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  1. i honestly already forgot about the 24 hour rule. games like monday night have that kind of effect on me.
  2. there'd have to be a lot more than just a losing record going on.
  3. it's not about the money. the season would have to be a cataclysmic failure (which it won't be). but continue to dream on and bounce back and forth between extremes.
  4. he does, but he won't. he he'll give Reich more than a year unless he's the moron you guys think he is (which he isn't) and doesn't change things up, including giving Brown playcalling responsibilities...which i think will happen sooner rather than later. i'll be shocked if this hasn't happened by the bye (unless Reich figures out the special sauce).
  5. lol they won't fire him after one year.
  6. as if it were just here. i think it's worse in Europe.
  7. if the person's true character is that of a psychopath, i don't necessarily want that revealed. showing the world "the real you" isn't necessarily a good thing for anyone.
  8. As long as you've got alcohol flowing, you're at a threat for situations like this.
  9. Wow we're really pushing to find more things to be outraged by. What a time to be a fan.
  10. you do both simultaneously just to make sure you've got all your bases covered. it's like eating bad sushi. afterwards sit on the can with a trash can in front of you just to make sure you're ready for anything. or maybe it's nothing like that at all.
  11. Good grief you guys can whine
  12. Seriously a good few of you just need to quit watching football or get therapy.
  13. It's been a pretty regular thing. Had one this morning that had nearly 300 posts/threads made in an hour. I knock out about 10 a day. They like that forum.
  14. Could be a great keep pounding story. I've been pulling for him. I really hope his story gets good here.
  15. Fugging one game into a new coaching staff, new QB and tons of new pieces on this team....and it's enough to decide it's a wash? Just shut up with that poo.
  16. So when we're trailing at the end of a game we lose? Startling revelation.
  17. I don't care what we wear as long as we win. And if we lose, what we were wearing will be the least of our concerns. So, essentially, it doesn't matter. But please, continue the freakout.
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