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  1. Kelvin Benjamin provided the most exciting play of the day in the form of a long bomb touchdown over safety Tre Boston. Here is how it happened in photos.... Kelvin broke free as Derek Anderson hit him perfectly in stride... Jordan Todman celebrated as Kelvin eyed the end zone and Boston slowed his pursuit, knowing Kelvin was out of reach. Kelvin then greeted some children at the fence who were yelling for him, and move that absolutely made their day. Corey Brown and Jordan Todman celebrated with Benjamin. Cam Newton hurried over and urged Kelvin to toss the football to the kids. Benjamin tossed the football in a basketball shooting motion to the fans and went back to the sidelines. I realize as readers you may be getting a bit tired of hearing about Kelvin Benjamin highlights. But, in another otherwise mediocre offensive day, you should be thrilled that Benjamin continues to produce. View full article
  2. Over the past several weeks, Kelvin Benjamin had to live with the first bit of real negative press about him concerning his weight. Of course, we all remember in June when Ron Rivera remarked he was 10 pounds overweight, which played a role in his hamstring pull. Well, if the first training camp practice of 2015 was any indication, Kelvin Benjamin has turned that criticism into motivation and made a statement saying exactly that. View full article
  3. The last OTA practice of 2015 was both the hottest and the practice with the least enthusiasm. With Ron Rivera in California for his daughters graduation, the Panthers seemed to lose focus. It showed both in their demeanor and on the field. It was a rough day for Cam Newton. After looking pristine for most of the OTA sessions, today he looked off kilter. Many of his end zone passes were high. His long throws either short or long. Colin Jones made the play of the day, intercepting Cam Newton in the red zone and taking it for what would have been a pick six. Cam Newton was visibly unhappy about the interception, and tried chasing Jones down.... without luck. Colin Jones also made a beautiful break on a ball from Newton later in the practice, nearly intercepting another ball meant for Ted Ginn on a curl route. Yes, Colin Jones is my player of the day. The first defensive player of the day I have named... which should tell you how the day went. Other Notes: - Brandon Williams struggled as he dropped a catchable 30 yard bomb from Cam Newton. Williams had both hands on the ball, but could not hold on. - Devin Funchess had more second string snaps today, due to Kelvin Benjamin being back on the field. Funchess did get a few first string reps in. When with the second string, he appeared to be running many of the same routes as Benjamin did with the first string. - Cam's sure fire connection to Greg Olsen was just not there today. Both targets in the end zone soared well above Olsen's head. - Both linebacker draft picks, Thompson and Mayo, spent time in the second string together. - Stephen Hill mainly played with the second string, no plays of note to mention. View full article
  4. After two weeks of OTA practices, here is how the wide receiver depth chart is shaping up according to number of snaps and targets on media days..... View full article
  5. The Carolina Panthers opened up an additional day for media, which came as a nice surprise this morning. So I rearranged my schedule and headed to Biggs Camera for my gear. Those guys are so awesome they are providing me with equipment this season so that I can bring these images to you. Having them in my corner this year is a load off my mind in terms of equipment. So make sure you show them some love if you are in Charlotte and in need of camera gear or prints. They are good people. Charles Johnson was showing off some nice kicks and a new haircut today. Kelvin Benjamin and Bene Benwikere again were limited in their practice involvement. I spoke to Bene after practice. He is feeling good and should return as soon as tomorrow possibly. After practice coach Rivera mentioned Kelvin also may return. Just because Kelvin is limited in team drills doesn't mean he is taking it easy. He spent a lot of time with the ball machine, catching pass after pass. He seems more aggravated by not being able to participate on the field than by a nagging hamstring...... View full article
  6. Kelvin Benjamin returned to practice today in OTA's, but in a limited role. After missing the entire OTA session last week, Benjamin took part in individual drills (without a helmet). View full article
  7. Now that Ted Ginn has been signed and Brenton Bersin re-signed I thought it would be helpful to take a look at the Carolina Panthers roster as far as wide receivers are concerned. Kelvin Benjamin - 6'5 240lbs Second year player. Huge target. Had a solid year as a rookie aside from more drops than the Panthers wish he had. Has solid #1 receiver potential. Ted Ginn Jr - 5'11 185lbs Speedy nine season veteran return man and receiver. A nice deep threat and end around runner. Capable of stretching the defense. a 3rd or 4th receiver option Brenton Bersin 6'3 210 Local dark horse receiver that beat the odds and made it to the pros. Had key first down receptions in 2014 that Panthers fans seem to have forgotten about. 3rd receiver at best. Jerricho Cotchery 6'1 205lbs Twelve year veteran. Great leadership and locker room presence. Questions linger on how much he has left in the tank. A solid second receiver earlier in his career. No better than a third now. De'Andre Presley 5'10 190lbs App State QB that has seen time at corner and receiver. A long shot to make the Panthers squad this season. Corey Brown 5'11 180 A lot like Ted Ginn, but less punt returner and more receiver. Proved himself late in the season as a deep threat. A long term 3rd or 4th. Looking over this roster it becomes clear that the Carolina Panthers are missing a true number two receiver. A guy that can take the pressure off of Kelvin Benjamin and force more single coverage. Last year, the Panthers learned a lesson at the receiver position. They had too many 3rd and 4th receivers, and not a legitimate 2nd. Jason Avant, Jerricho Cotchery, Brenton Bersin.... all three basically the same. The result? No one getting open, Cam Newton being sacked. Looking at this year's roster.... don't they have the same problem? At least for now, it appears they do. However, look for the Panthers this season remedy the situation before the season begins. This current roster is not complete. Two, or possibly even three of names on it now will not be on it come September. The Panthers will try to fill the number 2 receiver void through the draft (probably) or free agency (less likely). This post has been promoted to an article
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