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  1. Just wanted to put a few thoughts and observations from my view of fan fest tonight. I am no scout or expert, just been a fan since the beginning and have been lurking around here for quite a while (12 years) and I also know people crave any kind of content this time a year so here you go. I was in section 107 right near the corner of the end zone where the players entered and exited the field, I had good view of Defensive Line Drills, 1v1's and the 7 on 7's but the 11 on 11 went the opposite direction and most of the offensive line stuff was on the opposite side as well. It didn't really matter a ton because the practice wasn't in pads (as has been mentioned) and it was a really light practice. The first team offense only had a handful of plays during 11 on 11. I think that was because of what McCaffrey said about the field, and speaking of which, despite all the gripes during the offseason I had forgot about the field until I was driving home and saw his quote. It looks really good and isn't noticeable at all, what IS noticeable are the new luxury boxes in the opposite endzone from the panther eyes. I feel like several players will end up there throughout the season, I believe Trenton Cannon almost went over the wall at one point. Ok, now to practice. So again, it was a light practice so there wasn't a ton to take away but I'll start with the defense. Just based on drills it seems that the starting defensive linemen (if we are in a base 4-3 set) would be Burns, Brown, Jones, and Fox. Fox is a veteran and seemed to fit in nicely with the other players. Gross-Matos ran with the 2's along with Marquis Haynes. It was interesting to see Reddick do drills with both linebackers as well as defensive linemen, you can tell they are going to have him all over the place. In the 1v1's, Jaycee Horn was like a blanket on the receivers, just smothering them (which could be an issue with flags down the road). But considering 1v1's favor the Wide Receivers heavily, this was really impressive to see. That's kind of it for defense, again, there was no hitting and it was almost like everyone was going kind of 3/4 speed (again, the turf). I do have several thoughts about the offense, and I will start with the guy I was most impressed with. Terrace Marshall Jr. Despite all the good things I've read about him from Jeremy and other guys that have been at camp, I was still really blown away by his size, athleticism, and how he just plucks the ball out of the air so effortlessly. But that's not all, he is so smooth in his routes and so fluid in his motion its just amazing for a guy his size. Here is a quick clip of him just absolutely abusing a corner right off the ball, unfortunately I missed the first part but he juked the corner nearly out of his shoes. 20210806_194710.mp4 Another winner in my opinion at the Wide Receiver spot was Shi Smith who beat Troy Pride in 1v1's on just an absolute dime by Darnold. It happened right in front of me and it was awesome to watch (more on Sam later). Smith also has some smoothness to his game, but you can just tell he is not on the same level as Marshall. Still though, I was impressed with Smith and Omar Bayless as well, who was a favorite target throughout practice and seems to be a very polished receiver. Given how much attention he has received, I'd be extremely disappointed if Bayless didn't lead us in receiving during the preseason. Another thing I noticed is the fact that Trenton Cannon has been running with the Wide Receivers, something that has been discussed throughout camp. I think I heard it first on the PNP podcast and Rashad said it best, Cannon will probably make the team based on his versatility, he was also the first man up on kick returns when they did some special teams work (Hubbard was second). It will be interesting as to who's spot he takes, depth at WR and RB is crazy right now. Sticking with the offense, I want to talk about the tight ends for a sec. I came away very impressed with Tommy Tremble. I never saw him drop a pass and while most of his routes were very short I thought he was extremely fluid and caught the ball well. Ian Thomas on the other hand was pretty much what we've seen for the last couple seasons, he flashes and then he dashes. I saw him drop a few easy balls but he also came back in 11 on 11's and bailed out Sam. I really don't know what to make of Thomas but I do feel like Tremble will overtake him at some point during the season, easily. I also came away very happy with the Darnold to Arnold connection, it is real people, and I know its been talked about extensively over the last two weeks but I can confirm that it is an exciting combo. Here is a clip during 7 on 7's where Sam kinda holds onto the ball a little long but then delivers a strike over the middle to Arnold (very Greg Olsen like), and you can also see what that 6-6 frame can do for a QB. 20210806_195659.mp4 Being a light practice, there wasn't much to take away from the offensive line, I did make a note that Trent Scott was running left tackle with the second string, I know Little had got some reps there earlier this week. Now to the elephant in the room, what did I think of Sam Darnold? I was happy with his performance and feel much better about the upcoming season after watching him tonight. He has everything you want in a QB, size, arm talent, mobility, and its incredibly obvious when you see him out there spinning it. Grier and Walker just don't even look like they're in the same league as Sam. Another thing I liked was his energy, he just looked like a leader out there, messing around with teammates, playing it up to the crowd. I just liked everything I saw, in 1v1's his touch, velocity and deep accuracy were excellent and after some of the doom and gloom of the first week of camp I am completely happy with him as our QB right now. Obviously this could change once real bullets start flying but I'm telling you, he has all the tools, if the coaches and offensive line can help him succeed, I have no trouble believing he could have a solid season and turn into a top 15 starting QB. One final note. I feel like DJ Moore is so close to being an elite level receiver in this league and no one knows it but us (especially not the people at EA Sports). He is such a cool guy, outside of McCaffrey he seemed like the most popular player on the field, all while Smitty looked down in approval. Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed.
  2. The weather was dismal, and the Panthers passing game wasn't far behind. Today, the Carolina Panthers just could not put it together offensively. The day started like any other, Cam Newton gave Offensive Line Coach John Matsko a fist bump to start off the day. But from the very first drills, you could tell how this day was going to go. Simple connections from Cam Newton to Kelvin Benjamin in passing drills misfired. When those misfire.... you are in for a long day. Things did not get easier for the offense once the defense took the stage. Josh Norman has a solid day today, breaking up multiple passes and performing very well against Kelvin Benjamin. This is good news for the Panthers, as they will face taller receivers from time to time this season. This is how the entire day went. Passes were more often off than not. And when the passes were on target, often times they were broken up by a hungry defender. Melvin White made a very nice break on a ball intended for Brenton Bersin and received much praise from the defensive coaching staff for his efforts. Sometimes the ball never made it into the picture frame, probably not a good thing. Corey Brown was able to get behind Josh Norman for what could have been a touchdown, but could only watch as the ball landed well in front of him. Colin Jones, not wanting to be left out, also got in on the act. Of course, not all of the passes were miscues. Devin Funchess did show signs of life over the middle with a nice grab from Cam Newton. Funchess took a shot from safety Kurt Coleman, but administered more of a blow than he received. Funchess continued on with the play as Coleman lay on the ground. While an interesting play to watch, I doubt the same result would have occurred if pads were on and contact allowed. Overall, the Panthers offense today seemed like it was either jumping ahead to practice against the Miami Dolphins tomorrow, or ready to head back to Charlotte. The intensity wasn't there. The focus wasn't there. If they play this was tomorrow, they may get embarrassed on their own practice field against Miami. I don't think that will happen. Look for the Panthers offense to rebound and use today's performance as motivation. Until then.... View full article
  3. Ted Ginn and Josh Norman have been going at every day in Panthers training camp. Today, Ted Ginn had the upper hand. On a fly route, Ginn was able to get just enough separation to make a fantastic catch from a Cam Newton pass for 30 yards. Josh Norman really could not have played better defense. He was in Ginn's hip pocket the entire play, just where he needed to be. Ginn just made a fantastic play that defenses will give up from time to time. After the catch, Ginn held the ball high signaling he still had the ball. When he got up, Ginn spun the ball in a "Steve Smith-esque" type move, letting Norman subtly know he had been bested. This type of play is exactly what was missing from the Panthers offense for the majority of last season. Just the threat of having Ted Ginn out wide should open up things for Cam a great deal. View full article
  4. Here's a thread for today's training camp tweets, etc. I can be online much of the next 2 hours until 10:30 Eastern, but then will be offline most of the day until late afternoon.
  5. Day 4 of the Carolina Panthers Training Camp is in the books. With a heat index of 109 in Spartanburg, the Panthers still managed to have a spirited practice that yielded some good things. Thomas Davis was taking a veterans day off. However, he still managed to act as an additional coach of sorts, helping rookie linebacker David Mayo at times. This did not keep Mayo from performing his rookie tasts, such as fetching helmets for the veteran players. The Carolina Panthers coaches were especially energetic and vocal today. This could be due to the return of head coach Ron Rivera. Sean McDermott kept a close eye on his defensive unit and was not shy in pointing out where they were lacking. Dave Gettleman kept a watchful eye over practice, and was joined by aspiring GM but current Panthers safety Roman Harper at times. Ted Ginn continues to impress in camp. When asked today if he was still the fastest guy on the field, he answered in the affirmative. The Panthers offense struggled early today, mainly due to poor offensive line play. Cam Newton scrambled out of the pocket more than once, something Panthers fans have gotten quite used to seeing. Newton was visibly upset for a brief moment, expressing to his offense they would need to pick up their game. This may be redundant, but Kelvin Benjamin continues to make plays. At some point I may stop reporting this, as you can probably just take it as a given. Gamecocks product Damiere Byrd had his best day of camp so far. Damiere is proving himself not only a deep threat that the team desperately needs, but also a weapon on the end arounds. His end around run today was the prettiest of camp so far. Brenton Bersin continues to field second string punts, and guess what.... he looks pretty good. Many people are hard on Bersin for last year's punt return performance. They forget, however, that Bersin had zero punt return reps in practices up until he was asked to field them in a live game. Punt returning is 100% about repetition, without it no player would do well. Michael Oher improved from his lackluster performance yesterday, although he did have help at times. As many have pointed out, if the Panthers can get Oher to just the level of serviceable, it will be an upgrade over last season. Jordan Todman was fighting a stomach bug but still practiced in between trips to the sideline to vomit and hydrate. You have to admire his resolve. Todman is not a lock to make this roster, and he knows every snap counts. Mike Remmers beard. Thats all. Today's Climbers: - Damiere Byrd - As stated earlier, his best performance of camp. - Cameron Artis-Payne - CAP had the prettiest touchdown scamper of camp so far. He also appears to be improving in pass protection during second team drills. So far, so good for this rookie. - Mario Addison - Addison may be the most improved defensive player on the roster. I am very impressed what he has brought so far. He appears to be well ahead of Kony Ealy at this point. - Lee Ward - Caught a nice ball out in the flat, made some killer blocks in pass protection. View full article
  6. The Carolina Panthers Training Camp last season introduced us to guys like Andrew Norwell and Corey Brown. Two undrafted free agents who ended up making major contributions to the playoff run of 2015. So who will be the sleepers this season? Well, here are my best pre-camp guesses..... 1. Damiere Byrd - WR South Carolina While small in stature, Byrd has the physical gifts that the Panthers need, namely pure speed. During OTA's, Byrd connected with the Panthers backup quarterbacks for multiple long bomb touchdowns. This local kid has what it takes to shine in camp this year if given the opportunity. Given the uncertain future of Stephen Hill and his recent transgression, Byrd may just get that chance. 2. Lee Ward - FB Stanford I love me some Lee Ward. A bruising throwback fullback who punished his opponent as he lays waste. While not the most glamorous or highlight generating position, the pure blocking fullback is something I would love to see added to the Panthers arsenal. He would also aid in protecting Cam Newton given the unknown skill level of the Panthers 2015 left tackle Michael Oher. 3. Dean Marlowe - S James Madison You haven't read much about Marlowe until now, but that could quickly change. If there is one position on the Panthers roster that an immediate impact could be made, it would be Safety. Marlowe saw plenty of snaps in OTA's and looked sharp. If he can also contribute in Special Teams he may be able to carve out a roster spot. Not an easy accomplishment for an undrafted free agent on this Panthers squad. So there are the top 3 young guys I am hoping can make an impact. Who are yours? View full article
  7. Shaq Thompson has officially arrived at Panthers training camp. While being largely absent the first two practices, he started to come into his own on today's third practice. During 7 on 7 drills, Thompson made a speedy break on a Cam Newton pass intended for Greg Olsen. Thompson batted the ball now, marking his first official play made in Panthers training camp. One of Thompson's primary responsibilities will be to cover talented tight ends like Jimmy Graham (now in Seattle). Getting camp experience against pro bowler Greg Olsen can only accelerate his learning and adjusting to the pro game. Thompson continued to impress throughout the day. Another play that sticks out in my mind is a very quick gap stop, halting Fozzy Whitaker's progress. The Carolina Panthers had issues with plugging the correct gap in run defense for a good portion of last season. Shaq Thompson is having more thrown at him than most defensive rookies. He is learning what is probably the most complicated position on the defensive side of the field. While other rookies can be thrown into the mix relatively quickly, Thompson will require more film room time in addition to playing time. If today's performance is any indication, Thompson may be a quick study. View full article
  8. Ok all, here's a thread to post tweets from today's training camp. Note: Although I'm starting this thread, I'm headed away from the computer soon, and won't be able to post many tweets until later this afternoon. [Mods can you pin this up top? Thanks]
  9. On the way to the practice field, I noticed one player had a little something extra tucked in his sock. I respect that. Old School. Kurt Coleman was out on the practice field early, catching balls from the tire machine. Coleman has looked solid over the weekend and could be a starting day 1 strong safety. KK Short was on a bike again, unfortunately. Star and Charles were working on some of the finer hand details of the position before the initial whistle blew. Younger players need to really pay attention to this. These guys are not fighting for a roster spot, yet they are out there early working on the minutia of the position. Cam had another decent day today, although the protection he was getting was not ideal. ... He was not wearing a superhero shirt today, sadly. David Mayo looks the part of a middle linebacker. He has been fairly quiet in camp, however. Fozzy Whitaker continues to get second string reps behind Jonathan Stewart. Whitaker looks like a solid option as a chance of pace back, but could get pushed by Cameron Artis-Payne and Brandon Wegher as camp continues. Corey Brown has improved since a lackluster start of camp. He is still getting more first team reps than Ginn. Thomas Davis was sure to let Jonathan Stewart know that it was him that tagged his fanny on a running play. Stewart laughed as Davis informed him. The veterans on the team spend a lot of time in between series discussing the plays and the schemes. Pictured are three guys you will not find talking about vacation activities or the night's plans while on the practice field. These guys are 100% football in the moment. Other Notes: - Nate Chandler took most if not all of the second string left tackle reps. - Overall, the defense had the upper hand today. I counted 6 "would be" sacks on Cam Newton. Many times the pass went on to be completed, but in an actual game situation it would have been a downed QB or a Cam Newton scramble. - Mike Remmers looked solid on the right side of the line. My concern over that position is starting to go away. Solid protection against Charles Johnson. - Defensive tackle Kyle Love has made plays in this camp. The Panthers could possibly opt for him over Colin Cole. - Colin Jones made another great play on a Cam Newton pass today, nearly intercepting it. Jones has amazing closing speed that will keep in him in the mix for playing time. Additional Articles From Today's Practice Oher Struggles Early Shaq Thompson Making Plays Also check out Thomas Davis' Visor View full article
  10. Last season, then rookie Kelvin Benjamin was selected to get in special reps with Cam Newton away from the other players. Typically, they would go over end zone routes or fine tune a few things here or there. Well, that trend is happening again this year, but they have added one more participant. Devin Funchess During Saturday's training camp session, Kelvin and Devin joined Cam Newton on the opposite field to work together away from the rest of the team. They caught extra passes from Cam Newton while running various routes, and then spoke to Newton about them. Small adjustments were made, and the routes run again. During one of the drills, Funchess had a chance to show off his vertical while going for an overthrown ball. I found it fairly impressive. I realize this may not seem like much, but it could be early signs of a Kelvin/Devin duo taking over the receiving corps. Stay tuned. View full article
  11. Carolina Panthers training camp 2015 kicked off on Friday night to a good sized crowd, anxious to see what their 2015 squad had to offer. To help get the crowd excited, Mike Tolbert and Cam Newton had a contest of sorts. Which player could get the crowd louder. Tolbert may have won, in my opinion. Cam Newton continued to look very sharp throughout the day. I remarked in OTAs that this may be the best I have ever seen him. One can only hope this development continues when the pads are on. Newton and new left tackle Michael Oher have a special hand shake they do before each series. It is important that these two develop a trust quickly if the Panthers offense hopes to improve on last season. Colin Jones could possibly be the most improved defensive player of the offseason. He may not let go of that buffalo package roster spot as quickly as some think. Jones is the fastest defensive player on the team and a real asset against those offenses that like to spread the ball around. Stephen Hill practiced and improved on a lackluster June performance. My only concern remains his propensity to catch the ball with his body and not look it into his hands. He has a tendency to take his eye off the ball more than any other receiver I have photographed. Ted Ginn, on the other hand, nearly always is looking the ball into his hands.... observe... Fozzy Whitaker showed the explosiveness that the fans grew to love last season. He has some new competition this year in Jordan Todman and rookies Artis-Payne and Wegher, but Fozzy does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon . Even though he is on the sideline, Cam Newton doesn't take a break. He continues to go through mental reps that helps him prepare. Cam's growth as a player has as much to do with what he does on the sidelines as what he does under center. Brenton Bersin made a few nice catches much to the delight of the Wofford crowd. "Here we go Bersin, here we go" was the chant of the day. Josh Norman had a mixed day. While he did may a couple of nice plays on the ball.... He also let Jerricho Cotchery get behind him for a long completion from Cam Newton (would have been a touchdown.). Ted Ginn was first team punt returns, and quickly impressed. As he bolted up field and to the sideline, he received from praise from new Panthers safety Kurt Coleman who exclaimed "Oh, he is fast". Speaking of Coleman, I liked what I saw out of him on Friday. He had an interception and a really nice break up on a Cam Newton to Ed Dickson connection. Note the ball coming out below.... Former Panthers safety Chris Harris is back in a Panthers uniform, this time coaching up the defensive backs as an assistant. He and Peanut Tillman spent a lot of time going over the finer points. Damiere Byrd got in a few snaps late. While he was able to get behind the defenders, he was then slowed by contact that probably would not have drawn a flag. Byrd needs to learn the finer points of playing through such contact on a pro level. He has time, and I feel the Panthers are impressed enough with him to keep him in the mix and see if he improves. Overall, it was a solid first practice. I was happy with the tempo and enthusiasm. The Panthers are looking less like a young team in search of an identity and more like a veteran team on a mission. View full article
  12. Over the past several weeks, Kelvin Benjamin had to live with the first bit of real negative press about him concerning his weight. Of course, we all remember in June when Ron Rivera remarked he was 10 pounds overweight, which played a role in his hamstring pull. Well, if the first training camp practice of 2015 was any indication, Kelvin Benjamin has turned that criticism into motivation and made a statement saying exactly that. View full article
  13. It was an exciting day at training camp. Getting to see the guys in pads for the first time this season revealed a few new things you just cannot see without contact. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to have been taken during the full team drills. As such, many of my observations will be without images. Most players did not sign autographs while coming on to the practice field. Kelvin Benjamin, Luke Kuechly, and Antoine Cason made at least some time for the fans, so big ups to them. Some players made time for mosquito repellant. Those things will eat you alive in the shady areas. But I digress.... The day started with the usual drills. Then, the passing drills started. Kelvin Benjamin had a great day. I am not sure it is possible to overthrow the man. He made catches on the sidelines and over the middle. I didn't see him drop a single catchable ball all day. I am telling you all right now that he is the real deal and will have an immediate impact on the offense as a rookie. At this point, and I know its early, I would be shocked if he is not a day 1 starter. He looks better right now than Brandon Lafell ever did. Bersin also continues to impress. I spoke to a Panthers staff member who told me he would be shocked if Bersin did not make the squad. I enjoy watching Cotchery play. He does all of the little veteran things to gain advantage. A little grab here, a little push there, but never enough to draw a flag. It quickly becomes obvious the guy just knows hot to play the game at the highest level. Bene Benwikere flashes from time to time. He has a knack for closing quickly in and getting a hand on the ball. The coaches spend quite a bit of time with Bene. That tells me they see real potential in him Ken Dorsey ran the QB drills on the far field where I was the only one to look on. I am glad I did. Included in this year's drill selection is a heavier emphasis on moving in the pocket and avoiding contact. While having to hi step over obstacles, Dorsey would rush in and grab a shoulder. I think getting these guys accustomed to improvising in the pocket is a great thing, especially considering the question marks surrounding the Panthers offensive line. Speaking of offensive line... today we saw the offensive line vs defensive line, full contact, for the first time this season. Lyndon Gaydosh has a size advantage over Brian Folkerts, but was unable to take advantage. Star won the battle between he and Amini Silatolu. Amini did fairly well though and in all fairness not many guys could go one on one with Star and do very well. Kawaan Short versus free agent offensive tackle Oscar Johnson went ... well... the picture says it all. Nate Chandler took on Charles Johnson and Chandler actually had the upper hand. It is unclear if Johnson had poor footing or if Chandler actually dominated him. The most interesting matchup was Trai Turner versus the veteran Dwan Edwards. During the first round, Trai Turner easily won. For round two, turner was outmatched by Edwards and was pushed back about 10 yards. Apparently, Edwards did not appreciate being handled by the rookie in round 1. At that point Turner was pulled aside and coached up. Turner bounced back and did very well all day long in the team drills, at one point pushing Edwards several yards up field. It appears, folks, that Turner really is the road grader he was billed as. Brief intermission... here is a picture of Ryan Kalil. I am not sure I have ever seen him smile on the practice field this year, and I am OK with that. Players Rising: - Kelvin Benjamin. So far he appears to be everything he was supposed to be, and more. - Trai Turner. Playing with the first string and already looking competent. On one particular play he was able to pull right and seal off the block for a Kenjon Barner screen. Pretty advanced stuff for a rookie. - Philly Brown. Has made key plays two days in a row now in the passing game. If he can learn to hang on to punts a roster spot could be secured for him. - Tight Ends. Probably the most impressive offensive unit the Panthers have. Brandon Williams caught a beautiful long bomb today, catching it over his should, in perfect stride. Possibly the best catch of training camp so far. A;l of the tight ends made plays today. Four Tight End set anyone? - Bene Benwikere. Really like this kid's game, I think he could potentially contribute quickly. - Nate Chandler. Chandler is still getting a lot of time at left tackle and looks very solid. At this point, I think the job may be his to lose. Players Falling: - 2nd and 3rd string offensive line. These guys are getting obliterated out there. The Panthers have little depth in this area, pray for a healthy season. - Punt returners. At this point Cason looks to be the best of the bunch, but he has only returned 2 punts since 2011. The Panthers may need to look for an experienced hand here or once again special teams may cost them a game (or two). Click here to view the article
  14. When the Carolina Panthers drafted RB Kenjon Barner in the 2013 NFL draft, there was a collective groan across the internet from Panthers fans. Another running back? What about our offensive line? The fans were upset, and some would say rightfully so. However, it appears that this draft day gamble is paying off. Kenjon Barner is quickly rising in the ranks of the Panthers crowded offensive backfield. A crowded backfield is nothing new to him... On the first day of training camp, Barner saw time mainly with the 3rd and 4th string units. More recently he has been running with the second string unit led by Derrick Anderson. It appears Barner's stock is rising. Kenjon Barner The transition from college to pros may not be as difficult for Barner than players from other systems. Having played under Chip Kelly in Oregon, Barner is accustomed to a higher paced pro style offense. Barner has also shown to be a highly coachable player. Kenjon's biggest concern coming out of college was his propensity to run upright, not staying low to the ground. Unlike Eric Shelton (who never corrected this problem), Barner has changed and now runs as low as any player on the roster. Running low gives defensive players less to wrap up and keeps the runner's center of gravity low, allowing for better balance. The next concern about Barner was his pass protection ability. Again, Kenjon has shown great improvement in less than a week of camp. While pass protection is not his strength, he has shown the ability to at least hold off a defender should Cam Newton audible to a passing play from a run formation. Kenjon Barner So what does all of this mean? First, it means if Kenjon can continue to improve and prove himself throughout training camp and preseason, he may see real time this year. If that happens, the heavy financial load of a Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart backfield becomes a tempting target for GM David Gettleman. If Barner does have a solid year on a sixth round rookie salary, this will be the last year for either Williams or Stewart as a Panther. Secondly, it could be the spark the Panthers running game has been missing. Barner has a quicker first step than any back on the roster. Behind an average offensive line, he may have more ability to hit a quickly closing hole where the other backs do not. I have not been this excited about a rookie running back since the drafting of Jonathan Stewart. Is Barner a definite contributor? Not yet, but if he keeps rising he soon will be. Click here to view the article
  15. Really good practice today at Wofford. The weather wasn't to hot, and the mosquitoes were manageable. When I arrived Star Lotulelei was getting some one on one mentoring from a defensive coach. He was fine tuning his hand placement and shedding blocks. Star appears to be self motivated and a student of the game. These two things are as important as his physical traits, if not more so. Luke Kuechly stopped on the way in to sign a few autographs. The fans love this guy. Luke appears to go to the kids first for autographs, as he should. Rivera lit a fire under the team today. He apparently wanted a more uptempo practice. Very little time was taken between snaps, sometimes not even allowing players to leave the field after their rotation. The offensive line remains my biggest concern. I have to think Gettleman is on the phone and the wire daily. Cam continues to have his best camp yet. He is clowning around less, and showing more leadership. I think he may be maturing a bit. Barner is a shifty guy. He is 5'9 which isn't very short, but he runs much lower than that. He disappears easily behind the offensive line and gives the defensive players only shoulder pads and legs to grab on to. Good stuff. Greg Olsen is far and away our best Tight End. I am struggling to find something about the other guys worth mentioning. Gettis had an up and down day. While he did ok in individual drills, he had some drops when being defended. He is also very slow to get up after hitting the ground. I just don't know if this guy has the grit needed for the NFL. The good news is Brandon Lafell is having his best camp so far. He is catching everything near him and following it through with YACs. You just can't help but pull for Pilares. That guy gives it everything he has on every play. He just needs to improve his consistency with positive results. For some reason Armond Smith did a TD "point to the sky" move during a typical routine drill. Made me laugh, don't know why. There is some good news regarding the offensive line. They were able to open up some pretty big holes today for the running backs. The offensive line a few times had a hard time containing Star. Jeff Byers here isn't showing effective technique I don't think. I like Lafell's LSU shoes and gloves. I don't like our secondary being abused by them. Jerry RIchardson and Jerry West. I am pretty pumped up that I got to meet West. My dad, who is from WV, will be more pumped up. Blackburn saw time today with the starting LB's. He is listed at 6'3 but seems much taller than that. He also has a great motor and is vocal on the field. Ginn and HIxon's stock was on the rise today. Both made some really nice grabs under tight coverage. They may be pulling away from the pack. Armanti had a nice touchdown catch, but I notified him that he only had one foot in bounds. He laughed a bit. There is your camp update for 7-29-13. Click here to view the article
  16. Rookie camp is basically an introduction for the rookies and undrafted free agents of note and a chance for scores of other players to try to get an invite to the regular camp. In all honesty there is not much going on except the extreme fundamentals of the game. They break down the rookies with the basics and keep an eye out for others that show them something. There is no real contact allowed, so we can only watch and notice the footwork and strength of the lineman in dummy drills and such. So anyways on with some pics and general observations.... 1- Gettleman is awesome. He has a much different personality than Hurney. Very outgoing. Just seems like a great guy. He reminds me of a highschool football coach from his demeanor to how he wears his shorts. He also chews tobacco, not redman, its out of a tin. A Copenhagen man. Here David Gettleman takes time to sign an autograph. 2. A couple guys you may not have heard on but possibly keep an eye on.... Tori Mobley - Guard from Jacksonville State - 6'3 290. Undrafted Free Agent Casey Walker - Defensive Tackle from Oklahoma. 6-1 335. This guy is HUGE. 3. Star Lotulelei is as advertised. He instantly makes you aware of what has been missing. He just has a presence about him. I was watching him in drills. Nimble feet, tons of power, and it all just seems to come to him naturally and effortlessly. 4. Kawaan Short - Looked fine in drills. The biggest thing was he was not corrected on anything. This was a day you really did not want your name called. 5. Matt McGloin our new QB prospect. He actually looked pretty sharp. The receivers were extremely sub par, but he seemed to hit most of them in stride. Not a big guy and doesn't seem to have a huge arm, but is very fluid. Maybe our own Andy Dalton (ginger reference). Gettleman was keeping a close eye on him (pictured below) 6. Ron Rivera seemed to be in really good spirits. If he is a man with his job on the line you couldn't tell by looking at him. 7. AJ Klein - Good guy. Took the time to sign autographs on the way in. Again, didn't hear his name all day which was a good thing. Bigger than I thought he would be (twss). Click here to view the article
  17. According to their Twitter, the Carolina Panthers have signed 8 players from their Rookie Camp. Carolina Panthers ‏@Panthers2m The #Panthers have signed eight players following their participation at the team’s minicamp this past weekend: http://pnth.rs/11zbQFF Carolina Panthers ‏@Panthers1m The #Panthers have signed WR Brenton Bersin (Wofford), TE Logan Brock (TCU), C Brian Folkerts (Washburn) and DT Linden Gaydosh. Carolina Panthers ‏@Panthers1m We have also signed WR Taulib Ikharo (Louisiana Tech), LB Ben Jacobs (Fresno State), DE Louis Nzegwu (Wisconsin) & WR R.J. Webb (Furman). Carolina Panthers ‏@Panthers1m The #Panthers have waived WR Trey Diller, LB Damario Jeffery, DE Thomas Keiser and OL Zack Williams. These players will have a chance to compete for a Carolina Panthers roster spot. Click here to view the article
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