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  1. ncfan added a post in a topic Who is your top 3 sleepers going into camp?   

    Ward:  Going to see our Running game get going (if Stewie stays healthy) back to the days where hoover was opening holes for smash and Dash
    Tillman:  is up there in age, but was still pretty good prior to the injuries the last 2 seasons.  Will make up the best CB trio we have had in a long long time.
    Tre Boston:  Remember this kid missed camp, preseason, and the first 6 weeks of the season last year.  Came right in and looked Good for a rookie especially coming off and injury.  Excited to see what he can do after a healthy offseason.
    Bonus- Ealy:  Kid has plenty of potential just waiting to blow up!
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  2. ncfan added a topic in The Roaring Riot   

    Tampa Bay game riot
    Being Stationed down in South Florida I don't get to attend many games unless I fly home.
    I have a few guys I work with who are trying to drive over from ft lauderdale to Tampa for the game.   Tried to get tix for the Jax game, but unfortunately I'm not going to be state side for it.  We're looking for a section with other panther fans so we're not surrounded by Winston bandwagoners.  I looked on the RR website but couldn't find it.  Trying to join the riot this fall as well  
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  3. ncfan added a post in a topic Who will be this year's surprise player?   

    Daryl Williams- really can't wait to see him in pads. Much like Norwell, Williams is a Mean mother fugger and doesn't hurt he's a Massive one at that. Like the Lee Ward pick as well. Expect this year to be a Corey Brown coming out party playing inside the Giants
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