but I don't appreciate a leadership that can't find a way to take them out of harm's way. And I really don't appreciate the way the leadership of this country ignores and/or fights against the long term needs of these soldiers when they return. Basically, fug this government. Best thing we can do to remember/honor the sacrifice of these soldiers is to stop sacrificing more. Bring them all home dammit. Bring them home and take care of them. They deserve it. We don't deserve them.
  9. they put him in the star position which is a hybrid LB/S/Slot CB job that lines up pretty much anywhere and anywhere so they can cover RBs/TEs/or slot WRs, help in run support, or rush the passer. He's also able to line up close to the LoS and no matter where he lines up, he pretty much gets to pick his role in that play. He's got to be able to see what needs to be done and execute. It's a very situational position that takes someone who can play a lot of different roles and process things quickly. I saw someone compare it to the role LeBron James plays where he doesn't really have a true position...he does whatever is necessary for any given situation. It's something that i think started back with Nick Saban and is used a lot in college ball. I think that Ramsey even played it in college himself at FSU. Anyways, i think that Chinn is the exact kind of guy that would thrive in that role and with Evero being here, it seems like a natural fit.
  10. i keep seeing him playing the same role Jalen Ramsey did with the Rams while Evero was the DB coach there. I think that's the goal with him.
  11. I'll just ask this... Who has been his coaches for most of the time here? Who are his coaches now? Is he likely to get better or worse from here on? My answer is, pay the man now because he'll never be as cheap as he is right now.
  12. Are you saying that Young has a problem with batted balls?
  13. Again.....it was one batted down pass out of dozens more which were pretty much all very much on point. God you guys are insufferably miserable. Can't say a damn good thing about our new QB. Only show up crawling out of your fuggin caves to harp on the one possible moment you might find something where you can point your greasy fingers and say "yep there it is!!!! Proof he's too small and he's going to fail and I was right! " Just go climb back into your holes, you fuggin trolls. And also again, y'all are just as bad as those idiots who hated the cam pick and only ever showed your face in here the moment he had a goof of some kind and started going "yep I told you so but you wouldn't listen! He's going to be a bust! "
  14. I hope so. I forget about him, which is awful because he was such a huge asset for us. Guy was tough as could be and was a lot of fun to watch. Great leader too.
  15. would be awesome for sure. do not see this happening, though. could be that they get the ok to give him a giant 2-3 year deal. tepper's all about throwing that cash around and if we've got the cash/cap space, i see him saying "make it happen...whatever it takes, make it happen".
  16. Probably. At one time we had horses so a lot was pasture type land...nothing that we'd want to hay, but still the horses kept it down. we also had a couple acres of that we replanted in loblolly pines (we had 25 acres of loblolly pines harvested and replanted a few years back) and i wanted to keep the new stands fairly clear of brush. i don't know why. but we also had people come over quite a bit and liked keeping everything looking not too overgrown in the several acres around the house. and if we let things get overgrown where it used to be pasture, we'd see an increase in mice and snakes too close to the house. had both of those come in from time to time (another benefit of not being out in the country is you don't have to hear your wife scream in the middle of the night because she found a snake in the bathroom while she was sitting on the toilet). i used to like the privacy and space but the isolation got a bit much along with all of the expense in keeping it up and the expense in keeping up the equipment to keep it all up. long driveway = lots of gravel plus tractor to help deal with washout, etc. my kids were excited about being able to order pizza and have it delivered. simple pleasures.
  17. i spent the last 15 years living about as far out in the country as you could get. down a long dirt/dust/mud road on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere...20 minutes from anything with 8 acres to mow, trees all over the place (that were constantly falling down and needing to be cut up and hauled off, a 2 acre pond that needed trimmed around, no trash pick up so you have to haul your trash to the dump, well water that had a bunch of sediment in it that was nearly impossible to have completely filtered out (plus the constant cleaning and replacing of filters)...yeah i'm living in town now. less than a minute to the gas station and 2 minutes from the nearest grocery store and under 5 minutes to any place we need to go. i sit out on my font porch when i get home from work and listen to life happening all around me. i've got water that is clean (even if it smells lightly of chlorine) and they come to pick up my trash. i used to have to drive a mile to get my mail. now i can walk out to my mailbox in front of my house in my socks and get the mail. oh...and it would take me between about 10 hours a week at least to just mow (using my zero turn) plus another 3-4 hours a week to run the trimmer. now i can get all that done in an hour using an 18" battery powered push mower. the only downside is that i could just let my dog run wild everywhere and now she has to be tied out a few times a day, but also i get to take her and my new puppy out for walks around the neighborhood on level sidewalks and get to see people walking by and talk to them. just for me and my family...town life >> country life.
  18. lemme just say that being a kid growing up in the 70s was awesome...especially those Saturday mornings.
  19. brady was the only thing keeping them alive the past couple years. there isn't anyone in the QB room even close to a geriatric brady. serious downgrade for all players relying on good QB play there. their defense better be shutdown because that's the only chance they've got. and yeah...don't pick buc players in fantasy.
  20. it comes down to one thing...they are looking for any reason to justify their stubborn narrow-minded belief that he will fail.
  21. can't wait to watch it. felt my heart pounding a little just watching that little clip. feels good to be excited about the team once again. i feel bad for those who aren't letting themselves get hyped up for the reich/young era. y'all are missing out.
  22. lol because short guys are the ONLY guys that have passes batted down and that's why the majority of his passes have been batted down and was such a big problem in high school and college and why all of his passes have been swatted down by DTs so far in practice.
  23. you can't improve at anything unless you need to improve. and everyone has something they can improve on. if you aren't improving at something, you aren't working hard enough. there is going to be an adjustment from college to pros. everyone, including his coaches and himself has acknowledged this. there are a couple (or at least on) idjit in here who believes that Young shouldn't have to improve on anything or should have NOTHING to improve on because of what drafting him cost us. but the reality is, there will be an adjustment to everything in the game. you draft Young because you believe he can make that transition and excel at his position beyond what any other prospects would have done. you don't draft him because he's got nothing to improve upon. you draft him because you 100% believe, with the help of your coaches, that he will improve and reach his potential.
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